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List of chapters in Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions

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Main story

Chapter List
Title Objectives Defeat New Units Bosses
Prologue The Fallen Kingdom Zade, Athol, Troy, Prody, Bonacel
Chapter 1 Put to the Test Alysia, Dune, Ash, Jean
Chapter 2 Isle of Pirates Merida
Chapter 3 The Brigands' Due Theodel, Cezar, Sheela, Zayid
Chapter 4 A Howl in the Dark Haldyn
Chapter 5 Venecia's Turmoil Rubina, Yaeri, Aslanne (rejoins later), Nina (guest)
Chapter 6 The Long Krall Lilia
Chapter 7 Revenants and Riders Accorte (rejoins later)
Chapter 8 Battle for Malaya Accorte, Hoelun, Aynellia (rejoins later)
Chapter 9 Trading in Troths Cyltan
Chapter 10 The Scion's Proving Urven
Chapter 11 The Siege of Harral None
Chapter 12 Boreal Winds Ma'aya, Lyttia, Tallan, Helme, Lianka (rejoins later), Hilda (rejoins later), Siegfried (rejoins later)
Chapter 12x The Banquet None
Chapter 13 Across the Sands Aynellia, Lianka, Hilda, Siegfried, Neira, Jamulan
Chapter 14 The Dread Forest Slayne
Chapter 15 The Cerberean Ruse None
Chapter 15x Dividing the Ranks None
Chapter 16 Road to Deliverance None
Chapter 17 The Prison Camp Eddard (rejoins later)
Chapter 18 Lightbringer None
Chapter 19 The Dark Quickening None
Chapter 20 Journey's End Eddard, Rastelle (If Eddard died or was not recruited), Cromwell (If Eddard died or was not recruited)