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Ss tmsfe nieg.png

Nieg in his weakened form.





Starting class

Shadow Dragon


Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Nieg (Japanese: ニーグ), also known by his true form M-DEUS, is an NPC character in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE


Nieg can be first seen as a lone Mirage hovering in the Harajuku District, seemingly invisible to all the people around him. After Itsuki accepts the request "Arena Staff on Hire" from the Receptionist Mirage in the nearby Illusory Urahara Arena, he can go talk to Nieg who will be surprised Itsuki can see him and moves to the arena. Once there, Nieg ask Itsuki if he has any Detritus, which can be given to him in quantities of nine in exchange for a chosen Incense.

After trading with him 12 times, Nieg will announce that he has gotten stronger thanks to the Detritus and heads off to Illusory Daitama to challenge the Mirages there. However when Itsuki arrives, he finds Nieg cornered by the Mirages and defeated them to save him. After the battle, Nieg thanks Itsuki and extracts the Deft Hand Performa from him, which can be used to obtain the skill Locktouch. Nieg then returns to the arena where Itsuki can continue trading with him.

If playing on New Game +, after trading 36 times with him, Nieg will announce that he has regained his former strength and recalls that he is actually a Mage Dragon.[1] From this, he requests that he should now be called "King" and challenges Itsuki to fight him in his true form. If Itsuki and his friends challenge him and wins, Nieg will be initially distraught that he lost again to humans, but accepts his loss and offers them to challenge him again anytime.


Portrait m-deus tmsfe.png
Class Shadow Dragon
Level 99
Max HP ? Max EP ?
Strength ? Magic ?
Skill ? Speed ?
Defense ? Resistance ?
Drop Skills
-- Is tmsfe sword.png Tail
Is tmsfe beast.png Giant Fang
Is tmsfe body.png Energy Drain
Is tmsfe supportive.png Dark Breath
Is tmsfe almighty.png Dies Irae
Weaknesses and resistances
Is tmsfe sword.png Rp Is tmsfe lance.png Rp Is tmsfe axe.png Rp Is tmsfe bow.png Rp Is tmsfe fire.png Rp
Is tmsfe ice.png Rp Is tmsfe elec.png Rp Is tmsfe force.png Rp Is tmsfe spirit.png -- Is tmsfe body.png Nu


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

M-DEUS is undoubtedly the hardest boss in the entirety of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, as a super-enhanced version of the final boss Medeus. However, as he is hidden behind New Game + and requires trading 36 times with Nieg (which in itself involves acquiring Detritus from Savage Mirage fights), only the most dedicated of players will ever have the chance of even seeing him. He can be unlocked as early as Chapter 2; even so, you do not need to fight him right away. In fact it is recommended you challenge him toward the end of the game when you have unlocked every character and carnage. Even after M-DEUS is unlocked, Nieg will continue trading Detritus for Incense, which is highly recommended you take advantage of in order to increase the stats of your team to prepare for the battle against him. Once you feel ready, save your game and accept Nieg's challenge. Be warned that once you accept you cannot retreat, so the battle can only end when one side is utterly defeated.

First thing to note is that M-DEUS, unlike Medeus, has only one phase. However he also has a hidden skill that makes all attacks against him have a hard cap of 499 damage. Because of this, while you should still put some Incense towards Strength and Magic, Skill and Speed should also be focused on to increase your party's hit and avoid rates as they will need to survive long enough to defeat him. In general it's better to have your team avoid M-DEUS's attacks than endure them, especially when he uses everyone's favorite skill Dies Irae every 3-4 turns.

M-DEUS is unique as his resistances will shift depending on the reinforcements on the field. However his default state, which appears at the start of the battle or when there are no reinforcements present, M-DEUS will repel almost all attacks against him. Because of this, it is all but required that Itsuki is in the main cast with the skill Wyrmicide, which will allow him to bypass the Repel resistance and have the team session off of him. Using Wyrmicide on M-DEUS should be Itsuki's only role during the entire battle. In Encore, thanks to Tiki's new ability to session off of any magical attack, Kiria's Naga spell could also be a viable, although less optimal, option, and thus she could help Itsuki as a session starter.

Whenever reinforcements appear, usually at the start of every turn while there aren't any already present, M-DEUS's resistances will shift according to their class. While it may seem ideal to take advantage of M-DEUS's new weaknesses during this, you should instead use your other two teammates in the main cast to take out the reinforcements as they may prove to be a hazard if left unchecked. This is especially true of the two Bulwark Bishops he summons when he is low on health: they have the skill Mediarahan, which will fully heal M-DEUS, undoing all the progress you have made up to that point. So unless you want to continue struggling against M-DEUS, take out those Bishops as soon as you can!

Fortunately M-DEUS can be challenge on any difficulty. So if you're trying for the achievement and do not care about bragging points, as long as you're not on Lunatic you can freely alter it to any difficulty, including Friendly. However if you are trying to beat M-DEUS on Lunatic, good luck.

After you've beaten him, Nieg will give you a rare Luck Incense as a reward. He will also continue to trade for Detritus and even allow you to challenge him as M-DEUS again whenever you wish (but he dosen't give you any subsequent rewards for it).

Personality and character

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Nieg is eager to get his hands on as much Detritus as he can, which he uses to make himself regain his lost power. However because of his weaken state, he asks Itsuki to get some for him in exchange for Incense, which he considers a fair deal. Once Neig thinks he's powerful enough from all the Detritus he obtained, he will become cocky in an eagerness to show it off.


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Battle quotes

Death quote


  • M-DEUS is a recolor of Medeus in his second form in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, as it changes the purple and red to gold and green.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

• Nieg






  1. "Fun fact; I remember my true identity! I am a Mage Dragon, ally of the Shadow Dragon, who came here aeons ago." — Nieg, Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE
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