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List of characters in Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions

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This page contains a list of characters appearing in Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions.

Playable characters

Portrait Name Class First appears in Joins in
Portrait zade vs1.png Zade Liege Prologue Prologue
Portrait athol vs1.png Athol Meledian Princess Prologue Prologue
Portrait troy vs1.png Troy Knight Prologue Prologue
Portrait prody vs1.png Prody Guardian Prologue Prologue
Portrait bonacel vs1.png Bonacel Guardian Prologue Prologue
Portrait alysia vs1.png Alysia Sestra Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait dune vs1.png Dune Hunter Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait ash vs1.png Ash Axe Fighter Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait jean vs1.png Jean Axe Fighter Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait merida vs1.png Merida Knight Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Portrait theodel vs1.png Theodel Vestal Mage Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Portrait cezar vs1.png Cezar Thief Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Portrait sheela vs1.png Sheela Hunter Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Portrait zayid vs1.png Zayid Gladiator Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Portrait haldyn vs1.png Haldyn Swordfighter Chapter 1 Chapter 4
Portrait yaeri vs1.png Yaeri Eagle Rider Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Portrait rubina vs1.png Rubina Eagle Rider Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Portrait nina vs1.png Nina Sestra Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Portrait lilia vs1.png Lilia Priestess Chapter 6 Chapter 6
Portrait accorte vs1.png Accorte Sphirian Mage Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Portrait hoelun vs1.png Hoelun Steppe Runner Chapter 7 Chapter 8
Portrait cyltan vs1.png Cyltan Ranger Chapter 7 Chapter 9
Portrait urven vs1.png Urven Lance Knight Chapter 10 Chapter 10
Portrait ma'aya vs1.png Ma'aya Eagle Rider Chapter 9 Chapter 12
Portrait lyttia vs1.png Lyttia Starling Chapter 9 Chapter 12
Portrait tallan vs1.png Tallan Servant Chapter 9 Chapter 12
Portrait helme vs1.png Helme Lion Knight Chapter 9 Chapter 12
Portrait aynellia vs1.png Aynellia Sword Dancer Chapter 7 Chapter 13
Portrait neira vs1.png Neira Thaumaturge Chapter 7 Chapter 13
Portrait jamulan vs1.png Jamulan Axe Lion Chapter 7 Chapter 13
Portrait lianka vs1.png Lianka Nevesta Chapter 12 Chapter 13
Portrait hilda vs1.png Hilda Axe Fighter Chapter 12 Chapter 13
Portrait siegfried vs1.png Siegfried High Priest Chapter 12 Chapter 13
Portrait slayne vs1.png Slayne True Archer Chapter 14 Chapter 14
Portrait eddard vs1.png Eddard Dragonmaster Chapter 13 Chapter 17
Portrait aslanne vs1.png Aslanne Raptor Knight Chapter 5 Chapter 20
Portrait rastelle vs1.png Rastelle Eagle Knight Chapter 20 Chapter 20
Portrait cromwell vs1.png Cromwell Knight Master Chapter 20 Chapter 20
There are 38 playable characters in Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions that are obtained in the main story.

Non-playable characters


Portrait Name Class First appears in Fought in
Portrait amundsen vs1.png Amundsen Mercenary Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait gormes vs1.png Gormes Chief Thief Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Portrait tyron vs1.png Tyron Chief Thief Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Portrait valerius vs1.png Valerius Almighty Sage Chapter 3 Chapter 3
Portrait marlena vs1.png Marlena Swordmaster Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Portrait beorn vs1.png Beorn Axe Master Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Portrait vilweiss vs1.png Vilweiss General Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Portrait grevandel vs1.png Grevandel Apostle Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Portrait tamthir vs1.png Tamthir Knight Duke Chapter 7 Chapter 11
Portrait ravinia vs1.png Ravinia Swordmaster Chapter 13 Chapter 13
Portrait zweiras vs1.png Zweiras Diabolist Chapter 13 Chapter 13
Portrait calliera vs1.png Calliera Paladin Chapter 14 Chapter 14
Portrait jemma vs1.png Jemma Dragonmaster Chapter 12 Chapter 17
Portrait adelaide vs1.png Adelaide Frallian Duchess Chapter 18 Chapter 18
Portrait ajax vs1.png Ajax Black Knight Chapter 18 Chapter 18
Portrait therenius vs1.png Therenius Duke Chapter 15 Chapter 20


Portrait Name Role
Portrait zecharias vs1.png Zecharias Zade's older brother, Athol's betrothed and the commander of the Redessan army. Disappears soon after Redessa falls to the Solvian Empire.
Portrait garlan vs1.png Garlan An earl of the duchy of Redessa. Serves as Zade's advisor throughout his journey.
Portrait ritton vs1.png Ritton The dolge of Venecia and Zade's brother-in-law. Wishes to introduce many reforms.
Portrait beatrice vs1.png Beatrice Zade's older sister, Nina's mother and Ritton's wife. Raised Zech and Zade when they were younger.
Portrait tasha vs1.png Tasha Lilia's best friend, who likes to cook.
Portrait roland vs1.png Roland Accorte's father and an esteemed sage of Sphire.
Portrait gyskhal vs1.png Gyskhal Cyltan's uncle and brother to Solis' late king. Always treats Cyltan harshly.
File:Portrait naccara vs1.png Naccara Chief of the Aragoth tribe and the father of Lyttia and Dune.
Portrait orphelia vs1.png Orphelia An old friend of Zade's. Leads the Meledan resistance in the place of her late father.
Portrait emilia vs1.png Emilia The younger stepsister of Theodel. Longs to reunite with her brother.