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List of chapters in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

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Main Story

At end of chapters 1 through 5, there is an intermission allowing the player time to focus on exploration, side quests, and requests (they can be completed at anytime however). Entering the lesson studio ends the intermission and starts the next chapter.

Chapter List
Title Main Objectives Idolaspheres New Units Main Bosses
Prologue Reincarnation Rescue Tsubasa and defeat the Mirage possessing Teru Gojuin Illusory Daitama Itsuki, Tsubasa, Touma Gojuin (Garrick)
Chapter 1 A Star is Born Defeat the Mirage possessing Ayaha Oribe Illusory 106 Kiria Aversa
Chapter 2 Head over Heels for Her Rescue Maiko and defeat the Mirage possessing Nobu Horinozawa Illusory Shibuya None Gangrel
Chapter 3 The Next Generation Defeat the Mirage possessing Barry Illusory Daitou Station Eleonora, Mamori Cursed Draug
Chapter 4 The Audition Defeat the Mirage possessing Kuen Tarachino Illusory Daiba Studio Yashiro Excellus
Chapter 5 True Colors Explore different Idolaspheres to bring down the barrier at the Cosmic Egg Illusory Daitou Station, Illusory 106, Illusory Daiba Studio None Dark Yashiro
Chapter 6 Fire Emblem Explore the Area of Memories to learn the Opera of Light, then head to Illusory Dolhr to defeat the Shadow Dragon Illusory Area of Memories, Illusory Dolhr None Gharnef, Medeus
Epilogue The Long Goodbye Talk to everyone then visit the Bloom Palace None None None

Side Stories

Throughout the game, multiple side stories will unlock according to the focus character's Stage Rank and story progression. They can be done at any time once unlocked, but they must be done in order for each character. Only one side story can be done at a time; if you wish to start another side story, you must either finish the one you are currently doing or cancel it and restart it later.

Chapter List
Character Title Objectives Bosses
Tsubasa Oribe Meet-and-Greet Pressure Help Tsubasa overcome her social anxiety None
Opening Your Heart Help Tsubasa find a stray cat None
A Wind Colored Tsubasa Defeat a powerful Mirage that has Chouten Sawafuji under its spell Pheros
Touma Akagi Thrust to the Future Defeat 5 Blobs with Touma None
Touma in Leopard Print Help Touma practice flirting with women None
The Hero Awakens Find and defeat the Mirage that kidnapped Riku Suzumoto Cursed Abel
Kiria Kurono Poker Face Find and return Kiria's stuffed toy None
Not a Girl Defeat 10 Apparitions with Kiria None
Kiria in Wonderland Use Kiria and Tsubasa to defeat the Mirage Golems Bord, Cord
Eleonora Yumizuru Read, Chat, Fall in Love Help Eleonora by going on a date with her None
Princess of Horror Defeat 6 Regan with Eleonora 3 Giant Regan
Blast Away Hollywood Travel with Eleonora to places they previously visited None
Mamori Minamoto Steel Heart Defeat a possessed Mirage Lorenz
Fortuna Family's Sisters Help Mamori practice acting like a younger sister None
Golden Child/Monster Search Illusory Daitou Station for obsidian to make a knife with None
Yashiro Tsurugi The Hungry Man Show Yashiro that food is pleasurable None
Dangerous Relations Use Yashiro and Eleonora to defeat a tough Mirage Whampa
Final Act Defeat the Mirage who has possessed the spirit of Chikaomi Tsurugi Lon'qu
Maiko Shimazaki Booze and the Boss Search Illusory Daitama for 3 medicine ingredients None
Lost Memories Help Maiko sort through a box of items None
Godmother Search Illusory 106 for a special gem to make a lens with None
Barry Goodman Only You Try to buy Barry a Mamorin Charm None
Troublesome Duo Have Tsubasa and Eleonora perform 10 Sessions together None
Barry Forever Find and rescue Barry in Illusory Daiba Studio Greed
Tiki I'll Tiki-Tiki You (For Reals) Search for the missing TikiIsMyWaifu None
Coffee and Donuts Obtain some donuts for Tiki None
Sleepless in Shibuya Defeat the Mirage who has lured several Uta-loid composers Cervantes

EX Stories

EX Stories are side stories that are only found in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore. They are done within Illusory Area of Aspirations, which contain treasure boxes with rewards like costumes. They can be done at any time once they are unlocked.

Chapter List
Title Objectives Bosses
EX Story 1 Rolling Star Reach the end of the first area None
EX Story 2 What About Love Reach the end of the second area None
EX Story 3 Stay Gold Defeat the Mirage at the end of the third area Wandering Myrmidon