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Lorenz (Three Houses)/Quotes (Heroes)

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Lorenz: Highborn Heat

At the castle

I am Lorenz Hellman Gloucester. By the time your summer is over, that noble name will be unforgettable.
— When summoned.
I may be dressed quite down, but that is all the more reason to conduct myself in a manner befitting a noble.
— At the castle.
Surely there must be at least one or two nobles in the Order of Heroes, yes? Hm? Did I say something funny?
— At the castle.
Have you seen Lady Rhea? She is an absolute vision. Even Professor Byleth is...unexpectedly stunning.
— At the castle.
You need not remind me to behave myself around the ladies. To a noble, proper etiquette is second nature.
— At the castle.
No matter the heat, it would reflect poorly upon me to complain. It is my duty to set an example, after all.
— At the castle.
I, Lorenz Hellman Gloucester, wish you a wonderful summer on behalf of <friend>.
— Delivering greetings from a friend.

On the character status screen

A tropical retreat? Lovely. Let it never be said the Order fails to pamper its Heroes.
— On the character status screen.
Hm? Oh, you may set the drinks down just over there. Thank you ever so much.
— On the character status screen.
Worry not, ladies. I am still available.
— On the character status screen.
Do you need protective lotion? I've brought plenty. A noble's skin must be kept pristine, you know.
— On the character status screen.
Even a noble needs a break now and then. A dip in the sea may be just the thing.
— On the character status screen.
To find the analogue of your beauty in nature, I can turn only to the...anemone? Ugh, that's awful—marine metaphors are not my strong suit.
— On the character status screen.
To lay down the burdens of responsibility, even for a little while, and just enjoy the sun... What a pleasant diversion. Thank you.
— On the character status screen.

Level 40 quote

Allow me to thank you for all you've done this summer. It has been tremendous, <player>. Someday soon I will need to return to my responsibilities. The Leicester Alliance needs me, after all. With the future resting upon my shoulders, I must be ready to lead on a moment's notice. But I do hope that my time here has been fruitful for you. Surely you have learned a thing or two, at least? Go on, then. Summer isn't over yet. Get out there and show me you know how to enjoy yourself!
— After reaching level 40 at five-star rarity.

Map quotes

Shall we dive in?
— When selected on the map screen.
We'll swim circles around them.
— When selected on the map screen.
I always make a splash.
— When selected on the map screen.

Level up quotes

This is...utterly unbecoming.
— When gaining 1–2 stats from a level up.
A noble must strive to become the very picture of strength.
— When gaining 3–4 stats from a level up.
A satisfying result. Did you expect anything less?
— When gaining 5–6 stats from a level up.
How sensible of you to appreciate my excellence.
— When learning a new skill or increasing rarity.

Special skill quotes

An exalted existence!
— When using a special skill.
Sink beneath me!
— When using a special skill.
You're barely treading water!
— When using a special skill.
— When using a special skill.

Defeat quote

I've got a cramp...
— When defeated.