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Noble Lineage/Script

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(At the Mila Shrine Ruins)

Xalbador: There's nothin' like war for the self-made ma! No, sir! The strong rise to the top while the high-borns try to keep the blue blood inside 'em.
Elder: Hold, defiler! This is sacred ground! Your wickedness will be punished!
Xalbador: By who? The same gods that abandoned me when I was starving as a boy? When you see the gods, tell 'em I said they can rot in hell!

(Xalbador stabs the elder)

Elder: Hnngh! Gah…

(The elder dies)

Brady: Dastard! I'll gut ya for that!
Villager: Brady, no! There's nothing you can do! Who would tend to the injured if we lost you?
Brady: But…
Villager: We'll fight as best we're able! You help from the rear lines.
Brady: Ugh! Good people are dying, and I can't help! If only I could fight…

(In a forest)

Maribelle: Chrom! We have to hurry!
Chrom: What's wrong, Maribelle?
Maribelle: There're people fighting just over that ridge! LOTS of people!
Chrom: They look like they need help. Let's go, Shepherds!

In battle

Villager: H-help us! Please! The temple's beset by marauding bandits!
Maribelle: Don't you worry! We're happy to help! If there's one thing this world needs less of, it's wretched bandits…
Brady: Wait. I know that voice. Is that...Ma?

Talk conversation

Chrom talks to Brady if Chrom is not Brady's father

Brady: An enemy?! Damn! Guess that's it for me... Sorry, Ma. Looks like I won't be home for supper after all. Do your worst, tyrant! I can't fight back anyway!
Chrom: You seem to be doing just fine to me.
Brady: I'm unarmed, genius! Sheesh, anyone with eyes can see that!
Chrom: And anyone with eyes knows there's more to combat that swinging a blade around. You fight in your own way. Am I wrong?
Brady: Pah! Don't patronize me! I'd love to fight more'n anything, but I can't seem to make it work.
Chrom: I'm sure something will come to you.
Brady: ...Just who are you, anyway?
Chrom: My name is Chrom.
Brady: What? Y-you're Chrom?!
Chrom: You know me?
Brady: Ma wouldn't shut up about you!
Chrom: Er, do I know your mother?
Brady: Her name's Maribelle.
Chrom: What?! So you're another traveler from the fut—
Brady: So you've already heard? Perfect. Now take me with ya already!
Chrom: Er, well, I suppose we can find a place for you somewhere...

Chrom talks to Brady if Chrom is Brady's father

Brady: Ha! I hear you there, chump! You can come kill me now. You're just lucky I don't have my old man's skill with a blade.
Chrom: Your father is a swordsman?
Brady: None of your damn business, dog!
Chrom: Do you always speak this way to Ylissean royalty?
Brady: I am Ylissean royalty!
Chrom: ...What?
Brady: ...Huh?
Chrom: Humor me here for a moment. What's your mother's name?
Brady: Maribelle.
Chrom: Maribelle is my wife. ...Which would make you my son. Seems Lucina failed to mention this little detail.
Brady: Huh. Yeah, I guess we look alike. I mean, if ya squint real hard... Sorry I called you a dog, Pop. ...Oh, and I'm Brady. Sooo... Must be disappointin' that your son can't fight, huh?
Chrom: You seem to be doing fine to me. There's more to combat than swinging a blade around, you know. And besides, you've chosen to heal instead of harm. I couldn't be prouder than that.
Brady: ...Really? Aw, thanks. That means a lot, Pop.

Maribelle talks to Brady

Brady: Haw haw haw! Oh, that's her. That's gotta be her.
Maribelle: Pardon me, you mannerless cur! I'll not stand to be laughed at by a base scoundrel of your ilk!
Brady: ...Yep. That clinches it. You must be Maribelle.
Maribelle: And just how do you know that?! Do you leer at me from behind the shades of whatever den of iniquity you frequent?! Hmph! I bid you good day!
Brady: I guess you've always been like this.'s good to see you again. And now that I've found ya, I'm afraid you're stuck with me.

Battle quotes

Brady dies before recruitment

Brady: Heh... A...burden till the very end...

Xalbador enters combat

Xalbador: You people can keep your gods. I'll put my faith in gold and steel!

Xalbador dies

Xalbador: I'll see hell...


If all five villagers survived

Elder: Thank you! Oh, thank you... You've kept this sacred place safe and spared the lives of those within.
Chrom: We just did what was right.
Elder: Would that everyone were so brave! Please, allow me to give you this.

If 1-4 villagers survived

Elder: Thank you, sir. The lives we lost cannot be replaced, but your efforts have spared this sacred place.
Chrom: We truly grieve for those who died.
Elder: You did all that could be done, and I am thankful for it. I'm afraid we have little to offer, but pray accept this.

If no villagers survived

Elder: You have my thanks for dealing with those bandits. You've done us a kindness, which makes it difficult for me to say this... But this is holy ground. If you've no more business here, I ask that you move on.
Chrom: ...We understand.

(Mend, Blessed Lance, Bullion (M), Seraph Robe, and Fortify depening on how many villagers survived)

If Brady survived

Brady: Hey, Ma.
Maribelle: What did you call me?
Brady: The name's Brady. I'm—
Maribelle: I'm sorry, but I only cure physical ailments. Broken bones and the like. You're clearly a deeply troubled individual whose diseased mind is beyond my healing.
Brady: Stop talking for a minute and look at this!
Maribelle: That' ring! Then, that makes you…
Brady: Right. Like I was trying to say, I'm—
Maribelle: A thief! A rapscallion! A common lowborn cutpurse! How dare you sneak in here and steal my prized possessions!
Brady: Gawds! Stop interruptin' for one blessed second, and check yer ring!
Maribelle: ...Oh. It's still here.
Brady: That clear things up any, Ma?
Maribelle: Everything save how I gave birth to a common thug!
Brady: Aw, come on, Ma! That's harsh! Sure, I'm not the prettiest guy around, but I'm no thug, and I AM your son! ...And it's good to see you.
Maribelle: ...How did I ever permit my child to grow up referring to me as "Ma"?
Brady: You gave up tryin' after a decade or so.
Maribelle: Well, can you at least ride? Have you read the classics? Do you play violin? Chess?!
Brady: Yeah, all of the above. You beat all'a that junk into me.
Maribelle: Glory be! My son is salvageable after all!
Brady: Uh...thanks?
Maribelle: Don't look so forlorn, dear. You've come a long way, but Mother's here now. I'll take care of things from now on.
Brady: *Sniff* I missed you so much, Ma…
Maribelle: Do not even THINK of crying! It does not befit one of your station! *Sniff* Plus, you'll set me off as well…
Brady: S-sorry, I just... I... Oh, Ma!
Maribelle: Oh, Brady!
Chrom: Oh, brother.