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New Resolve/Script (Eliwood)

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At last, Eliwood's long-awaited reunion with his father, as well as their painful farewell. After escaping the Dread Isle, they return to the port city of Badon. Eliwood remains silent for the duration of their passage. He sits cradling his father's cold hand as if to warm him back to life.


Lyn: ...Ninian, are you feeling better?
Ninian: Yes...
Lyn: That's good. ...Long time, no see, Nils. You've grown, haven't you?
Nils: ...Is it really you, Lyndis? It seems like it's been so long.
Lyn: Even though it's only been a year since I saw you last?
Nils: So much has happened since we left you and Caelin.
Hector: Hey, care to talk about things the rest of us can follow?
Nils: Hmph. Who's he?
Lyn: This is Hector. He's Marquess Ostia's brother. Don't let his attitude fool you. He acts mean, but he's decent enough.
Hector: "Acts mean" seems pretty mean to me!
Lyn: Heehee... And you might remember this one. He's...
Nils: Yep, I remember. He's the man who helped Ninian. You're Elbert's son, aren't you? Your red hair, gentle eyes, and even voice. You're just like him.
Eliwood: Where did you meet my father?
Nils: At the Dragon's Gate. He set us free after we'd been captured. We escaped in a small boat, but I was thrown out in a storm. When I woke up, I was back on Valor. For a time, I hid in the ruins by myself. Then...I sensed something really dangerous. When I raced to the Dragon's Gate, I... I saw everything.
Ninian: ...Nils.
Lyn: When we pulled Ninian from the boat, she'd lost her memory. I can't believe we brought her right back to her captors. What a horrible thing to do. ......I'm sorry.
Ninian: Lady Lyn... Lady Lyn, you did nothing wrong...... When Nils fell overboard, I didn't know what to do. ...I became lost within myself. If only I'd been stronger... ......All of this could have been avoided... I am...truly...sorry.
Nils: ...Ninian's power is greater than mine, but it costs her physical and emotional strength. ......Nergal exploited that...weakness...
Lyn: ...Ninian ...Nils...
Eliwood: ...Was he after you because you have the power to call dragons?
Nils: ...I think it's because we can open the Dragon's Gate. Just calling them? Nergal can do that on his own.
Hector: Are you serious?
Nils: Yes, but it requires a tremendous amount of quintessence.
Lyn: Quintessence?
Nils: That's what Nergal called it. The substance of the human spirit... Power. Energy. The essence of life itself. ...Nergal, he stole this quintessence.
Hector: ...What happens to those whose quintessence is stolen?
Nils: ...They... They die...
Lyn: ......
Nils: Neither Ninian nor I have that power. Lyn knows. We only have our special power... Anyway, Nergal needed to gather a large amount of quintessence. So he sent his henchman, Ephidel, to get close to Marquess Laus. He sought to plant the seeds of war in Darin's power-hungry heart.
Eliwood: ...To what end?
Nils: It seems the quintessence in each person varies in strength. A person of strong mind and body has hundreds of times more energy than the average person. It sounds like there aren't many people like that, though. It took too long for Nergal to find people with enough strength. Although it would take time, Nergal said the easiest way to get that much quintessence was by starting a war.
Hector: ...So he planned to make up for quality with quantity? Is that it? Black-hearted fiend! Are all men nothing but pawns to him?
Nils: ...Ephidel brought Elbert to the Dragon's Gate. He said he'd found the ideal source they had sought. Nergal's plans for war had been stopped, and yet...he was happy. He'd taken so much energy from the knights traveling with Elbert. He was sure he'd get even better quintessence from Elbert...
Lyn: Nils!
Nils: Oh, I'm sorry... Lord Eliwood.
Eliwood: It's all right... ...When I found my father at the Dragon's Gate, I knew his knights were no longer alive...
Eliwood: Eliwood...
Nils: ...Your father told us that he had a son. He said you were blessed with natural fighting ability. But he also told us you were compassionate and disdained fighting. He told us that his son would be a better ruler than he was.
Lyn: ......
Nils: He told us that he would sooner sacrifice himself than see his homeland, Lycia, embroiled in the flames of war.
Eliwood: ...That's...
Nils: When we'd lost all hope at the Dragon's Gate, your father always spoke to us of happy things. ...Well, he mainly spoke of his cherished son and his dear wife, but Ninian and I... We loved him very much. His stories about his family... ...They saved us.
Eliwood: Oh, Fa-- ...Father... ......
Hector: ......
Lyn: ...Hector?
Hector: We should let him be alone for a while...
(Hector leaves)
Lyn: ...Sure. Come on, Ninian, Nils.
(Lyn leaves)
Nils: ...As you say.
(Nils leaves)

Ninian: ...Lord Eliwood...
Eliwood: Hm? Ninian...I didn't see you. I'm sorry about before. I just...needed some time to think.
Ninian: ...
Eliwood: Should you be up? You've had a rough time... Your coloring's not very good. You should rest.
Ninian: ...
Eliwood: ...Look at you, all scratches and bruises... You need to be properly taken care of...
Ninian: ...Why?
Eliwood: Hm?
Ninian: Why was Lord Elbert so... Lord Eliwood, why were you kind to us? It's... This is... This is all my fault... These nightmares... All these terrible things...
Eliwood: Ninian, crying ill suits a girl of your beauty. I'm fine... Please don't cry.
Ninian: I'm sorry... So...sorry...
Eliwood: There's something you must hear. You're not responsible for what happened to my father. You suffered as much as he did. Please don't punish yourself further.
Ninian: ...Lord Eliwood... I... I...
Ninian: Ah!!
Eliwood: Huh? What is it?
Ninian: ...Oh...
Eliwood: Ninian?
Ninian: ...Enemies... ......Enemies draw near!!

Hector: So, what do we do now?
Lyn: I wonder what happened to Nergal. Lord Elbert gave him a grievous wound when he stabbed him.
Nils: His wounds will not kill him.
Lyn: That's what Lord Elbert said, too. Do you know what he meant?
Nils: ...Nergal uses quintessence on himself as well. His wounds heal quickly. ...His body does not age.
Lyn: So he isn't...human?
Nils: ...If nothing else, he's... Ah!!
Hector: What is it?
Nils: Call everyone! Enemies approach!
Hector: Bah. Eliwood deserves a little more time to rest...
Lyn: Well then, we'll handle this ourselves, shall we?

(Eliwood exits the village)

Eliwood: Here you all are!
Hector: Ah!
Lyn: Eliwood!
Eliwood: Listen! Get ready for battle! I want to get this over with quickly to protect villagers. Meet the enemy commander, and drive them out of here!!
Hector: Hey, little guy! Go hide in the village!
Nils: No way! I can help you out!
Lyn: Nils, you really are a big help, but...shouldn't you be with Ninian now?
Nils: Ah... All right!
Eliwood: Let's go!


Hannah: This place, it makes my bones ache... You need to care for your elders, not take them to these horrible places! What's that? Speak up! Oh, yes... The augury. You will pay the 60 gold?

Hannah: This battle will be fought in darkness, so thieves are good. Torches or light-bringing staves are also good. Bow wielders... Archers or snipers should come along. Antitoxin...the Sleep staff. These are heartening items.

Hannah: I can tell you nothing more. But perhaps you will want to hear it again, yes?

In battle

Player phase of turn 1

Nils: Ninian! Stop! Where are you going?
Ninian: I... I'm going to help!
Nils: Oh, no, you're not! You're still too weak!
Ninian: But...I merely wish to help Lord Eliwood... Even if just a little. I... I stole his father's life from him... ...I know this...this will never make up for it... Nils! Please...
Nils: ...I understand. Give me your hands.
Ninian: Nils?
Nils: I'll give you some of my power. You'll just get in the way if you go out like this.
Ninian: Nils, I'm sorry.

(Ninian and Nils hold hands and exchange their power)

Nils: ...Whew! That should do it. Help them for me, too.
Ninian: Thank you.

(Ninian exits the village)

Ninian: Lord Eliwood!
Eliwood: Ninian!? You shouldn't be here!!
Ninian: ...Please allow me to help.
Eliwood: Help? I've no intention of making you fight...
Ninian: ...I'm no mere dancer. My dances... They will help you.

(Ninian dances for Eliwood using Ninis's Grace)

Eliwood: ...This is...... I'm wrapped in...some sort
Ninian: I used Ninis's Grace and danced for you, Lord Eliwood. It will only last a short while, but while it does, you are protected. ...Please...allow remain at your side.
Eliwood: Ninian... Of course. If it will make you feel better. Let's rejoin the battle. Don't leave my side.
Ninian: OK!

If Mark is present

Ninian: Mark, please tell me what you want me to do. I cannot fight, but... I can aid with my dance. I ask for your understanding and assistance.


Hector: Hey, are you OK?
Eliwood: Mm. Sorry to worry you.
Lyn: You don't have to push yourself so.
Eliwood: We'll have time for mourning when this is all finished. For now, in my father's name... I will do everything I can to stop Nergal and protect our lands.
Hector: I see. So what do you have in mind?
Eliwood: ...We need to see Marquess Ostia.
Hector: My brother?
Eliwood: After all we've learned... We can't not tell him, can we?
Hector: Sure, I guess...
Lyn: Hector? Why that odd expression?
Eliwood: Hector doesn't want to meet Lord Uther. He's been lax in contacting him and is afraid to face him, right?
Hector: What! And how did you expect me to send him any messages when we're traipsing about the isles like merchants on holiday?
Eliwood: Ha ha ha! He is going to be so mad!!
(Eliwood leaves)
Hector: C'mere!
(Hector leaves)
Lyn: Ha... They're both in good spirits. ...It's a lot better than giving in to despair, I suppose.

Marcus: Lord Eliwood... Are you feeling better?
Eliwood: Marcus... I'm fine. I know I worried you.
Marcus: About Lord Elbert... At my own discretion, I sent a messenger to Lady Eleanora.
Eliwood: ...I see. Thank you, Marcus. That was well done.
Marcus: ...I thought she should know as soon as possible. The marquess's final moments were so...very noble......
Eliwood: ......
Isadora (off-screen): Lord Eliwood! Commander Marcus!!
Eliwood: Ah!!
(Isadora moves on screen)
Marcus: Is... Is that you, Isadora?!
Isadora: I've finally found you. I'm glad you're well...
Eliwood: Isadora, what are you doing here? Don't tell me something's happened to Mother...
Isadora: No, Lady Eleanora is well. Do not worry. When word of Lord Elbert's death reached her yesterday... She said not a word... She merely gave her full attention to the messenger.
Eliwood: ...Mother.
Isadora: Then, she issued me orders without hesitation. She commanded I deliver this sword to Lord Eliwood and remain at his side.
Eliwood: But...the castle defenses will be shorthanded.
Isadora: Lord Eliwood...please... Understand your mother's feelings. Lord Elbert is not coming home. All your mother can do now is pray for your continued safety. "Obey your father's dying wish." That is her message to you, and I have delivered it.
Marcus: Why not petition Ostia for reinforcements to help ward Castle Pherae?
Eliwood: ...Good idea. I guess it would ease my mother's fears and bow to her wishes.
Isadora: It's that thinking that makes you Lord Eliwood.
Eliwood: Our battles are like nothing you've ever prepared for. ...Are you ready to face them, Isadora?
Isadora: Yes. I will serve with my very life.

If Mark is present

Eliwood: Mark? Is something wrong? Oh, you were worried about me. I apologize for all of the trouble. I'm fine now. I have my friends to lean on. Hector, Lyndis, and you, Mak... Thanks to all of you, I'm getting stronger. I am coming to believe that together, we can overcome anything!

Regardless of Mark's status

Nergal: Sonia. Limstella.
Sonia: You called, Lord Nergal?
Limstella: ......
Nergal: My wound...needs time. It was a deep cut, and my strength is not what it was. The man who did this to me is dead. I'd like his son's death as compensation. Sonia. You will use Brendan to move the Black Fang. I do not need mere underlings now. I need the Four Fangs.
Sonia: Hee hee, leave it to me. I'll have them bowing their heads to you, my lord.
Nergal: Limstella. I want you to gather me quintessence. For this injury to heal, I will need much. You are the strongest of all my morphs. Kill all those who bear signs of great power.
Limstella: As you will...

Villages and houses

Southeast village

Man: Hey! Wasn't that a wyvern rider that flew by here a while back!? I want to know what Bern's wyvern riders are doing here! Are we under attack? C'mon, do something! I've heard that wyvern riders are fast and really tough. Sure, arrows and magic can bring them down, but... This'll cause 'em trouble, too! It's a wyrmslayer. Here! Take care of 'em!

Southwest village

Man: Can't believe Badon's under attack. If only Fargus were here... Say, I've got something here you can use to buy some time. Set this Light Rune, and it'll block the enemies' advance. Only thing is, it'll stop allies, too. your step!

Northeast village

Man: You need special items to change classes. The item's different for different units, too. Cavaliers and knights need a Knight crest. Folks skilled in magic and staves need a Guiding ring. And wyvern riders and Pegasus knights need this: an Elysian whip. You can have it. Don't be shy now. It's not like I'll ever be able to use it. Now, if I were a cute little Pegasus knight, I'd use it in an instant!

Northwest village

Old woman: Why all the noise? It's the middle of the night!! What? A fight? Are you going to do something? Really?, take this. It should aid you. It's a Restore staff. It'll wake you from sleep and cure poison. Basically, it'll cure what's wrong and bring you back to normal. Now I'm tired... Why can't you people fight at a decent hour?

Southern house

If Mark is present and the house has not been visited

If the player has 1- or 2-star funds

Man: Are you supposed to be a mercenary? Looks like you've got nothing but a bunch of raw recruits with you! Maybe you should let them experience combat firsthand!

If the player has 3-star funds

Man: Are you a mercenary? You look well trained. Your tactician must be especially rigorous.

If the player has 4- and 5-star funds

Man: Are you a mercenary? You all look like you've been fighting for years and years. What kind of tactician would put together a group like yours?

If Mark is not present or the house has already been visited

Man: Are you a mercenary? You know there's an arena in town, right? Some of your novices might like the combat experience.

Northern house

Visit with any unit but Eliwood

Man: Ah... Those emerald eyes, that lustrous blue hair... She beautiful, beautiful beyond words... If only I could see her again... A lovely knight of Pherae, searching for her lord... ...I wonder why she's a knight. A famed knight and me, that's a dream of a dream... Wah! You... I... I was just thinking out loud... You...didn't hear anything, did you? Waaaaaaaaa! You mustn't tell anyone! Promise me! You mustn't!!

Visit with Eliwood

Man: Ah... Those emerald eyes, that lustrous blue hair... She beautiful, beautiful beyond words... If only I could see her again... A lovely knight of Pherae, searching for her lord... ...I wonder why she's a knight. A famed knight and me, that's a dream of a dream... Wah! You... I... I was just thinking out loud... You...didn't hear anything, did you? Waaaaaaaaa! You mustn't tell anyone! Promise me! You mustn't!! Huh? You... You're a noble of Pherae! Ohhh... I... I beg your pardon!! Oh, yes... About that knight... Yes, very pretty and wearing white armor. She said she'd be back again. I'm sure you'll be able to find her.

Battle quotes

Fighting Oleg

Oleg: It ends here. Your journey is over, and only oblivion awaits you.

With Eliwood

Eliwood: ...Black Fang?
Oleg: I bring an invitation from my master, Nergal. "Return the children to me." Seems foolish to deliver the message... After all, I can take them both myself and go now!
Hector: You'll never take them!!

Defeating Oleg

Oleg: In defeat...there is only...death. Urgh...