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Lost Bloodlines 2/Conversations

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This is a listing of optional conversations in Lost Bloodlines 2, triggered when a character either speaks to a specific NPC ally character or gets into battle against a specific enemy character.

Conversations with ally characters

Sully with Jamke

Sully: I can tell you're a damned skilled archer. Watch my arse while I give those dastards hell, okay?
Jamke: My lady, are you a knight?
Sully: ...Are you a chauvinist pig?
Jamke: I don't ask because you're a woman. I ask because you curse like a pirate.
Sully: It's more colorful that way.
Jamke: Well then, I've got your "arse." Just stay lively. I doubt your world has seen an archer like me.
Sully: And we've already established your world hasn't seen a knight like me.
Jamke: I hope your sword's as sharp as your tongue.
Sully: And I hope you're not like most archers I know—all quiver!

Vaike with Quan

Vaike: Who's next? Teach is running out of students.
Quan: Are you always this gung ho, warrior?
Vaike: Are you kiddin'? Without the Vaike, there would be no "gung" in "ho."
Quan: What is "the Vaike"?
Vaike: I'm the Vaike! Or you can call me Teach, if ya wanna be more reverent. Chrom calls me that, ya know.
Quan: Chrom is your commander?
Vaike: Some call him that, but I call him "kid." You know how it is!
Quan: I'm not sure I do, but I've enjoyed a friendly rivalry or two in my day.
Vaike: That's good. Teach approves. So how did you end up surpassin' your rivals?
Quan: It was they who needed to surpass me.
Vaike: That doesn't sound like much of a rivalry...
Quan: Doesn't it? We never sought to beat each other. We only sought to better each other.
Vaike: Ha! I think Teach may have just got taught. ...But Chrom will still never get the best of me!

Raquesis with Maribelle

Maribelle: You there! Madam!
Raquesis: Yes, my lady?
Maribelle: Might I ask you something?
Raquesis: Very well.
Maribelle: Who taught you etiquette?
Raquesis: ...Beg pardon?
Maribelle: I've been admiring you from afar. Precious few bear themselves with such grace and elegance. Only a fine teacher could instill such class. I should very much like to meet him.
Raquesis: ......
Maribelle: ...Or is it "her"? Forgive me for assuming.
Raquesis: I have no teacher.
Maribelle: What?
Raquesis: No one person made me who I am. I am sorry to disappoint.
Maribelle: I see...
Raquesis: My greatest influence would have to be my elder brother. I hope that suffices. Now, if you'll excuse me...
Maribelle: Hmm... Guess I'd better find a brother!

Nowi with Arden

Nowi: Hi.
Arden: Ack! You're just a wee lass!
Nowi: Am not! And don't act so startled!
Arden: Did you need something?
Nowi: I want you to come play with me!
Arden: This is a battlefield.
Nowi: Great! Lots of open space.
Arden: I think my point may be eluding you, wee one.
Nowi: Okay, then let's go somewhere that we CAN play.
Arden: That's...not my point, either.
Nowi: Aw, you're no fun at all.
Arden: They allow children like that on the battlefield? Then again, she didn't seem like just any child...

Libra with Lewyn

Lewyn: Might I have a moment?
Libra: Of course. How can I help?
Lewyn: Where did you really come from? ...Why are you helping us?
Libra: I'm afraid I don't understand. You summoned us, did you not?
Lewyn: That is what they say, but...
Libra: You have your doubts?
Lewyn: I cannot put my finger on it, but yes. Something feels amiss.
Libra: You are overthinking it, sir. You called for help, and we answered. There is no more or less to it than that.
Lewyn: No...I suppose not. Forgive me. It was a strange question.
Libra: Not so strange. Phantoms or not, minds this great cannot fool themselves forever... Part of them must understand what they truly are...

Donnel with Ayra

Donnel: Beggin' yer pardon, but do ya mind if I ask ya a question?
Ayra: What is it?
Donnel: Folks say yer a fiery one—a real true warrior!
Ayra: That's not a question.
Donnel: Can ya teach me how to get stronger? I know I gots a long way to go.
Ayra: If you know that, then you already have your answer.
Donnel: I do?
Ayra: If you have a long way to go, then start going. Train. Practice.
Donnel: ...Gosh, is that really all there is to it?
Ayra: Yes.
Donnel: ...Really?
Ayra: You look unhappy. So let me ask you—have you trained hard enough? Have you trained more than any man around you?
Donnel: Not exactly, but—
Ayra: If it's strength you seek, there are no shortcuts. Only hard work. Don't ask questions if you're only going to balk at the answers.
Donnel: ...Ya know, you're right! I just gotta be patient. Thanks for the advice!

Anna with Ethlyn

Anna: Can I interest you in my wares?
Ethlyn: Oh, you're a merchant?
Anna: From head to toe! Although I know my way around a fight as well.
Ethlyn: Your army certainly recruits a...variety of talents. What do you have for sale?
Anna: You name it!
Ethlyn: Er, something for my husband and children, perhaps?
Anna: Oh, you're married?
Ethlyn: Is that custom foreign to you?
Anna: Of course not. We've thrown a few wedding ceremonies ourselves. ...Tsk. So sorry, but I don't seem to have any family-orientated goods today. Let me check my stock and get back to you!
Ethlyn: Thank you, my lady. That is very kind.

Severa with Arvis

Severa: Are you this realm's commander?
Arvis: Yes.
Severa: Then your situation is so dire that you needed to summon help from afar?
Arvis: Their numbers are great, and I do not like taking unnecessary chances.
Severa: Well, you're safe now. Just stand back and let us do the heavy lifting.
Arvis: I wonder if you can.
Severa: What?! We're ten times as strong as them! No, a hundred!
Arvis: And one thousandth as bright.
Severa: Excuse me?
Arvis: You've dismissed the enemy before giving them even a second look. That kind of arrogance will cost you lives.
Severa: Pfft! I know that! Don't talk down to me like you're my mother!
Arvis: Yes, my lady, it seems you know everything, don't you? I look forward to the demonstration.

Morgan(M) with Deirdre

Deirdre: Are you from the other world? Thank you for coming to our aid.
Morgan: You're quite welcome, milady.
Deirdre: It must have taken great courage to cross between worlds.
Morgan: Surprisingly, no. Not this time, anyway. I can't really remember, but I think I had a similar experience before... And last time, I woke up amidst these strange ruins full of monsters! This has been a far less daunting experience.
Deirdre: How did you escape the ruins?
Morgan: Ha! Mostly luck, with a pinch of guile thrown in. An army led by my own mother came to my rescue.
Deirdre: That was lucky indeed.
Morgan: So you see, I'm not that frightened about jumping between worlds. I'm bound to have one mother or another waiting on the other side.
Deirdre: ...What a terrible way to think.
Morgan: Huh?
Deirdre: You said yourself you were lucky to meet your mother. Do you really think she can be so easily replaced?
Morgan: Well, no, but...
Deirdre: *Sigh* Forgive me, sir. I should hold my tongue. Good luck to you today.
Morgan: Poor Lady Deirdre. I forgot everything the stories say she went through...

Morgan(F) with Sigurd

Sigurd: Thank you for coming so far to aid us, visitor.
Morgan: You're quite welcome, sir.
Sigurd: It must have taken great courage to cross between worlds.
Morgan: Surprisingly, no. Not this time, at least. I can't really remember, but I think I had a similar experience before. And last time, I woke up amidst these strange ruins full of monsters! This has been a far less daunting experience by comparison.
Sigurd: How did you escape the ruins?
Morgan: Ha! Mostly luck, with a pinch of guile thrown in. An army led by my own father came to my rescue.
Sigurd: That was lucky indeed.
Morgan: So you see, I'm not that frightened about jumping between worlds. I'm bound to have one father or another waiting on the other side.
Sigurd: What? A foolish thing to say...
Morgan: Huh?
Sigurd: You said yourself you were lucky to meet your father. Do you really think he can be so easily replaced?
Morgan: Well, no, but...
Sigurd: *Sigh* Forgive me, madam. I should hold my tongue. I only wished to thank you for your assistance.
Morgan: Poor Lord Sigurd. I forgot everything the tales say he went through...

Conversations with enemy characters

Chrom vs. King Marth

King Marth: Are you the leader of the visiting forces?
Chrom: Please don't ask me to yield. I have no choice but to defeat you.
King Marth: Then it seems neither of us has a choice. Draw, sir!

Robin(F) vs. King Marth

King Marth: Are you...
Robin: Hmm? Have we met, sire?
King Marth: No, forgive me. It's bear a shocking resemblance to someone.
Robin: Someone...
King Marth: I knight who fought by my side. She seems to be absent today, and I cannot put my finger on why... I hope it's her usual doubts that are keeping her, and nothing more.
Robin: You seem quite concerned about her. Is she your *ahem* special companion?
King Marth: M-my lover? No! Certainly not! But she is very dear to me. I suppose she is like a soul mate.
Robin: She sounds very dear indeed. If I remind you so much of her, perhaps you'd consider surrendering to me?
King Marth: Do not turn my emotions against me, my lady. I will win this battle.
Robin: It was worth a try...

Frederick vs. Nomah

Nomah: Go back to your world, trespassers, or face Mila's judgment!
Frederick: I'm fairly certain only one god has a bone to pick with us, and it's not yours.

Lissa vs. Valbar

Valbar: What's a tiny little thing like you doing—
Lissa: Stop right there, kettle-head! No one calls me tiny!

Stahl vs. Clive

Clive: You ought not stand against us, sir. Return to your realm with your life.
Stahl: Oh, come now. Does that line ever actually work?

Vaike vs. Ogma

Vaike: Ah, now here's a foe worthy of the Vaike!
Ogma: That so? And who are you?

Miriel vs. Boey

Boey: I see your world has plenty of female soldiers as well.
Miriel: Then you also allow women in your army? How very enlightened. I was thinking to use misogyny as an excuse to grill you alive.

Sumia vs. Caeda

Caeda: Tell me: Do you believe in love? ...Oh, listen to me. This is silly.
Sumia: No, it's not! I do believe in love! It's very kind of you to ask. Are you in love also, my lady?
Caeda: Me? Well, yes, of course. I have my betrothed.
Sumia: Oh, that's wonderful! Isn't love grand?
Caeda: (It seems I tried the love ploy on the wrong woman...) Er, what would be grander is if you surrendered! But if you will not...

Lon'qu vs. Navarre

Navarre: Will it be tears or blood you weep first?
Lon'qu: ...Are you a poet or a swordsman?

Ricken vs. Mycen

Mycen: Must all armies drag children into their fight? It pains me to see it.
Ricken: I'm not a child! See what you think once I'm done with you!

Panne vs. Athena

Athena: Vat have ve here? Are you a friend? Leave, before the danger comes.
Panne: Sadly, I am the danger.
Athena: Then fight us! Ve shall be the varrior who puts you in the ground.

Gaius vs. Etzel

Etzel: Oh, are we fighting? I was content with just observing, but we can take this up a notch.
Gaius: Sorry, pal. Work is work.

Cordelia vs. Catria

Catria: Retreat, visitor, or this will be your resting place.
Cordelia: I admire your confidence. But do I look so weak to you?
Catria: It's not confidence, my lady. It is necessity. I cannot fail here... Someone close to my heart requires I succeed. Even if he does not realize how dear he is to me...
Cordelia: You're in love with a man you cannot have. I understand that pain. Then neither of us can fail... But I will fail less!

Olivia vs. Katarina

Olivia: Um, are you certain we need to fight?
Katarina: Seeing as we're enemies, that would be the logical thing to do. I would hate to strike you down unanswered.
Olivia: Eeek! I would hate that, too!

Cherche vs. Minerva

Minerva: I am Minerva of Macedon. Face me at your peril.
Cherche: wyvern is Minerva! It will be a shame to batter her namesake.

Henry vs. Merric

Henry: Oh boy! You look like you're capable of all kinds of horrible torment.
Merric: I studied in Khadein. Would you like a demonstration?
Henry: Why don't we both go? Ready? On three. One... two...

Basilio vs. Luthier

Luthier: What bold and foolish man has wandered into range of my magic?
Basilio: Not a shy little mage, are you? All right, let's see what you've got!

Flavia vs. Malice

Malice: Why'd you come here, anyway? I wouldn't exactly call these killing fields "greener pastures."
Flavia: Chalk it up to bad luck—your bad luck, seeing as how you're about to fall.
Malice: Am I now? We'll just have to see about that...

Anna vs. Clair

Anna: Say, can I interest you in a bit of fine merchandise?
Clair: You're one of the warriors from afar. Don't play mind games with me.
Anna: All right. My offer just expired! And unfortunately, so will you.

Lucina vs. Pr. Marth

Pr. Marth: My lady, why are we dressed the same?
Lucina: It's...something of a long story, sire. Right now, our blades must do the talking. Draw!

Severa vs. Linde

Severa: What, are you looking for a fight?
Linde: Only if you get in my way.
Severa: You're out of your league, honey. But do your best.

Morgan(M) vs. Alm

Morgan: I realize I'm going out on a limb here, but... Could you just fall over and play dead? Save us both the hassle...
Alm: Ha! Quite the sense of humor. A shame it will end with you.

Morgan(F) vs. Celica

Celica: Why are you here? This world is no concern of yours. Leave. I would rather not hurt you.
Morgan: Well, I'd rather not be hurt, but it's not my army to run. Why don't we skip past the awkward preambles and just get to fighting?

Yarne vs. Gharnef

Gharnef: Heh heh... And what are you, my pet?
Yarne: Pet?! Ugh! As if the last of my kind would be relegated to pet status!

Noire vs. Norne

Noire: Ah! Oh, gods, she's terrifying! She's an absolute menace!
Norne: Who, me? I'm the least scary person I know, miss. Are you sure you ought to be traipsin' about a battlefield?

Adult Tiki vs. Young Tiki

Adult Tiki: Is it possible? This
Young Tiki: Who are you? You leave Mar-Mar alone!

Gangrel vs. Legion

Legion: Our enemies is upon us! Yous and us must fight!
Gangrel: Well, I'll be damned... A man crazier than me. I'm going to relish this!

Walhart vs. Hardin

Walhart: You wear a look of confusion. A fool's look, if you ask me. There is no room for doubt in conquest!
Hardin: What do you know? I seek to win over a soul much stronger than you.

Emmeryn vs. Nyna

Emmeryn: Stand down... Please...
Nyna: I sense you have seen much pain, my lady. But while it moves me, we have our own purposes to achieve.

Yen'fay vs. Horace

Horace: Surrender now! You will receive no mercy while you still hold a weapon.
Yen'fay: Nay, sir. While far from perfect, I am no craven. Strike me down if you can!

Priam vs. Deen

Deen: We could toss around motives, but the point is that you and me are enemies.
Priam: I like a man who doesn't mince words. Do you like a man about to mince you?