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List of bonus chapters in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem: Heroes of Light and Shadow

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This is a list of bonus chapters present in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. In this game, there are two sets of bonus chapters: remakes of each of the four Fire Emblem: Archanea Saga episodes, and a set of three new downloadable episodes. Both are challenged with a pre-set cast of characters specific to the given map.

New Archanea Saga

All four New Archanea Saga chapters are unlocked upon clearing Prologue 8 for the first time.

Main article: The Capital Falls
Episode I
The Capital Falls
(Japanese: パレス陥落 Fall of Palace)
Unlock requirements:
Complete Prologue 8
Cm fe12 sas1.png
"During the War of Shadows... The royal palace of Archanea, the largest kingdom in the continent, was in a truly hopeless situation, under the merciless onslaught of the Dolhrian army, led by the Shadow Dragon Medeus. As the footsteps of the imperial soldiers started resounding through the palace walls... King Archanea, with no other alternatives to consider, gave a secret order to the bishop Boah."
Playable units: Nyna, Boah, Midia, Tomas, Dolph, Macellan Boss: Gouber
Victory conditions: Defeat boss
Defeat conditions: Nyna dies
Player: 6 Enemy: 22
Main article: Red Dragoon
Episode II
Red Dragoon
(Japanese: 赤い竜騎士 Red Dragon Knight)
Unlock requirements:
Complete Prologue 8
Cm fe12 sas2.png
"Aurelis: a nation situated in the north-eastern plains of the continent. A verdant kingdom, sharing the deepest bonds with the Holy Kingdom of Archanea since its foundation. However, as a result of the aggressive attack of the Macedonian dracoknights led by Princess Minerva, Aurelis had already ceded most of its territory to the Dolhrian empire. As Princess Minerva returned to her post in Aurelis with her subordinates, a certain village caught her eye..."
Playable units: Minerva, Hardin, Catria, Est, Wolf, Roshea, Frost Boss: Ruben
Victory conditions: Rout enemy
Defeat conditions: Minerva or Hardin die
Player: 7 Enemy: 22
Main article: Righteous Thieves
Episode III
Righteous Thieves
(Japanese: 正義の盗賊団 Thief Band of Justice)
Unlock requirements:
Complete Prologue 8
Cm fe12 sas3.png
"A few days after the Kingdom of Archanea fell and the royal palace with it... A man and a woman stepped foot in the palace town. The man's name was Rickard, and the woman was Lena."
Playable units: Rickard, Lena, Castor, Navarre, Malice, Dice Boss: Vaam
Victory conditions: Rout enemy
Defeat conditions: Rickard dies
Player: 6 Enemy: 29
Main article: The Beginning
Episode IV
The Beginning
(Japanese: 始まりのとき The Time of Beginning)
Unlock requirements:
Complete Prologue 8
Cm fe12 sas4.png
"Two years have passed since the millenial palace was seized by Grust's Camus the Sable. Emperor Medeus of Dolhr ordered Camus to take full control of the palace. However Camus defied his orders, by continuing to shelter Princess Nyna. As time passed, Medeus lost his patience with Camus and ordered his men to take Nyna captive."
Playable units: Nyna, Camus, Roberto, Belf, Reiden Boss: Brzak
Victory conditions: Nyna arrives at the fortress
Defeat conditions: Nyna or Camus die
Player: 5 Enemy: 29*

Downloadable chapters

The downloadable chapters all actually exist in all copies of the game, and the download merely unlocks access to them. New access to all three of these chapters on physical cartridges is no longer possible as of May 20, 2014, as a result of the discontinuation of most Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection services.[1] However, the English fan translation comes with a save file which has all downloadable chapters episodes and items already unlocked.

Main article: Wind and Thunder
Episode 1
(Japanese: 風と雷 Wind and Thunder)
Unlock requirements:
Available for download from July 15, 2010
Cm fe12 dl1.png
"Khadein, the city of magic... Once ruled by the Dark Pontifex Gharnef, these lands were liberated by Marth during the War of Shadows. However, rumors say the Dark Pontifex still holds mysterious rituals in the ruins that litter the surrounding desert. Following the orders of his teacher Wendell, Merric, wind mage of Khadein, leaves to investigate those ruins..."
Playable units: Merric, Arlen, Etzel, Linde, Michalis, Phina Boss: Fell Magi
Victory conditions: Rout enemy
Defeat conditions: Merric dies
Player: 6 Enemy: 20+7
Main article: Three Assassins
Episode 2
Three Assassins
(Japanese: 暗殺者 Three Assassins)
Unlock requirements:
Available for download from August 5, 2010
Cm fe12 dl2.png
"Not long after the War of Shadows... The world slowly started to regain stability in the wake of Medeus's destruction. However, the dark powers that Marth banished to the abyss began to rise once more in corners unseen..."
Playable units: Katarina, Clarisse, Legion, 4× Legion clones, Athena, Eremiya, Gharnef Boss: Bandit
Victory conditions: Rout enemy
Defeat conditions: Katarina dies
Player: 10 Enemy: 26+14
Main article: That Which Was Done by the Sword Shall Be Undone by the Sword
Episode 3
(Japanese: 剣に定められた者は剣に That Which Was Done by the Sword Shall Be Undone by the Sword)
Unlock requirements:
Available for download from August 26, 2010
Cm fe12 dl3.png
"After the War of Shadows... Princess Caeda of Talys was engaged to Prince Marth of Altea, and all of Talys cheered for them. However, as if seizing this opportunity... the nearby clans suddenly revolted against Talys. Princess Caeda, who had only brought a few bodyguards into town, was dragged into battle, her whereabouts unknown... Ogma, captain of Talys's hired swords, took his subordinates with him and set out immediately to rescue Caeda."
Playable units: Ogma, Bord, Cord, Navarre, Caeda, Norne, Malice, Dice Boss: Navarre
Victory conditions: Rout enemy
Defeat conditions: Ogma dies
Player: 8 Enemy: 16+10


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