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This page contains all of Lukas' base conversations.

Conversation 1

Lukas: Greetings, Alm. Have you grown accustomed to all the fighting yet? ...Ah, of course. I suppose I needn't even have asked. No matter how quiet a village you hail from, in the hands of a capable teacher, one can become every bit as strong as a royal knight. I find that thought quite inspiring. I grew up in the borderlands as well, though not the same as yours. Some in the Deliverance ridicule me for this, calling me a "backwater noble." But unlike them, I rose above my origins on my own merits, and as a result, here I stand today. You never can truly tell where life is going to take you, Alm.

Conversation 2

Lukas: I'm sure Fernand's behavior shocked you. Unfortunately, many nobles share his disdain for the common folk. Don't mistake me—I respect the aristocracy's contributions to Zofia. The kingdom would not be here today were it not for her nobility. But those same nobles are guilty of denying opportunities to the willing. They hoard their knowledge and rights and opportunities, and this is wrong. I hope that aspect of the world changes once the dust settles from this war.

Conversation 3

Lukas: You know, I have an elder brother, but I would not say we are close. We don't share the same mother, for one. As the elder, he will succeed my father and inherit the family estate. Yet still he sees me as a rival. As such, when word rose of the Deliverance, my brother was overjoyed. He ordered me to leave home and enlist at once. In truth, it was a cunning plan. If Desaix won, he could simply feign ignorance. But if the Deliverance won, he could name himself as its benefactor. ...Ah, well. That's enough musing for one day, I think. Regardless of how I arrived, I am deeply glad to have joined the Deliverance.