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This page contains all of Mathilda's base conversations.

Conversation 1

Mathilda: Yes, Alm? What is it? ...Hmm? You want to know how I became so strong? Well, my father was a distinguished warrior of some renown. He trained me relentlessly from a young age, and I embraced it. I saw the pretty maidens around me and wondered if I should be more like them. But they seemed keen on me staying just the way I was, so I did.

Conversation 2

Mathilda: Alm, do you have any brothers or sisters? My little sisters back home have been writing me and clamoring for my return. I’ve started to wonder if all siblings are like that. Stranger yet, they’re fully grown! You’d think they could get by without me. But when you consider how fond Clair is of Clive... Well, perhaps children just naturally look up to elder brothers and sisters. ...Hmm? How many sisters do I have? Four, actually. I love them, but they can be quite trying sometimes. For they tend to chatter like harpies whenever they want attention...

Conversation 3

Mathilda: Clive and I became close after enlisting in the Knights of Zofia. Our houses had cordial relations before that, but Clair wouldn’t let me near her elder brother. On the battlefield, Clive was like some mythological hero. From the moment I saw him, I knew my heart was his. And for all his toughness, when the two of us are alone, he can be quite... Well, that is none of your concern.