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This page contains all of Mae's base conversations.

Conversation 1

Mae: Celica, I think I'm broken! Look, I know you set out on this journey with a solemn purpose and junk. And WHILE I know that... I can't help but feel super crazy excited about it! I mean, I've barely even been off the ISLAND before! But I feel terrible for feeling this way. It seems so disrespectful, you know? ...Huh? You don't mind? You sure about that? Then I guess I'll take that as permission to be super excited! You should try to have some fun with this too. It'll do you good! Oh, but the whole "solemn purpose" thing is still top priority, obviously. But we'll be seeing new things, meeting new people... It's important to enjoy it!

Conversation 2

Mae: Hey, Celica? There's something I want to ask you. What exactly is your relationship with that boy from the castle? I don't mean to be a snoopy pants, but I've never seen you get so mad. So I figured he must be someone really special to you. ...Wait, for reals? He's just some friend from when you were little? Are you suuure? 'Cause I don't buy it. Still, either way, I suppose I'm glad it happened! We hardly ever get to enjoy girl talk like this, after all. ...Huh?! MY love life?! N-nope! Sorry! Nothing to see here, move along! No! Really! Really—not a thing! Super boring!

Conversation 3

Mae: Hey...Celica? You're not hiding something from us, are you? Sorry if it's weird, but I just... I dunno. I kind of got that feeling. And you've always been the type to deal with all your problems on your own. Anyway, I just wanted you to know you can talk to me about anything, okay?