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(Movie "Memories" begins. The scene pans over a forest treetop, then descends into a small clearing where Greil and Ike are practicing swordsmanship. Greil knocks Ike down on his back)

  • Greil: Well, Ike? You had enough?

(Ike grits his teeth, and charges at Greil again. They continue their spar and lock swords, when Greil's attention is caught by Mist's voice, and she is seen running towards them)

  • Mist: Dad! Ike!
  • Greil: Oh... Mist!

(Ike tries to use the distraction to get in a hit on Greil, but he dodges nimbly and strikes Ike in the back. Ike falls onto the ground face-first, stunned. Mist runs up to him)

  • Mist: Ike? Oh, no!

(Ike, in his unconsciousness, has a brief recollection of his mother, Elena, sitting at his bedside. He wakes up on the ground.)

(Ike looks around, and Mist is heard humming a tune while picking flowers. Ike gets up.)

  • Ike: Mist... That song...
  • Mist: Oh, you're up. About time!

(Mist smiles at him, and Elena's image reappears over Mist's, smiling the same smile. Movie "Memories" ends.)

Before battle

  • Mist: Are you all right?
  • Ike: Nn... Yeah, I'll be fine.

(Greil runs up to them)

  • Greil: So, the sleeping prince awakens!
  • Mist: Father! I can't believe you! I know those are practice swords, but they're still heavy! You have no right to be so rough on Ike.
  • Greil: If this is too much for the boy, he'll never make it as a mercenary.
  • Mist: But--
  • Ike: Mist, you don't have to worry. I told you, I'm fine.
  • Greil: Ha! You'd better be. Now grab your sword and get ready!
  • Mist: What? Don't tell me you're going at it again! But--
  • Ike: Just until I land a single blow. I'm not giving up until I can get one good hit in on Father.
  • Greil: I like your resolve, Ike. But it takes more than a strong will to... Hm?

(Boyd runs into the clearing)

  • Boyd: Aha! I knew I'd find you here!
  • Mist: Hi, Boyd. What brings you here?
  • Boyd: Nothing special. You said you were going to get the boss, but you never came back. I got picked to check up on you.
  • Mist: Oh! Sorry, I got caught up with Ike and my father.
  • Boyd: It's nothing. Besides, I figured I'd get a good laugh watching Ike get worked over by the boss. You...look fine. What happened?
  • Ike: Nothing at all. I'm sorry to disappoint you.
  • Mist: You just missed it. Just a minute ago, he was out cold.
  • Ike: Mist!
  • Mist: Ha ha! Sorry.
  • Greil: You came at just the right time, Boyd. You can be Ike's sparring partner.
  • Boyd: What? Me?
  • Greil: I'm beginning to think it would be better if he sparred with someone closer to his own skill.
  • Ike: ...I understand. Thanks for your help, Boyd.
  • Boyd: Hmph! I don't know about this "to his skill" business, but I'm ready!

(Ike and Boyd take up positions, while Mist and Greil move out of the way, to the north)

  • Boyd: All right. I'm ready for you! Let's go!

Battle begins

Ike moves away from Boyd

  • Mist: Not that way, Ike!

Ike moves away from Boyd a second time

  • Mist: Did you hear me? Not that way!

Ike moves away from Boyd a third time

  • Mist: Hey! Are you even listening to me?

First turn ended without attacking Boyd

  • Boyd: Hey! What's the holdup? Let's get started already.
  • Ike: I'm coming. Wait right there!

Second turn ended without attacking Boyd

  • Boyd: Hurry up, will you? Or are you afraid of me?

Third turn ended without attacking Boyd

  • Boyd: Come on! What are you doing? Are you sure you really want to learn how to fight?

Fourth turn ended without attacking Boyd

  • Boyd: Yaaaawn... You know, I'm getting sleepy.

Ike shoves Boyd

  • Boyd: Whoa! Come on! What's that all about? You're wasting our time!

Ike drops his Trainer Sword

  • Mist: Ah!

(Mist runs up to Ike)

  • Mist: I can't believe this! If you throw your weapon away, how do you expect to fight? Let me help... Here you go, Ike. Here's your sword.
  • Ike: Oh...thanks.
  • Mist: Try to be a little more careful!

(You got a Trainer. Mist runs back to the sideline)

Engaging Boyd

  • Mist: You can do it! Boyd's got nothing! Take him out!
  • Boyd: "Nothing"!? I don't have nothing. I mean, I have-- I mean...
Enemy phase after first combat with Boyd
  • Boyd: Ha ha! I'm not done yet. We're just getting started.
Boyd is defeated
  • Boyd: That--that wasn't too bad.
  • Mist: Boyd, you're such a loser.
  • Boyd: Shut your trap!
  • Greil: Good work, Boyd. That's enough.
  • Boyd: Oh, all right!

(Boyd moves to the sideline)

  • Greil: Your swordsmanship was decent enough, Ike. Don't forget how it felt. It won't always be this easy.
  • Ike: I know.
  • Greil: Now that you're done warming up, it's time for you to face me again.
  • Ike: I was hoping you'd say that.
  • Greil: But first...Mist!
  • Mist: Right here!

(Mist runs up to Ike)

  • Mist: Here you go, Ike! It's a vulnerary.

(You got a Vulnerary)

  • Mist: I'd recommend using it now, before you fight Father. Last time, he knocked you silly.

(Mist runs back to the sideline, and Greil enters the clearing)

Enemy phase after Greil enters the clearing

  • Greil: Always take time to heal your wounds in a battle--even small ones. By the time you think you're in trouble, it's probably too late... Don't get into that situation.

Ending turn without attacking Greil

  • Greil: Get ready, Ike--here I come!

Engaging Greil

  • Greil: Give it your all!
After a round of combat with Greil
  • Greil: Come on, boy! You going to give me a challenge this time around?
  • Ike: ...
Greil is defeated
  • Greil: Ungh...

After battle

(Mist runs up to Greil and Ike)

  • Mist: Ike! You were great!
  • Ike: Father, you were holding back, weren't you?
  • Mist: What? Is that true?
  • Greil: If you could tell the difference, that means you're improving.

(Boyd runs up to the group as well)

  • Boyd: You know, I wasn't really giving it my all either...
  • Mist: That is such a lie.
  • Boyd: Bah.
  • Ike: So, Father, does that mean you finally admit that I'm ready?
  • Greil: What, to join the company? To take on a job?
  • Ike: Yeah. I mean, Boyd's already out there on the battlefield. I'm ready. I'm tired of being a trainee.
  • Boyd: Listen, the difference between you and me is that I'm a professional.
  • Mist: A professional who just got beat.
  • Boyd: That was just random chance. Random chance.
  • Greil: You've got a point, Ike... All right. Tomorrow will be your first day as a full-fledged mercenary.
  • Ike: Really?
  • Greil: But! If I think it's too much, you're back to trainee status. You'd better work hard.
  • Ike: No problem. Watch--I'll catch up to everyone in no time.
  • Greil: We'll see. We'd better be heading back to the fort. Everyone's waiting.