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Nowell Valley/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


The forces of the Fiana Freeblades, the Magi, and the remnants of Leonster's nobility, though but strangers to one another, had rallied behind their common cause. They quickly cohered into a formidable fighting unit, and became a new army all their own: the Liberation Army. The time was finally right to head for Tarrah and break the siege upon the city. The Liberation Army made their way to the Imperial-Thracian border, which they would cross through Nowell Valley, a small gap in the otherwise impassable mountain range...


(Fred and Olwen ride into Fort Nowell from the west)

(Inside Fort Nowell)

Olwen: Has there been any change, General Largo?
Largo: Hm? You're doing reconnaissance again today, Lady Olwen? I admire your fortitude, coming this far into the mountains every morn.
Fred: She's been assigned to it on the direct orders of General Kempf. There's no doubt he's out to harass her, having her make such a back-breaking trek each day...
Olwen: Truth be told, Fred, I'd rather be out here than cooped up in Dandrum Fortress, having to look at Kempf's face every hour of the day.
Largo: Oh ho ho! Scathing words, but General Kempf is... quite an embarrassment, really. A highborn noble, his impudence and pettiness undermine his stature, and he behaves closer to a boy than a man. Perhaps it's natural to be a little insecure when Commander Reinhardt's fame has so thoroughly eclipsed his own, but to be so vindictive about it as to take it out on the Commander's only sister? You'd scarcely believe there was any noble blood in him at all. He's a disgrace to his uniform.
Olwen: General Kempf is utterly convinced that my lord brother is somehow his competition. He doesn't understand the solidarity that comes with military service.
Largo: They're both close in age, were both promoted to General very young... It's easy to see how such a vile mindset took root.
Olwen: But my lord brother certainly doesn't feel the same way about him.
Largo: Then that's all the more reason for General Kempf to hate him, wouldn't you say?
Olwen: What? Why? If the hatred's not mutual, there should be no reason for it to continue!
Largo: Hah! You don't get it? I envy your innocence. It's Kempf's way of thinking that ensures North and South Thracia will never be as one.
Olwen: I don't follow... What's that got to do with the North and South?
Largo: ...Ah, I've bent your ear for too long, though it's been good to speak so frankly. Why don't you stay a spell and catch your breath?
Olwen: I will. Thank you. You spoil me, General...

(Where Leif's forces are)

Dryas: Prince Leif, just across the valley is Fort Nowell, which guards the border between Thracia and the Empire.
Leif: We'll finally be able to strike at the enemy's own territory for a change... Have we any idea of their numbers?
Dryas: Our reports say that their garrison is small, but they make up for it with force of arms: the fort is guarded with ballistae - a sort of giant bow that can fire across great distances. They're tremendously powerful - we'll have to destroy them before advancing toward the fort.
Leif: How do you propose we do that?
Dryas: We've three means of attack. First, we could send the majority of our forces to draw the enemy out of ballista range. Then, we send a small force to deal with the ballistae while they're occupied. Simple, but effective. Second, we could storm the valley with our cavalry, overwhelming their main body and allowing us to swiftly dispatch the ballistae. This... could work as a last recourse.
Leif: They both have their own crucial downsides... What's the best course of action?
Dryas: That would be the third way. Since you've caught on that both plans involving direct confrontation are inadvisable, I'm sure you don't need it spelled out for you, Prince Leif!

(The battle begins)

In battle

On turn 4, enemy phase OR after a player unit crosses the vertical line marked roughly by the rightmost Thief's starting position

(Inside Fort Nowell)

Largo: Lady Olwen, the valley is under attack! You must ride for Dandrum Fortress at once and warn them - I'll keep the enemy at bay.
Olwen: If you'll permit it, General, I would rather remain here and fight alongside you!
Largo: I'm honored, Lady Olwen, but we have our orders. Yours is reconnaissance - and alerting Dandrum Fortress must be your first priority!
Olwen: I can't just leave you here! You must allow me to help you defend the valley, if only for a little while...!
Largo: ...Very well - provided that you swear to leave the battlefield and ride for Dandrum Fortress in short order.
Olwen: Thank you, General! Fred, let's move out!
Fred: Hah! There's the Lady Olwen I know!

(Fred and Olwen leave Fort Nowell)

On turn 6, enemy phase

Olwen: I can delay no longer... Dandrum Fortress must be warned of this invasion. General Largo, I'll return with every able-bodied soldier I can find! You have my word...!

(Fred and Olwen start leaving the map; they head toward the west and exit the map once they reach the edge)

Battle quotes

Largo attacks someone

Largo: What's the meaning of this?! Why do you trespass on our rightful land?

Largo dies

Largo: Argh...! So... this is how it ends...

Largo gets captured and released

Largo: I spit on your mercy, invaders! Why not just take my head?!

Olwen attacks someone

Olwen: Invaders, hear me: you must leave Imperial territory at once!

Fred attacks someone

Fred: You think you can just stomp around House Friege's backyard and get away with it?!


The northern house

Elderly Woman: Natterin' Neir! You folks are with the Liberation Army, right? Well, you be sure to show the Empire some of our famous Thracian hospitality! Drive the lot of 'em outta our valley! Oh, an' take this with you. I've just been usin' it as a walking stick for years, but I think it's enchanted. Maybe it'll help!


The southern house

Young Man: Don't tell me! You're the Liberation Army, right? Well, have I got a surprise for you! See, I fancy myself a botanist, and a few months ago I started an experiment. I wanted to see what would happen if I watered a tree using only Pure Water. I won't keep you in suspense - this here staff is what resulted from the whole thing! Use it, and it'll fortify your magic, same as if you'd just gulped down Pure Water yourself. Hm? Where's the rest of the tree, you ask? Uh... You're looking at it. That staff WAS the whole tree. Poor thing never grew bigger than three feet tall... Heh, it turns out Pure Water actually isn't very good for plants. Yeah... Probably should've checked that before I spent months on the whole experiment...

(Magic Up)


Dryas: General Largo... The man was every bit the soldier he was made out to be.
Leif: This was our first time fighting the troops of House Friege... Now that the battle is over, I can almost admire how well they fought. If this was the might of a skeleton crew manning a small border outpost, I worry how fierce their full army will prove to be...
Dryas: Indeed. House Friege is one of the most prestigious families in all of Jugdral - they have a reputation to uphold. To save themselves from any embarrassment, even the most lowly, rank-and-file soldiers are drilled in the ways of knighthood and honor. Their army throughout the rest of the continent will reflect this rigid discipline. They're a formidable enemy, no doubt - but you fought with the best of them, Prince Leif. Your leadership this day was most admirable.

(If Largo was captured and released instead of killed)

Leif: Ah... You mean how I had General Largo captured instead of killed?
Dryas: Indeed. This holy war must be fought to the bitter end - but fighting it with such mercy is what the late Prince Quan would have done. I pray that you remain this just and forthright as our battles continue. Never forsake your knightly pride.
Leif: Knightly pride... Huh. I didn't really think of it in those terms - I merely wanted to avoid a needless slaughter if I could.

Leif: August, did you see the Mage Knight that fled midway through the battle?
August: Indeed - a woman knight, at that. She was a most difficult adversary.
Leif: Who was she?
August: I didn't recognize her, but there's little doubt she rode for Dandrum Fortress to bring word of our incursion.
Leif: So the enemy will know we're coming...
August: Just so. And Dandrum Fortress is no common encampment - it's regarded as impregnable, even a permanent fixture of the region. Combine that with the advance warning we've given them, and they'll have plenty of time to shore up their defenses even further. The fort's commander is surely no slouch - he's certain to make the most of the extra time to prepare. Indeed, I fear we'll have a most difficult time seizing the fort...
Leif: I see... Still, there's no other route that would allow us to cross the mountains.
August: That seems to be the hand we've been dealt, my prince. If we're to arrive at Tarrah in time to act, we must take Dandrum Fortress.
Leif: Then there's little point standing around and complaining about it. The longer we wait, the stronger the fort's defenses will be. This is our only chance, and we'll make the most of it!