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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Marth's paired base conversations.

Marth and Kris

First conversation

Kris: Sire, are you departing?
(If Kris is male)
Marth: Hello, Kris. I was just heading to the armory.
Kris: You need not trouble yourself with such a trivial chore, sire. Speak the word, and I'll fetch as many iron swords--
Marth: Thanks, but I'll be fine. I'm used to it. Besides, I want to affirm the situation with my own eyes.
Kris: Then I shall accompany you.
Marth: Thank you, Kris. But I'm just going to visit the armory. There's no need to bother you.
Kris: I understand, sire. Still, it would be terrible if anything were to happen to you. It is my duty as your Royal Guard to protect you at all times.
Marth: You worry too much, Kris. But I appreciate it. All right, let's go together.
Kris: Yes, sire!
(If Kris is female)
Marth: Hello, Kris. Yes, but it's nothing important.
Kris: There is no need to concern yourself; please tell me what you wish to do and I shall do it in your stead.
Marth: Thank you. But it's okay, I'll be back soon.
Kris: Then, I shall accompany you.
Marth: I appreciate it, but... Kris, I'm not going anywhere dangerous.
Kris: Still, it would be terrible if anything were to happen to you, sire. It is my duty as your Royal Guard to protect you at all times.
Marth: I-I see. Hmm... the truth is...
Kris: Sire?
Marth: Well, I've accumulated a little sweat, so I was considering undressing and taking a bath. However, I was just thinking whether or not it would be fine to show you my naked body...
Kris: P-p-p-p-p-please forgive me! So you just wanted a bath... I'm sorry, how embarrassing of me.
Marth: Oh no, it's okay. I'm really happy that you'd go that far to protect me.

Second conversation

Marth: Hello, Kris. Are you doing anything?
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Yes, sire! I am off to the drill grounds.
Marth: The drill grounds? Then you must want more battle experience.
Kris: Yes. My objective is to not merely win, but to attain a winning streak. To win twice, then thrice in a row, fighting stronger enemies each time... To learn the limit of my strength-- that excites me.
Marth: You're really looking forward to it. I can see it in your face.
Kris: Indeed, sire! However...
Marth: What is it?
Kris: There is something I must tell you, sire. My strength... exists for protecting the people of our fair country. To that end, I have continuously trained and battled so that I could become stronger.
Marth: I understand. But?
Kris: But... when I become stronger and when I fight opponents stronger than myself, I get excited. I begin to feel my blood boil... As if I sought strength and battle for my own sake.
Marth: Kris...
Kris: When I become stronger... I bask in my newfound power. Deep inside my heart... I long for battle. "A man with untamed power is no better than a beast," my grandfather once said. And I heed his warning. If my lust for power causes me to stray from the way of the knight...
Marth: It's all right, Kris. Just like you're there for me, I am here for you. You won't go down the wrong path. I'll make sure you don't. I promise.
Kris: Yes, sire... You're right. With you here to guide me, I will be fine. You have my gratitude.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Yes. I am off to the drill grounds.
Marth: The drill grounds? That's the place where you can acquire further battle experience, correct?
Kris: Yes, it's a wonderful place. It costs money, true, but if you land a winning streak, you can obtain more experience than in actual battles. So I'm sure we can all become much, much stronger if we visit it.
Marth: That's how you plan to become stronger, Kris...? I'm amazed by your commitment.
Kris: Yes, I shall work hard so that I may live up to your expectations. If I become stronger, I can also fight stronger opponents... It's quite thrilling. Oh...
Marth: Is something wrong?
Kris: No, I just realized what I just said wasn't very feminine...
Marth: Haha, perhaps indeed. Does it bother you?
Kris: Yes... Even as a child, all I ever did was training. I don't know to do girly things, like cooking or sewing. Until now, I told myself I'm a knight before I'm a woman, but... As of late, I noticed I've even started thinking like a man, and... That's just embarrassing. And it makes me worried... that those in our army might view me as a man.
Marth: Though I think you're girly enough, Kris.
Kris: Y-you speak truly?
Marth: Yes. When you heard me talk about bathing, your face turned bright red... No doubt, I think that part of you is very girly.
Kris: A-ah, about that episode... Please don't mention it again... Oh dear, how embarrassing...

Third conversation

(If Kris is male)
Marth: Kris... Why do you devote yourself to me so strongly?
Kris: I am your Royal Guard. For you, sire, I--
Marth: No, I speak not of that. I know it's your duty. I want to know more about you.
Kris: About me, sire?
Marth: How long have you wanted to become a knight of Altea?
Kris: For as long as I can remember, sire. My grandfather has always wanted me to become a knight. I loved my grandfather, so I endeavored to live up to his expectations. That's why I volunteered.
Marth: I see. So it was your grandfather, then.
Kris: However... That is not the only reason. Not any more. I found another reason once I came to Altea Castle and met you, sire.
Marth: When you met me?
Kris: Yes. I have fought alongside you thus far. Once I came to know you, I knew I wanted to fight for you.
Marth: Kris...
Kris: Sire. I devote myself to you, for your sake, not mine. I am truly happy that you are my liege.
Marth: Thank you... Hearing you say that makes me happier than anything. I am not a strong man. However, if you're here for me, then I know we'll be victorious.
Kris: Sire...
Marth: Kris. Let's end this war, alive. Both of us. No matter what.
Kris: Yes, sire!
(If Kris is female)
Marth: Kris, I am sure our battles will become tougher from now on. However, we cannot afford to lose. For everyone's sake...
Kris: Yes, I understand. Sire, let us end this war, alive, no matter what. For the future of Altea... and for the future of this world.
Marth: The future, huh...? Five years or ten years afterwards... What kind of future awaits us, I wonder?
Kris: I believe you'll ascend as king of Altea, and govern the world. By then, you'll probably have children too... I am certain your children will be both kind and brave.
Marth: Thank you for your kind future. And what will you be doing, then?
Kris: When that time comes... I believe I'll still be serving you by your side. And, if I happen to have children of my own... I am sure my children will fight for the future of Altea, as well.
Marth: My children and your children... It would be lovely if they could get along.
Kris: Truly.
Marth: For that future, too... We must be victorious. Let's do our best, Kris.
Kris: Sire!

Marth and Caeda

First conversation

Marth: Caeda, have you been keeping well?
Caeda: Hello, Marth. Yes, of course.
Marth: I see. I'm glad to hear it. If anything were to happen to you, I wouldn't be able to look King Talys in the eye.
Caeda: You're too kind... And you, Marth? Are you well?
Marth: Please, worry not, Caeda. I've all the help I could possibly want and more.
Caeda: Hmm. Starting with Kris... We have so many reliable people, don't we?
Marth: Yes. That's why... Caeda, I must implore you to leave the fighting to us.
Caeda: Huh...? Marth, what do you mean...?
Marth: I do not wish to see you on the battlefield. If you must, I'd prefer it if you would support us away from the frontlines.
Caeda: Marth... How could you say such a thing? Am I that much of a burden to you?
Marth: No, Caeda. That's... not what I meant. I... I don't want to see you get hurt. Your safety is of immense importance to me.
Caeda: So, are you telling me to wallow alone in prayer? Somewhere arrows won't reach me? While everyone else is fighting? That... That's just...! I won't have it! I can't just sit quietly, while others risk their lives.
Marth: Caeda...
Caeda: I'll fight. I'll fight by your side. I'll show you that I'm capable!
Marth: Oh! Caeda...! ...Did I say something wrong...?

Second conversation

Caeda: Marth! Were you watching?
Marth: Y-yes... You did splendidly.
Caeda: I'm so glad... Now, will you take back your words?
Marth: I...!
Caeda: Please, Marth! Don't give me that look. I'm fine. I'm much stronger than you think.
Marth: I... I see. You're right. You are strong. But, that's why I worry. The stronger you become, the more often I'll have to ask you to fight on the frontlines. You hate fighting, and I worry. Is it not troubling for you?
Caeda: That's... I feel happy by your side, Marth.
Marth: Caeda...
Caeda: Don't you hate to fight as well?
Marth: Well... You're right. I do.
Caeda: I know how much it hurts you, more than anyone else... That's why I'll fight too. I'll help you end this war, so that we'll never have to witness bloodshed again. Am I being selfish?
Marth: ... All right, Caeda. I won't say anything more. Please, stay with me. And... together, let's bring this terrible war to a close. But... please, don't push yourself too hard.
Caeda: Yes...! Thank you, Marth.

Third conversation

Marth: Caeda. Have you been well?
Caeda: Teehee...
Marth: Huh? Why did you laugh? Was it something I said?
Caeda: No, not really. It's just... you always ask me that. You're always worrying about everyone else.
Marth: I-is that so?
Caeda: That's why we follow you, Marth. It's because of your kindess that I...
Marth: Huh...?
Caeda: Say, Marth. Once this war is over, will we..?
Marth: Yes. We must devote all of our energies into the reconstruction.
Caeda: Oh yes... That's right.
Marth: And then, we'll be wed.
Caeda: Oh, Marth...!
Marth: I'm looking forward to seeing you in a wedding dress, Caeda.
Caeda: And what, sir, will I do if it becomes me less than this armor?
Marth: Hahaha, that's impossible. You'll be beautiful regardless.
Caeda: Really?
Marth: Mmm.
Caeda: Thank you, Marth. I hope I'll be a bride worthy of you.
Marth: I too... I'll make you the happiest woman in the world, Caeda.
Caeda: ...Marth...