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Mirage (Tokyo Mirage Sessions)

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Chrom, appearing as a Mirage in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Mirages (Japanese: ミラージュ Mirage) are beings that exist within the world of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. In Tokyo Mirage Sessions they arrive in Tokyo from another realm and abduct humans for their creative energies.[1] Mirages feed on these creative energies to become more powerful.

Mirages, most famously, are based on Fire Emblem series characters, though there are lesser Mirages that are not based on Fire Emblem characters. It seems Mirages can be antagonistic or neutral, with Mirage Masters being able to 'tame' them.


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In the context of the Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE spinoff game, Mirages can me likened to Shin Megami Tensei's Demons.

Physical appearance

In Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, Mirages are based on various characters from the Fire Emblem series in appearance and personality. Many Mirages are humanoid in appearance and size. However, this does not mean they are all completely humanoid in appearance. For instance, Aversa's Mirage incarnation can be somewhat likened to a Pegasus-Centaur beast. She has a humanoid torso and a pegasus body and wings. Medeus, an Earth Dragon Manakete, is a completely non-humanoid Mirage, having the form of a massive dragon.

Aside from the Mirages based off of Fire Emblem series characters, there are many lesser Mirages that don't appear to be anything Fire Emblem related. These come in many shapes and sizes.

Combat abilities

Touma Akagi, a Mirage Master whose Mirage, Cain, has assumed Carnage Form.

Mirages are able to bond with a "Mirage Master" and fight with their partner by combining their energies, known as a Carnage Form (Japanese: カルネージフォーム Carnage Form). The Mirage Master gets a new outfit, and the Mirage in the pair becomes the Mirage Master's sentient weapon during battle. This bond can also be parasitic, with the Mirage taking over the human and their energy completely.

In gameplay

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As mentioned above, the Mirages based on specific characters mostly appear for boss fights in the game's main chapters and sidequests. As is traditional, bosses generally appear at the ends of dungeons.

Aside from bosses, Tokyo Mirage Sessions's dungeons feature mirages as common enemies, with some being based on demons featuring in the Shin Megami Tensei series, some common Mirages are also based on classes in the Fire Emblem Series.

When the player explores a dungeon, the encounters are not random, enemy mirages can be seen in the dungeon and can be run away from or attacked. If the Mirage is attacked by Itsuki before the battle begins the player gets a First Strike when the battle is started, this means the player characters' turns are more likely to occur first in the encounter. Similarly, the player can suffer a disadvantage if the Mirage initiates the encounter first. There are also items that repel Mirages, preventing battles from occurring. A Mirage's appearance in a dungeon before initiating battle is generic, they look like a ghostly cloaked figure. When traversing dungeons, Chrom will warn Itsuki when enemy Mirages are near.

Special encounter types

A savage Mirage appearing in a dungeon.
A rare Mirage appearing in a dungeon.

While a Mirage's appearance in-dungeon is mostly generic, there are some slightly alternate appearances to denote if the particular encounter has certain unusual characteristics.

Rare encounters in dungeons yield rare enemies and items. Mirages that denote a rare encounter sport a golden cloak and shimmer.

There are also more difficult encounters with "savage Mirages", these encounters are more difficult than the rest of the lesser enemies in the dungeon. Like rare encounters they also have a chance to give good or rare items upon their defeat.

However, not all Mirages in dungeons are out to attack Itsuki and friends, as there are several Mirages that will ask for favors and give minor sidequests. These Mirages can be walked up to and spoken to, these Mirages do not have the dark cloak that aggressive Mirages wear.

Fire Emblem series characters appearing as Mirages

As mentioned, a multitude of Fire Emblem series characters make appearances as mirages. The majority of the characters that make these appearances are bosses. Only characters from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light and Fire Emblem Awakening appear.

Portrait abel tmsfe.png Portrait aversa tmsfe.png Portrait bord tmsfe.png Portrait caeda 01 tmsfe.png Portrait cain 01 tmsfe.png Portrait cervantes tmsfe.png Portrait chrom 01 tmsfe.png Portrait cord tmsfe.png Portrait dolph tmsfe.png Portrait draug 01 tmsfe.png
Abel Aversa Bord Caeda Cain Cervantes Chrom Cord Dolph Draug
Portrait excellus tmsfe.png Portrait gangrel tmsfe.png Portrait garrick tmsfe.png Portrait gharnef tmsfe.png Portrait gordin tmsfe.png Portrait jagen tmsfe.png Portrait linde tmsfe.png Portrait lon'qu tmsfe.png Portrait lorenz tmsfe.png Portrait macellan tmsfe.png
Excellus Gangrel Garrick Gharnef Gordin Jagen Linde Lon'qu Lorenz Macellan
-- Portrait medeus 01 tmsfe.png Portrait navarre 01 tmsfe.png Portrait ogma tmsfe.png Portrait palla tmsfe.png Portrait pheros tmsfe.png Portrait tiki tmsfe.png Portrait tharja 01 tmsfe.png Portrait virion 01 tmsfe.png
Marth Medeus Navarre Ogma Palla Pheros Tiki Tharja Virion

Other Mirage enemies

Main article: Enemies in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Virtually every random encounter in Tokyo Mirage Sessions is against a Mirage. Unlike the boss character Mirages, these Mirages are based on pop-culture and mythological themes, along with some being based on Fire Emblem series classes.

Etymology and other languages

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  1. "The spirits attacking Tokyo, known as Mirages, steal people away to an alternate dimension and sap their creative energy." — Nintendo, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (webpage),, Retrieved: April 30th, 2016

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