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Mirage Master

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE's main cast, all of which are Mirage Masters, bar Tiki.

Mirage Masters (Japanese: ミラージュ マスター Mirage Master), are humans with unusually large amounts of Performa within them. Due to their wealth of excess creative energies they are able to bond with Mirages, and they share their excess of Performa with their Mirage.

Since humans with large amounts of Performa are generally creative and artistic, many known Mirage Masters have various entertainment industry and artistic careers, like singing, acting, and photography.

Playable Mirage Masters

The main cast of the game.
Portrait itsuki tmsfe.png Portrait tsubasa tmsfe.png Portrait touma tmsfe.png Portrait kiria tmsfe.png Portrait eleonora tmsfe.png Portrait mamori tmsfe.png Portrait yashiro tmsfe.png
Itsuki Aoi Tsubasa Oribe Touma Akagi Kiria Kurono Eleonora Yumizuru Mamori Minamoto Yashiro Tsurugi

Enemy Mirage Masters

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A human is only able to become a true Mirage Master if they possess Performa in excess, otherwise, the Mirage 'partner' is dominant, and the human is simply being fed on and taken over.

Mirage Masters are more sensitive to the world around them, and can sense and see things regular humans cannot. They are able to see other people's Performa, they are also able to sense when others with powerful Performa are able to awaken as a fellow Mirage Master. A Mirage Master is also able to detect when Performa is being drained from someone.

Mirage Masters are able to use their Performa and other items to strengthen their Mirage partners at the Bloom Palace.

Combat abilities

Tsubasa Oribe, a Mirage Master whose Mirage partner, Caeda, has assumed Carnage Form.

Mirage Masters are able to bond with their partner Mirage and fight with their partner by combining their energies, known as a Carnage Form (Japanese: カルネージフォーム Carnage Form). The Mirage Master gets a new outfit, and the Mirage in the pair becomes the Mirage Master's sentient weapon during battle. This bond can also be parasitic, with the Mirage taking over the human and their energy completely. The parasitic bond can be fatal for the human if left unchecked.

During battle, the Mirage Master can use skills, inspired by Shin Megami Tensei, as well as weapons and items. Generally, the Mirage Master's main weapon is their Mirage partner. As mentioned, when Mirages bond with a master they can become a sentient, speaking weapon. This allows Mirages to guide and advise their partners during battle.


  • Barry Goodman was once a Mirage Master, though he apparently lost his powers after overexerting himself in battle. His former Mirage partner is Draug.

Etymology and other languages

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Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Mirage Master

Sometimes shortened to "Master".


ミラージュ マスター

Mirage Master


Mirage Master

Used in Heroes.


Maître mirage

Mirage master


Mirage Master

Used in Heroes.


Mirage Master

Used in Heroes.


Mestre da miragem

Master of the mirage; used in Heroes.

Traditional Chinese


Mirage master



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