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Lost Bloodlines 1/Conversations

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This is a listing of optional conversations in Lost Bloodlines 1, triggered when a character either speaks to a specific NPC ally character or gets into battle against a specific enemy character.

Conversations with ally characters

Robin with King Marth

King Marth: So you are the otherworldly force Katarina mentioned.
Robin: Yes, sire.
King Marth: You can see the lay of the field. I would welcome any counsel you can give.
Robin: ...Are you certain?
King Marth: Why would I not be?
Robin: We're strangers. How do you know you can trust us?
King Marth: I just do. But more importantly, I trust Katarina, the one who brought you here.
Robin: You place such faith in your subordinates! They are lucky.
King Marth: Any good leader trusts his comrades. A leader is MADE by his comrades. Never forget that.
Robin: I won't. Thank you, sire. My counsel is yours to use as you see fit.
King Marth: Then you have my thanks as well!

Virion with Norne

Virion: No. This simply cannot go unrectified.
Norne: Huh? Are ya addressin' me, milord?
Virion: But of course. I have eyes for none other.
Norne: And you're from some kind of outside world, is that right?
Virion: The ins and outs of it are a matter of perspective, my lady, but yes.
Norne: I see...Tell me then, what needs to be "rectified"?
Virion: The way you handle your bow. You should wield it with more...grace.
Norne: Grace matters, does it?
Virion: A lady needs to be supple, aware of her curves, and taut under pressure.
Norne: And what does a lady's bow need to do?
Virion: Aha! Nothing gets past you, does it? We speak the same language.
Norne: Well, milord, it's truly kind of you to offer such enthusiastic instruction. But I think I'd rather bend my curves and tickle my bowstrings alone.
Virion: W-wait, I only...She's gone. What a shame. For once, I thought I'd met a kindred spirit.

Ricken with Etzel

Ricken: Ugh...
Etzel: What's wrong, boy? Carried over your troubles here from the other world?
Ricken: No, it's nothing like that.
Etzel: You can't fool me. We're all counting on you, you know? If you aren't focused, we suffer for it.
Ricken: You mean that? You're really counting on me?
Etzel: Why wouldn't we?
Ricken: It's just...everyone treats me like a child. I've all but given up on feeling needed.
Etzel: Time you ran home, then.
Ricken: What?! And leave Chrom? I could never-
Etzel: Then gird your loins and fight! Are you a man? Only you can decide. Don't let others decide for you.
Ricken: Hey, you're right!
Etzel: If you want to feel needed, make yourself necessary. Let them weigh you in good deeds, not in birthdays. ...And stop moping.
Ricken: I don't think I've ever gotten better advice. Thanks! Now it's time to earn my place on the field!

Panne with Athena

Athena: Vat? You are a strange vun. Are you not human?
Panne: No. Feel free to hate me for it...I am more than accustomed to the derision of man-spawn.
Athena: Und vy vould ve hate you?
Panne: You accused me of being "not human."
Athena: Ve asked. Ve did not accuse. And in fact, ve find you to be a darling.
Panne: I am not some pet!
Athena: Are you always this suspicious? Ve like you because ve like you. Ve do not always like puppies and such, but you, ve find agreeable. You are like...a kindred spirit.
Panne: Really? Then I thank you.
Athena: Ve vill speak more later and share stories- if you are not veary of us.
Panne: I welcome the company.

Gregor with Malice

Gregor: You are sellsword, yes?
Malice: Who's asking?
Gregor: Gregor the sellsword.
Malice: Oh, so they have mercenaries in your world? Stands to reason, I suppose.
Gregor: War is business, yes? And business is everywhere.
Malice: It's a job, I suppose. It puts food on the table.
Gregor: And that is life ambition? To find next meal?
Malice: A lot can happen between meals. I keep it interesting.
Gregor: Oh ho ho! Gregor like you...Gregor like you very much!
'Malice: Carry on, then.

Henry with Legion

Legion: Uwee hee! Yous from the Outrealms?
Henry: Sure am! What's it to ya?
Legion: Yous and mes are like peas in a pod. Never thought we'd meet a mans so much like ourselves! Uwee hee!
Henry: Hardly! Yeah, I may wallow in blood and giggle at the screams of widows...But you and me, the same? Nope!
Legion: Are too.
Henry: What makes you so sure?
Legion: What makes you so unsure?
Henry: I've got morals and a code of honor. Right and wrong and so forth. ...Might be a little messed up, I guess, but I still have 'em.
Legion: Rights and wrongses don't matter - only doing what we's told.
Henry: There, see? We're not peas in a pod. We're like two different pods.
Legion: Uwee hee, so we is.
Henry: But since we're on the same side, we can still wreak havoc together.
Legion: Uwee hee! Now there's motivations we can get behind! Blood-filled battles for the both of us!

Basilio with Hardin

Basilio: Nngh... Gods! Lighten up, please!
Hardin: Was that directed at me, sir?
Basilio: Just looking at you is driving me up the wall. And we're outdoors!
Hardin: How have I given offense?
Basilio: It's your attitude! I can practically see the storm clouds floating above you. For all our sakes, could you relax a little bit?
Hardin: I don't see how it's any of your concern...
Basilio: Hey, I'm just trying to help. You're hurting morale and look ready to hurt yourself. So TALK to someone.
Hardin: I can control what ails me. I can control everything, except...
Basilio: Is that what you're about? Control?
Hardin: Cease you're prattle and fight, damn you!
Basilio: By the gods, his life is not going to end well...

Kjelle with Horace

Kjelle: You, sir! Outrealmsman! Might I ask a favour of you?
Horace What is it, my lady?
Kjelle: I can see you are a knight of ability. I wish for us to do battle.
Horace: lady, we are allies.
Kjelle: I know. But I believe in seizing every opportunity to better myself.
Horace: Do you, now? Then all the more reason I must refuse.
Kjelle: Why? Do you see me as weak?
Horace: I see you as young. Picking fights with everyone stronger than you is no way to better yourself. Knowing WHO to fight is what puts you above the rest. Fight your enemies, not your friends.
Kjelle: ...I shall have to remember that.

Cynthia with Catria

Cynthia: Hey, excuse me! I have something I need to ask you.
Catria: Do you?
Cynthia: I do!
Catria: ...Then perhaps you'd like to ask it?
Cynthia: Yeah, I would! So, um... What do people in your world say before they declare all-out war?
Catria: ...The point of your question escapes me.
Cynthia: I mean, what do you tell your foe? You've gotta yell something, right? Like "Infidels! Prepare to die!" Or "May the better soldier win!" I want to make a bigger impression when I bash someone's head in.
Catria: Then perhaps you should invest in a heavier weapon... *Catria leaves*
Cynthia: Come on, I'm serious! ...Never mind. I'll ask someone else.

Laurent with Katarina

Laurent: A moment, my lady, if I may.
Katarina: One of the warriors I summoned? What is it, sir?
Laurent: It strikes me that you might be this army's tactician.
Katarina: I cannot say I bear so haughty a title, though I do deal in strategic matters.
Laurent: Then might I beg a boon?
Katarina: Yes?
Laurent: When we have time, could you tell about your history with this force? And also where you envision yourself in the years to come?
Katarina: Might I ask why?
Laurent: One day, I hope to be worthy of leading my own army to great victories. I find that learning from my superiors expedites matters.
Katarina: Well, that's very flattering. I would be happy to share my knowledge. However, you may find the wellspring to be rather shallow, so to speak.
Laurent: I highly doubt that. You do me an honor, my lady.

Conversations with enemy characters

Chrom vs. Sigurd

Sigurd: Are you the enemy commander? You can still leave here with your lives.
Chrom: I appreciate the offer, but would it shock you if I refused?

Robin vs. Leif

This exchange is reportedly not available in the Japanese version of the game.

Leif: Something is awry. I know I must fight. I KNOW I must, but... Stop messing with my head, whoever you are!
Robin: I haven't done anything...? Correction: I haven't done anything YET. Defend yourself!

Robin(F) vs. Nanna

Nanna: Leave here now! You do not belong in this world!
Robin: I know. But until you are defeated, we cannot and will not leave!

Frederick vs. Quan

Frederick: You strike me as a knight of ability, sir. I am Frederick of Ylisse, and I seek a battle with you.
Quan: I am Quan of Leonster, and you shall get what you seek!

Lissa vs. Ethlyn

Ethlyn: Please, my lady, stand down. This battlefield is no place for you.
Lissa: Oh yeah? You'll be singing a different tune once I'm done with you!

Sully vs. Eyvel

Sully: A female sellsword? Ha! Care for an arse kicking?
Eyvel: Ha! I'd never turn my back to an enemy as bold as you. Show me what you can do!

Virion vs. Jamke

Virion: At last! An adversary who exhibits grace and character. A noble man who-
Jamke: A man with no time for empty words. Draw and fight!

Stahl vs. Finn

Finn: There's a way to end this conflict. You leave this land, here and now.
Stahl: Actually, um, the only way we can end this is by destroying you. Sorry.

Miriel vs. Lewyn

Lewyn: I've no love for bloodshed, but you cannot be allowed to pursue this fight.
Miriel: A sentiment which I must dexterously deflect back in your direction. But shall we dispense with the rhetoric? It seems quite superfluous when you will expire shortly.

Kellam vs. Arden

Kellam: You noticed me! I'm flattered.
Arden: Ah, so you have that problem, too? And here I thought I was the only...Wait, why are we talking? Fight me!

Maribelle vs. Olwen

Maribelle: At last, a woman with enough class to face me. I was starting to wonder. Well then, shall we?
Olwen: Shall we what? If you wish to raise hell, shut up and raise it!

Ricken vs. Arthur

Arthur: What's this? A child?
Ricken: I'M NOT A CHILD! Gods, how many times do I have to tell people that?

Gregor vs. Fee

Gregor: What is little darling like you prancing around battlefield for? Go home before Gregor run out of good intendings.
Fee: I fight for a cause- and probably with more skill than you. But by all means, feel free to prove me wrong!

Nowi vs. Salem

Salem: Impossible... You're just a child.
Nowi: That's "big sister" to you, and I can kick your butt any day of the week!

Libra vs. Saias

Saias: Is there no way to convince you to lower your weapons and yield?
Libra: There is not. What we have is a conflict of interests... May the gods be more merciful with you than I.

Deirdre vs. Tharja

Deirdre: I sense something unearthly about you. Who are you?
Tharja: Hmph. You seem no pushover yourself. Shall we see whose hexes hit harder?

Say'ri vs. Ayra

Ayra: Are you standing in my way, love? Unwise if you're fond of your limbs.
Say'ri: I stand upon the path I must walk, and I shall yield that path to none. Let us settle this quickly!

Basilio vs. Arvis

Basilio: You wear a troubled look beneath those flowing locks, friend. Need a shoulder to cry on? I won't judge! Bwa ha ha ha!
Arvis: You dare mock me? I'll rip that glib tongue from your gillet!

Donnel vs. Dagdar

Dagdar: Scurry home to yer mother, lad. Ya got no business here.
Donnel: You shoulda left my ma outta this. Now I'm gonna whup up on ya!

Owain vs. Ulster

Owain: Outworld ruffian, prepare to be vanquished by the Inrealm's holy power!
Ulster: ...Let us both pray you wield weapons better than you do vocabulary.

Inigo vs. Larcei

Inigo: Come now. Can't we cease this battling and have a cup of tea? I see starlight in your eyes, not fire.
Larcei: You're the second man to try that line on me. The world must be rid of you, flatterer! Die!
Inigo: ...I'm quite certain I'm missing something here.

Brady vs. Raquesis

Brady: Lookin' for a fight, girlie?
Raquesis: Looking to win one. And maybe teach you some manners while I'm at it.

Kjelle vs. Mareeta

Mareeta: My sword will tear through your armor like butter!
Kjelle: It certainly will not! Watch what you say about my armor, you scoundrel!

Cynthia vs. Ares

Cynthia: Aha! Now here's a worthy foe! *Ahem* In the name of truth and justice, I, Cynthia, challenge you-
Ares: What obnoxious patter is this? Do you want me to swat you, fly?
Cynthia: Hey, you have to let me finish my intro! Those are the rules!

Gerome vs. Altena

Gerome: A wyvern rider, eh? ...And a skilled one by the look of your mount.
Altena: Then stand down before I cut you down.
Gerome: In the name of Minerva, I will not!

Morgan(M) vs. Julia

Morgan: Do we really need to do this? I take no pleasure in beating upon the frail.
Julia: Then I beg you stand down, sir, for I cannot.
Morgan: So a fight is inevitable? That's too bad...

Morgan(F) vs. Seliph

Seliph: I will stand for no rogue who threatens the peace of this land!
Morgan: I would say the same thing, but I suppose that's why we have wars...

Laurent vs. Ced

Laurent: A sage? It is encouraging to see wisdom among the enemy ranks.
Ced: Wisdom? On these crimson grasses? Go back to your classroom, boy.
Laurent: Life itself is the greatest classroom. If you wish to convince me otherwise, you will have to teach me!

Nah vs. Julius

Nah: Oh, my...Such distress. I can feel the agony in your heart.
Julius: You'll feel plenty agony yourself very soon, little one.

Aversa vs. Raydrik

Raydrik: Away, woman! I show no leniency toward the fairer sex.
Aversa: I may be lovely to look at, darling, but I'm anything but fair.