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Manakete Princess/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Gharnef: Tiki…princess of the long-departed Naga clan… Incinerate all those who would disgrace the Fane of Raman! Don't forget that I saved you from Medeus after Bantu abandoned you!

Tiki initiates a battle

Tiki: N-no… Don't… Don't come near me!

Recruiting Tiki

Bantu: Tiki! I've been looking everywhere! It seems Gharnef is controlling you… Now…wake up!
Tiki: I… I… What… What happened? Where am I?
Bantu: Back to your senses, are you? Good! How do you feel?
Tiki: It was so scary… A terrible nightmare… that wouldn't end!
Bantu: Oh, Tiki! I am so sorry. It's all my fault this happened! But you're all right now. I won't leave you again… I promise.
Tiki: Yes, please promise! Don't leave me alone ever again! Promise me that you won't…
(Tiki joins)


Nyna: Prince Marth… Before we head on to Grust, I must tell you something. You know of General Camus, the captain of the famous Sable Order of Knights… I was captured by the Sable Order when they occupied Archanea two years ago. Dolhr intended to utterly destroy the Archanean royal family. But that man, Camus, protected me. He stood up to Medeus when I could not. Knowing Medeus's elite guards would come, Camus helped me find sanctuary in Aurelis. He has won many victories for Dolhr, but that no longer matters to them…because of what he did for me. When I was a prisoner, I hated him…but my feelings have changed considerably… I hope that you will not cross swords with him… I wish to see him again.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


To obtain the Lightsphere and Starsphere for Gotoh, Marth and the others headed for Chiasmir's Fane of Raman. At Chiasmir strait, they entered a fierce battle with Grustian Sable Order, who attempted to prevent them passing. But once the world's finest, the Grustian Sable Order had lost their former glory and were defeated. Now, at Raman... The temple of Naga, where the jewels are hidden. A new story is about to unfold...
— Chapter 15 Intro


Malledus: Your highness, please be careful inside the Fane of Raman. The goddess of this temple possesses fearful might. She will incinerate any and all intruders.
Marth: Hmm... I suppose we shouldn't be intruding this sanctuary... But this temple holds the objects that I must seek. We must try not to provoke the temple's guardians. I will only bring in a couple of soldiers with me.

Gharnef: Tiki... The great princess of the Naga tribe, which fell into ruin long ago. Use your power to burn the intruders of this holy Fane of Raman. Haha... You mustn't forget it was I who rescued you from Medeus's grasp after you were separated from Bantu.
(Tiki transforms)

Fighting Tiki

Tiki: ...Do...Don't... Don't... ...Get near me...

Killing Tiki

Tiki: Bantu...

Recruiting Tiki

Bantu: Oh!! Tiki, I was looking all over for you. It seems you've fallen under Gharnef's spell.. Please wake up...
Tiki: ...Uh. Ah...! Bantu... Why... What's going on?
Banut: Ah, good, you've awakened. Are you alright?
Tiki: Uh... What happened to me...? It was so scary... It was like I was in a bad dream...
Bantu: I'm really sorry... For letting you be frightened like that... But everything is fine now. From now on, I will always be by your side.
Tiki: Ah! Do you promise? You mustn't leave me alone ever again...
(Tiki untransforms and joins)


Gotoh: Marth, I am currently at a village north of Macedon castle. That's right, it is already very close. If you have both the Starsphere and Lightsphere, please come and visit me. Without Starlight you will be unable to take back the Falchion from Gharnef. Gharnef has escaped to the illusion city of Thabes. Your sister, Elice, should also be there. I have been protecting her with my power, but I won't be able to hold out for much longer. Please hurry and rescue Elice.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

The Sable Order fought valiantly to keep Marth’s army from reaching Chiasmir, but in the end Grust’s knights buckled: the world’s mightiest only in song. The League marched on to the Fane of Raman, a holy sanctuary built by the divine dragoons to house their most priceless treasures. Here another story was set to begin…
— Chapter 19 intro

During battle

Gharnef: Tiki... Tiki... Princess-that-was of the great divine dragons... Can you hear my voice?

Tiki: ....Mm-hmm.

Gharnef: Defilers have set foot inside the fane–despoilers! Punish them. Let your fire consume them!

Tiki: the fane...Punish them...

Gharnef: Remember, Tiki. Your divine-dragon kin perished long ago, and Bantu has abandoned you...I alone am protecting you from Medeus. Remember...

Tiki: You alone...are protecting me...Punish...the defilers...

(Gharnef teleports away)

When recruiting Tiki

Bantu: Tiki! Tiki, my child! At last, I have found you!

Tiki: No... Stop... Come no closer...

Bantu: Hm? ...Gharnef has put you in some sort of trance, poor thing. Peace, child. Peace. Awaken.

Tiki: ...Mmm? ....Ban-Ban? Is that you? Where am I? What happened?

Bantu: Yes, child. ’tis I, ’tis I. How I worried! Are you hurt?

Tiki: No, Ban-Ban, just...just scared...I feel as though I just woke from an awful nightmare...

Bantu: I am truly sorry, child. Truly, I am. I will not let us be separated again. From now on, I will be there to protect you.

Tiki: Promise? You have to promise, Ban-Ban. I hate being alone...

Conversation: Marth and Tiki

Marth: You must be Tiki. Bantu told me all about you.

Tiki: Ban-Ban told me all about you, too. Will you take me with you?

Marth: Of course, Tiki, as long as that’s what you want.

Tiki: Yes, yes, it is! Oh, thank you, Mar-Mar!

Marth: Mar-Mar?!

Tiki: Am I not allowed to call you that?

Marth: N– That Well, if you want?

Tiki: Thank you, Mar-Mar!

Marth: You’re welcome?

If Tiki is engaged in battle before recruitment

Tiki: N-no! Please! Come no closer!

Defeating Tiki

Tiki: Ban-Ban... Wh-why did you leave me?


Nyna: Marth! Tell me, was it a success? Did you locate the Lightsphere and Starsphere?

(If no Orb were obtained)

Marth: ...No. I was not able to find them, I’m afraid.

Nyna: I see...

Marth: But we cannot afford to spend any more time here searching. For all Imhullu’s power, there has to be some other way to thwart it... We’ll have to place our hopes in that. Right now, Nyna, a more pressing task awaits us...

(If only one Orb were obtained)

Marth: ...No. I was not able to find them both, I’m afraid.

Nyna: I see...

Marth: But we cannot afford to spend any more time here searching. For all Imhullu’s power, there has to be some other way to thwart it... We’ll have to place our hopes in that. Right now, Nyna, a more pressing task awaits us...

(If both Orbs were obtained)

Marth: Never fear; I have them. We need to take these to Gotoh so he can undo Imhullu’s magic...But first, Nyna, we’ve a more pressing task ahead of us.

(Ending continues)

Nyna: Oh? And what is that?

Marth: We must defeat Grust once and for all. If we march south without finishing them off, we have our rear exposed.

Nyna: Then you mean to invade.

Marth: Yes. And this time, General Camus will be there to meet us. I am sure of it. “Camus the Sable”, they call him. Many extol him as the most able warrior alive. It will be a fierce battle...but one we cannot avoid.

Nyna: You are certain we must face him?

Marth: We have crippled Grust, but they will regroup and stand in our way again. No, we need to stamp this fire out before the wind catches it and starts spreading it anew.

Nyna: Very well. But before you attack, there is something I must tell you. Later, though…Not yet. I must sort my feelings out first...