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Living Legend/Script (Eliwood)

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The Nabata Desert
A wasteland of scorching sun and frigid nights. It rejects human life. Any careless enough to enter its embrace is doomed to wander lost. Uther, the marquess of Ostia, spoke of a living legend... Guided by his words, Eliwood heads straight into the desert.


(Nils steps forward slowly)

Nils: ...So hot. I'm...going to die.
Hector: Hey, do you want me to carry you on my back?
Nils: Huh?
Hector: Why are you looking at me like that?
Nils: Such kindness from you surprised me, Lord Hector. Is this some fever dream?
Hector: What's that supposed to mean? I was concerned that you might collapse again, like the other day.
Lyn: You're usually so brusque. It's no wonder he's confused. Don't be shy, Nils. Let him help you out.
Nils: ...But...
Hector: Do as you're told, boy!
(Hector moves toward Nils)
Nils: Waaa!!

(Hector puts Nils on his shoulders)

Nils: Waaaaaaa!!! I'm going to fall! I'm going to fall!!!

Ninian: ...Marquess Ostia said, "Enter the desert and move west. Someone will meet you." ...And yet we've seen no one.
Eliwood: I wonder if we need to move farther in?
Ninian: ...You might be right.
Eliwood: Here.
Ninian: What?
Eliwood: This heat is taking its toll on you. If you please, take my arm.
Ninian: I couldn't...
Eliwood: Oh, come now.
Ninian: ...Very well. Forgive me... ......
Eliwood: Hm? Is something wrong?
Ninian: ...It's strange.
Eliwood: What is?
Ninian: All of you treat my brother and me so...normally. Doesn't it bother you? Our powers...our looks... We're different from...people...
Eliwood: Has that been bothering you? What's wrong with being a bit different from other people? When I look at you, I don't see other people. I see Ninian. I see a normal, kindhearted girl.
Ninian: Do you speak truly?
Eliwood: Mm.
Ninian: Lord Eliwood.

Athos: ...I believe someone approaches.
Louise: Is it Lord Pent?
Athos: No, it's a group sent by Uther of Ostia. Hawkeye will find them soon and bring them here. Hmph. Your companion is still searching in the desert.
Louise: He's not having any luck finding what he's after, is he?
Athos: No, I believe he'll find it before long. ...However, a group of bandits is also moving. They've found Pent and are preparing to attack.
Louise: Oh, that's...
Athos: Are you concerned for his safety?
Louise: No, Lord Pent can take care of himself. However, if his return here is delayed...
Athos: Yes?
Louise: Will you take your evening meal without us? I will wait for Lord Pent, but I'm sure you must be hungry.
Athos: Ha ha ha ha...
Louise: Lord Athos? What is it?
Athos: ...It's you, Louise. You are a most amusing woman. Since Pent brought you here, I feel I've laughed enough for ten years! You have my gratitude.
Louise: Hm? I'm not sure I understand, but I'm pleased to have been of service.
Athos: Ha ha ha.
Louise: By the way, the visitors are coming from Lycia, aren't they? I wonder what they want.
Athos: ......
Louise: Lord Archsage, your coloring... Are you well?
Athos: Once it begins to turn, none can halt the wheel of fate. But as long as there is hope, people continue to try. ...They do not know the despair that awaits...
Louise: ......

Ninian: Um, Lord Eliwood?
Eliwood: Ninian?
Ninian: Over there... Someone is under attack.
Eliwood: Are you sure?
Hector: Ah! That must be him!
Eliwood: Looks like....a lone man and a crowd of bandits.
Lyn: Let's help him! I dislike seeing someone facing overwhelming odds!
(Lyn leaves)
Hector: Hold on, Lyn! I'm going with you!
(Hector leaves)
Eliwood: Hey, you two!
Nils: Where do they get all that energy? Unbelievable.
Ninian: ...What will you do?
Eliwood: Let's go! Have to keep up with one's friends, right?

Paul: Oh, look at this kindly soul, Jasmine! He's waiting all by himself to give us his treasure!
Jasmine: Oho, Paul! I do believe you're right! Such generosity!!
Pent: ...It's taken me many days to find this. I've worked too hard to hand this over to you thugs.
Paul: So rude! And to think we were going to let you live... We're fragile creatures! You can't trifle with our emotions so! You're a bad man! He's so bad, Jasmine!
Jasmine: Oh, Paul. I know it. I really do. My heart, it is breaking.
Paul: What? You, too, Jasmine?
Jasmine: And you as well, Paul?
Paul: Let's go! We must convince him to reconsider!
Pent: ...I've no wish to hurt you...


Hannah: What's this? A desert? You know, you can only push this old woman so far... Ahh... You'll be wanting an augury, too, I'll wager. Will you pay the 60 gold?

Hannah: Sand, sand, and more sand, as far as the eye can see. Those on horseback will be slowed. You should take flyers...especially pegasus knights. Magic will tip the scales in your favor. Mages, monks, shamans... Bolster your strength with these.

Hannah: I can see nothing else. But perhaps you will want to hear it again, yes?

In battle

Player phase of turn 1, if Mark is present and Canas is deployed

Canas: Actually, this is quite fascinating. Mark, the Nabata wasteland is a bit of a paradise to magic adepts. Stories tell of the many magical artifacts lost in these sands. I'll keep my eyes open. Of course, I'll be fighting as well.

Player phase of turn 2

(Hawkeye appears in a storm)

Hawkeye: ......


If Hawkeye was not recruited

Hector: That's about it, eh? ...Say, Eliwood? I wanted to ask you earlier, but who's the big blonde guy?
Eliwood: I'm not sure. All I know is he fought on our side. Maybe he's the "living legend."
Hawkeye: Wrong.
Hector: Waaa!
Eliwood: !!!
Hawkeye: I'm Hawkeye, defender of this desert.
Eliwood: Defender? Of a desert? Hawkeye, are you--
Hawkeye: The master is waiting. Follow me.
(Hawkeye leaves)
Eliwood: Wait! Who's your master? How did you know we were...
(Hawkeye returns)
Hawkeye: It's not my place to answer. You'll understand once you meet the master.
(Hawkeye leaves)
Eliwood: ...I see. Well then, let's go.

Regardless of Hawkeye's status

Pent: You really helped me out. Thank you.
Eliwood: We couldn't watch such a lopsided battle. That's all.
Pent: So why have you come to this wasteland?
Eliwood: Well... We were told to come here and meet a "living legend."
Pent: "Living legend"? Ha ha ha! I see. That's well said.
Lyn: But do you know what it means?
Pent: Yes, I suppose I do. Looks like we share a common destination. Hawkeye! You're here, too.
Hawkeye: Pent, did you find it?
Pent: That I did. And as I thought, it's spectacular.
Hawkeye: It's getting dark. Let's go back.
Pent: Yes, let's make haste. Desert nights are treacherous.
Eliwood: Oh...OK.

If the sidequest was accepted

Hector: I don't mind going with you, but how far do we have to walk? No matter how far we go, there's just more sand... Whoa!?
(Hector disappears)
Lyn: Hector? What Hect... Kyaa!
(Lyn disappears)
Eliwood: Hector? Lyndis? Where did those two... Hnh? What in blazes!? I'm... I'm sinking into the sand!

If the sidequest was not accepted

Hawkeye: ...I've brought them.
Athos: Welcome, children of Roland.
Hector: We've come from Lycia, old man. Do you understand?
Lyn: What do you mean?
Eliwood: I think I know. Thousands of years ago, man and dragon fought on this continent.
Lyn: Yes, mankind won, and the dragons fled this world.
Eliwood: That's correct. Man against dragon... The war that we know as the Scouring. And you know of the Eight Legends, the heroes who led man to victory?
Lyn: Yes, we've all heard the stories of the Eight Legends. I was raised in Sacae, so I know of Hanon, the horseman.[sic]
Hector: Sacae is where Hanon was born. Our country, Lycia, was founded by the hero Roland.
Lyn: That's why you called us "children of Roland," right?
Athos: That is correct, daughter of Hanon and Roland.
Eliwood: Who are you?
Athos: I am Athos. Many choose simply to call me Archsage.
Eliwood: Athos?! It can't be...
Lyn: Huh? What?!
Hector: Archsage Athos was one of the Eight Legends. If you really were him, old'd have to be over a thousand years old.
Athos: The world is full of mysteries. Solve one, and along comes another... Before I knew it, I'd grown distant from my fellow man. Hunger... It knows no bounds.
Lyn: A thousand years... That's a long time.
Eliwood: Yet thanks to such longevity, we're meeting here today.
Hector: "Living legend"... Now I see it.
Athos: You're here because you want to stop Nergal, aren't you?
Eliwood: Yes. Did you receive word from Marquess Ostia?
Athos: No... I am aware of most things that occur on the continent. However, knowledge is not enough for me to prevent disaster.
Lyn: Nils said something similar to that before. "With my special power, I can sense danger coming, but I can't do anything to stop it."
Athos: Nils... One of the children of destiny.
Lyn: He's here with us, but something outside caught his attention.
Athos: ...I'm sure something stopped him...
Eliwood: Hm?
Athos: Let's talk about Nergal. How do we stop him?
Eliwood: Yes, what can you tell us? What wisdom can you share?
Athos: Mm. Your foe is, like me, no longer...altogether human. It will be difficult to slay him through traditional means. He wields a terrible power. His endless strength stems from an ancient, forbidden magic... To defeat him, you will need a suitable response.
Eliwood: Response?
Athos: ...While he is resting, you must find the power to oppose him.
Eliwood: Tell us what it is! We'll do anything!!
Athos: It will be harder than you can imagine. Great trials await you. ...As does great despair. You may regret your decision. Will you stay the course, children?
Eliwood: ...Our will remains fixed.
Athos: This is a road from which you cannot turn back.
Hector: We've known that all along!
Lyn: We can overcome anything. You'll see. Together, we are strong.
Athos: ...Very well. Let me tell you what you must do.

If Hawkeye was not defeated
Athos: Have you understood all that you have heard?
Eliwood: Yes. We are to seek out the Shrine of Seals in Bern, right?
Athos: Take Hawkeye with you. Add his skills to your own.
Eliwood: Thank you.
Athos: ...And you? What will you do, Pent and Louise?
Pent: Nergal, a magic user who rivals you, Lord Athos... And the return of the dragons. An intriguing story.
Eliwood: ...
If Hawkeye was defeated
Athos: Have you understood all that you have heard?
Eliwood: Yes. We are to seek out the Shrine of Seals in Bern, right?
Athos: Mm. And what of you? What will you do, Pent and Louise?
Pent: Nergal, a magic user who rivals you, Lord Athos... And the return of the dragons. An intriguing story.
Eliwood: ...

Pent: Forgive the late introductions. I am Pent, Count Reglay of Etruria. This is Louise, my wife.
Louise: It's nice to meet you.
Eliwood: Count Reglay? You are Count Reglay?
Lyn: Who? Is he someone special?
Hector: Yes. He hails from the most prominent noble house in Etruria. He's known as the Magic General. What has brought you to this place?
Athos: Bern's successor will soon have his coming-of-age ceremony. Pent and Louise are to attend as representatives of Etruria. Pent claimed there was time to search the desert for a magic artifact said to have been lost in the sands here long ago. You arrived shortly after we did. Perhaps something was guiding you.
Pent: Bowing to the dictates of fate, my wife and I would like to join you if we may.
Lyn: Well, of course. That's fine, right, Eliwood? Will you send word of your mission to your countrymen?
Pent: There's no reason to, and if we did, who would believe us? Besides, it's not unusual for us to remain absent for long periods. I doubt anyone will be surprised by our absence. Right, my dear?
Louise: Tee hee. You're right, my love.
Eliwood: Not unlike a certain young noble we've heard of...
Hector: That's great! Thanks a lot!
Eliwood: In any event, we welcome you both with all our hearts.
Pent: Thank you.
Athos: ...There's not much time. I'll send you to Lycia. Hawkeye! Gather everyone here in the plaza.

If Mark is present

Athos: You are Mark, correct? Fate blows a strange wind in your direction. Much rides on your shoulders and in your abilities. I want you to take this. It enhances natural abilities, skills with which one was born. Give this to whomever you feel will benefit the most. Do not waste its powers holding on to it. Use it.

Regardless of Mark's status

Hawkeye: Everyone is here.
Athos: Thank you. Eliwood, your territory is the closest to Bern, is it not?
Eliwood: Yes. The border lies in the mountains.
Athos: Very good. Now please envision a nice, wide place in Pherae... Next, think of the name of a person you might meet there.
Eliwood: As you say. ... ...
Athos: Now, children of Roland, it is time to say farewell. You must reach the Shrine of Seals. There, your destinies' doors will open wide before you.

(At Pherae)

Eleanora: My beloved... I cannot believe you are gone. Every time I close my eyes, I see you at my side. Your memory haunts me, and I am filled with sorrow. ...Elbert... If by some chance you can hear my prayer... Please look after our son.
Eliwood (magically): Mother...
Eleanora: What!? Eliwood? Where-- Where are you?
(Eliwood appears)
Eliwood: Mother! I'm home! I've returned!
Eleanora: Ah!! Eliwood! Is it really you? Oh, how did you... You startled me so!
Eliwood: Forgive me, Mother. The Archsage sent us.
Eleanora: You look so tired. ...Have you lost weight? Oh, come closer and let me see your face.
Eliwood: ...Mother, about Father...
Eleanora: I heard his last moments were glorious. Though he's gone, he will ever be my life's joy.
Eliwood: I know.
Eleanora: Come... Let us make everyone comfortable. You all look in need of a rest.
Eliwood: I'm sorry, Mother. We must hurry onward...
Eleanora: I know that! But for one in the castle... Eliwood...just for tonight.
Eliwood: Mother...
Hector: One night's not going to hurt us. Who knows when we'll be back this way?
Lyn: Yes, let's do it. I am so exhausted.
Eliwood: Hector, Lyn... Thank you.

If Mark is present

Eliwood: Hello, Mark. So you're still awake. Mark, do you know Bern well? No, nor do I... Nothing more than I've heard at the court. I'm sure that, with all of your travels, you know more than I. By the way, Mark, where were you born? Before you met Lyndis in Sacae, where were you? If it's difficult to speak about, you needn't worry. It's just that we've been together for so long, and I really know almost nothing about you. If you don't mind, won't you tell me about yourself? I would like to learn more about you and your life.


Visit with any unit but Hawkeye

Fae: You know what? I'm watching the house all by myself. Do you know how to do that? You have to sit and be good. So that's why I'm here. What are all of you guys doing? Are you hunting for treasure, like that other guy? Let me tell you a secret. There's something good buried near the bones. I know stuff like that.

Visit with Hawkeye

Fae: Ah! It's you, Hawkeye!
Hawkeye: What are you doing, Fae?
Fae: I'm watching the house!
Hawkeye: Is that so?
Fae: Oh, guess what! A man came to see me earlier. So I told him a secret. I told him something good is buried near the bones. Yup! He looked pretty happy!
Hawkeye: Is that so...
Fae: That's all you ever say, Hawkeye! "Is that so?"
Hawkeye: Is that so?
Fae: See! You said it again!
Hawkeye: Is that--sorry.

Talk conversations

Eliwood and Hawkeye

Eliwood: Who are you?
Hawkeye: I'm Hawkeye, defender of this desert.
Eliwood: Defender? Of a desert?
Hawkeye: I will drive out the bandits. Guests need not fight.
(Hawkeye leaves)
Eliwood: Please wait! Guests!?

Eliwood and Pent

Pent: Hello there. Beautiful weather, isn't it?
Eliwood: Er... Yes, sure.
Pent: Pardon, I'm in the midst of some confusion. I beg your leave.
(Pent leaves)
Eliwood: Um... ????

Battle quotes

Defeating Paul

Paul: I can't believe we lost, Brother... Aaah... It's a tragedy, Jasmine.

Defeating Jasmine

Jasmine: I got hit, but it feels gooood... These people are too strong, Paul...

Pent is defeated

Pent: Urrg... Let my guard down...