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Mutiny in the Mist/Script (Golden Deer)

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

White Clouds
Garland Moon

Mutiny in the Mist

Opening Narration FETH Golden Deer symbol.png

Ss fe16 chapter 3 mural.png
When the warm winds blow from the from the sea to the south of Adrestia, residents of Fódlan know that the rainy season is upon them. Before the heavy rains take their toll, the young women hurry to pick the last of the white roses. The ivory buds are woven into garlands and given as gifts to close friends or potential lovers.
— Chapter 3 opening narration

Event - Rumors of a Rebellion

Date: 6/1
Audience Chamber

(Byleth reports to Rhea.)
Rhea: Professor, I have a new mission for your students.
Seteth: We have received reports that Lord Lonato has rallied troops against the Holy Church of Seiros.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Who is Lord Lonato? Why would he do that?

Rhea: Lord Lonato is a minor lord of the Kingdom. He has been showing hostility towards the church for some time now.
Seteth: A vanguard unit from the Knights of Seiros is already on its way to his stronghold, Castle Gaspard. Lord Lonato's army is nothing compared to the knights. It's quite possible the rebellion has already been suppressed.
Rhea: Even so, I would like for your class to travel with the knights' rear guard to deal with the aftermath.
Seteth: War zones are unpredictable. We do not expect you will have cause to battle, but be prepared for the worst.

(Catherine enters the room.)

Catherine: Excuse me. You sent for me, Lady Rhea?
(Camera focuses on Catherine.)
Rhea: This is Catherine. She will be leading the knights whom you will be accompanying.
Catherine: Nice to meet you. We've heard a lot about you. If you need anything, just ask.
Rhea: She is one of our bravest knights, and that is no small feat. Only an exceptional few have what it takes to join the Knights of Seiros.
Rhea: This mission should prove useful in demonstrating to the students how foolish it would be to ever turn their blades on the church...

Exploration: Mutiny in the Mist

Potential Dates: 6/8, 6/15, 6/22 and 6/29

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Event - Into the Fog

Date: 6/30
Magdred Way

(Byleth and their class walk in Magdred Way)
Claude: It really is an honor to accompany Catherine, wielder of Thunderbrand. I hear you're intimidating enough to silence the howling winds!

Choice 1 Choice 2
Thunderbrand? What are you talking about?

(Catherine showcases her sword.)
Catherine: You mean you don't know? My weapon is called Thunderbrand. It's one of the Hero's Relics. A long, long time ago, the goddess bestowed divine weapons upon 10 heroes, which were passed down to their descendants. It's an honor to wield, but I'm afraid there won't be any chance for that today. Our mission is to help clean up the aftermath, not to fight.
Claude: Why would Lonato incite such a reckless rebellion? He had to have known he had no chance of winning.
Catherine: It all goes back to the Tragedy of Duscur...

Choice 1 Choice 2
I've heard of it. I don't know much about it.
Claude: You must be joking. Where have you been traveling that news of it didn't reach you?

Claude: It happened about four years ago. The king of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus was murdered by the people of Duscur. That about covers it, right?
Catherine: To put it simply, yes. But there's more to that story. They had accomplices within the Kingdom as well. Lord Lonato's son, Christophe, was one of them, and so he was handed over to the church for execution.

Choice 1 Choice 2
The church executes criminals? Why was the king targeted?
Catherine: Speaking from the church's perspective, we simply passed judgement according to our doctrine in place of the Kingdom, which was in complete chaos. Catherine: King Lambert was attempting a major political reform. Needless to say, he had many enemies.

Catherine: Whatever the truth behind that incident may be, Lord Lonato has harbored resentment to the church ever since. Well... To be more specific, his grudge isn't only against the church. It's also against the one who turned Christophe over to them...
(A Church Soldier arrives in hurry.)
Church Soldier: Report! The enemy is approaching! They can't be avoided. Their numbers are far greatly than we predicted. They used the fog to slip past the knights' perimeter!
Catherine: It looks like our mission just changed, Professor.
Catherine: Everyone, prepare for battle!

Battle - The Magdred Ambush

Before Battle

Catherine: With this fog, it's impossible to tell where the enemy might be...or how many of them there are.

(Enemies can be briefly seen in the fog.)
Catherine: The enemy could be trying to surround us, but they shouldn't have enough soldiers to form a tight circle. Take down anyone who breaks through the fog, and let's push through!

Claude: The conditions are the same for both sides... But we're at a disadvantage for not knowing the terrain.

Player Phase 1

Catherine: Proceed with caution! Wait for them to enter your field of view.

First Enemy Attacks

Militia: Lord Lonato doesn't deserve such sadness and anger... Now it's your turn to suffer!

If Ashe was Deployed

Ashe: Why, Lonato? Why did you drag so many others into this?

First Enemy Dies

Militia: Lord Lonato... Please, don't die...
Claude: The nobles start the war, but it's the commoners who spill their blood first...

Sub Boss - Gaspar Commander

Vs Anyone:

I won't let you anywhere near Lord Lonato!
— Gaspar Commander Vs Anyone

Movie - Hero's Relic

Ss fe16 hero's relic icon.png

The fog begins dissipating. Catherine's slowly walking towards Gaspard soldiers. They're fearful.
The Crest Stone on her Thunderbrand begins to shine as Catherine unsheathes her sword, jumps on the sky and proceeds to slay her enemies with two clear cuts.

Suddenly, someone's voice can be heard as Catherine looks at the person adressing her...

???: It's you... Thunderstrike Cassandra!

The fog is finally gone. Many Gaspard soldiers along with Lord Lonato himself are now clearly visible.

Lonato: It was your wretched zealotry that killed my son!

Catherine: The only name I answer is Catherine. Prepare to taste a blade of one who serves the goddess.

The swordmaster then points at Lonato with her sword, defiant.

Catherine: Now you face a Knight of Seiros!

Gaspar Commander has Been Defeated

(After the movie "Hero's Relic" has been shown and the fog dissipates, Lonato and his men reveal themselves)
Lonato: The fog has cleared. There's nothing left to hide you or the filthy Central Church from the judgment of the goddess!

Catherine Approaches Lonato

Lonato: You! I will be the one to kill you, no other!
Catherine: You have lost all sense of justice. You want to fight me? So be it. I'll send you to meet your goddess.

Main Boss - Lonato

Vs Anyone:

You have been deceived by that witch... I will show you the truth!
— Lonato Vs Anyone

Vs Ashe:

Lonato: Stand down, Ashe. I must destroy these evil-doers by any means necessary!
Ashe: Please surrender, Lonato! Whatever your reasons for doing this, we can still talk it out!
Lonato: Rhea is an infidel who has deceived the people and desecrated the goddess! We have virtue and the goddess herself on our side!
Ashe: Even if all that's true, dragging the townsfolk into it like this isn't right!
Lonato: Enough. If that is how you feel, prepare yourself! I'm putting an end to this!

— Lonato Vs Ashe

Death Quote:

That vile woman... Christophe... Forgive me...
— Lonato's Death Quote

Lonato has Fallen

If Ashe was deployed

Ashe: Lonato, I...


Catherine: I never thought I'd see Lonato meet this fate. Well done, everyone. Let's gather our troops and go.

Event - A Harsh Reality

(As the battle is finally over, Claude reaches Byleth...)
Claude: Nice work, Teach. Still...that fight left a foul taste in my mouth. That aside, did you see how Catherine fought?

Choice 1 Choice 2
She's incredible. I'm stronger.
Claude: Agreed. I thought the power of the Heroes' Relics must be exaggerated, but I was clearly wrong. Claude: Ha! I love the confidence, Teach. But you're no match for the Heroes' Relics. They're on a whole different level.

Claude: Makes you wonder about that legend...

What legend?

Claude: Oh, it's nothing. Just the usual fanciful nonsense. An ancient Relic that once cut a mountain in half with a single swing. That's what they say, anyway. But as amazing as Thunderbrand is, I don't think it fits that description.
Claude: Apparently, Relics can harness tremendous power for those with a compatible Crest. Though you can technically use one so long as you have any Crest at all. I dunno. Long story short, I'd like to try cutting a mountain in half someday.
(Hilda approaches Byleth & Claude.)
Hilda: Ooh! Are you talking about Relics? You'll be able to wield one soon, Claude! I just know it!
Hilda: After all, you've already been selected as the next head of House Riegan!
Claude: Easy there, Hilda. I don't know how apt "soon" is. My grandfather is still unbearably healthy.
(Byleth has no idea what they're talking about.)
Claude: Oh? Is this news to you, Teach? Yours truly was recently recognized as a legitimate child of House Riegan. They possess one of the Heroes' Relics too, though I've yet to see it.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Just recently? You haven't seen it?
Claude: I officially joined House Riegan only last year. Before then, I lived with my father. Claude: I was raised by my father. House Riegan is on my mother's side of the family.

Claude: When I learned that my mother was the daughter of an Alliance noble, I was so surprised I thought the whole world was pulling a fast one on me for a week.
Hilda: So that means your mother is Duke Riegan's daughter, right? Where is she now?
Claude: I can't say. My mother's currently living in a different world than the one she grew up in and has no desire to return home.
Hilda: Um, OK. You sure have a lot of secrets, don't you?
Claude: I'm just keeping a promise to my parents. Make of that whatever you will.
Claude: In exchange for my so-called secrecy, I'm free to do as I please, which is why I decided to see what the other side of my family was like. That's how I found out about this strange Crest I bear...
(Just then, Leonie and Ignatz walk into the conversation.)
(They still seem to be sad over what just took place...)
Leonie: Professor, Claude. It sounds like the troops will be withdrawing soon. We should return as well.
Ignatz: We won. We should be celebrating. Instead, we're heading back with heavy hearts...
Claude: Whoa there! What's the matter? You look as sad as a kitten without any yarn.
Claude: If we hadn't done what we did, the rebel army would have followed this road all the way to the monastery. And they would have crushed all the little villages along the way.
Claude: We stopped that from happening. You should be proud.

(Catherine suddenly approaches them. She looks worried.)

Catherine: Professor... I'm afraid this incident is far more serious than anticipated.
(Catherine shows Byleth a letter.)

FETH scroll 01.png

Catherine: I found this on Lord Lonato. It's a note that mentions a plan to assassinate Lady Rhea. We can't tell who sent it, so the source is suspect, but the content is too disturbing to ignore.
Catherine: We must report this to Lady Rhea right away. I hope that it's nothing...

Event - Report: Garland Moon

Audience Chamber

(Byleth reports to Rhea.)
Rhea: I am glad to see that you have returned safely. The goddess is gracious with her divine protection. But it was not only her divine protection that shielded you, was it? You are just as skilled as I had hoped.

Choice 1 Choice 2
My students deserve the praise. I still have much to learn.
Rhea: I am not so sure. Rhea: There is no need for modesty.

Rhea: I heard some of the students were...hesitant about fighting militia. However, we must punish any sinner who may inflict harm upon believers, even if those sinners are civilians.
Rhea: I pray the students learned a valuable lesson about the fate that awaits all who are foolish enough to point their blades towards the heavens.
Seteth: Our real concern is what Catherine reported. The secret message that was in Lord Lonato's possession.
Seteth: It contained a deplorable plot to target the archbishop on the day of the Goddess's Rite of Rebirth. The plan seems unrealistic at best... But a threat is a threat. We must maintain constant vigilance. To that end, I would like for you and your students to help with security on the day of the ritual.

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
You can count on us. We won't let her down. Won't that endanger the students?
Rhea: That is most reassuring. You have my gratitude. (Support points with Rhea go up.)
Rhea: That is most reassuring. You have my gratitude.
Rhea: Even if they encounter an enemy whom they cannot best, they should be fine so long as they have you on their side.

Seteth: The Rite of Rebirth is of paramount importance. It is when the Church of Seiros and its believers unite to pray for the return of the goddess. The archbishop and I will be confined to the Goddess Tower once the ritual begins. Of course, the knights will be on high alert as well, but there aren't enough of them to keep watch on every corner of the monastery. It is far from ideal to be forced to mobilize students, but the gravity of this situation requires that we all bend to avoid breaking.
Rhea: While there is no need to fear for my safety, we cannot turn a blind eye to those who would blaspheme so heinously.
Seteth: With any luck, this will all be for naught. Still, be on your guard.