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For use on Grand Hero Battle and possibly other locations later on. This module can be used to output Grand Hero Battle data, including the next rerun date, total number of reruns, and the current active Grand Hero Battle. Currently relevant only to the seven Grand Hero Battles in rotation: Lloyd, Michalis, Xander, Narcian, Navarre, Robin (female), and Ursula.

Only one parameter is used, the name of the relevant Grand Hero Battle:


This outputs:

Rerun in rotation 271 times to date
Next rerun: April 30, 2023

local p = {}

Functions for each Grand Hero Battle. Lloyd was the first rotation GHB, on
9 February 2018, so he is number 0; the others follow on up to 6 (Ursula).
Then, call the main functions down below.

function p.Lloyd()
    return p.getGHBData(0)

function p.Michalis()
    return p.getGHBData(1)

function p.Xander()
    return p.getGHBData(2)

function p.Narcian()
    return p.getGHBData(3)

function p.Navarre()
    return p.getGHBData(4)

function p.RobinF()
    return p.getGHBData(5)

function p.Ursula()
    return p.getGHBData(6)

This gets the current Grand Hero Battle, by comparing today's date to
the rotation start date (8 February, 2018).

function p.getGrandHeroBattle()
    start_day = os.time( { year=2018, month=02, day=09, hour=07 } )
    days_since_start = math.floor(os.difftime( os.time(), start_day ) / (24*60*60))
    curr_ghb = days_since_start % 7
    return curr_ghb

Produce the Grand Hero Battle data; first get the date of the next rerun,
then count how many reruns we've had so far, then check to see
which Grand Hero Battle is currently active.

function p.getGHBData(ghb_number)
    curr_ghb = p.getGrandHeroBattle()

    -- Need to wrap around for Hero Battles with an ID number lower than the current one
    if( ghb_number <= curr_ghb ) then
        next_rerun_wrap = ghb_number + 7
        next_rerun_wrap = ghb_number

    next_rerun_days_away = next_rerun_wrap - curr_ghb

    next_rerun ="%B %e, %Y", os.time()+(24*60*60*next_rerun_days_away))

    total_reruns = math.floor(os.difftime( os.time(), os.time( { year=2018, month=02, day=09+ghb_number } ) ) / (24*60*60)/7)

    if( ghb_number == curr_ghb ) then
        is_active = "<b>Currently available</b><br/>"
        is_active = ""

    return string.format("Rerun in rotation %s times to date<br/>%sNext rerun: %s", total_reruns, is_active, next_rerun)

return p