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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Linde's paired base conversations.

Linde and Kris

First conversation

Kris: I don't believe we've been introduced. I am Kris, Prince Marth's Royal Guard.
Linde: I am Linde, daughter of Pontifex Miloah.
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Pontifex Miloah? ...Is he famous?
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Pontifex Miloah? ...I-I bet he's famous, right?

Linde: Wow, you don't know Father?
(If Kris is male)
Kris: No, I don't... Sorry. Please forgive my ignorance-- I come from the country. Though I'm sure he's a great man.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Sadly, no... Sorry. I come from the country, so I'm not aware of many things... Though I'm sure he's a great man.

Linde: He is. There's not a soul in Archanea who doesn't know Father. He was a wonderful pontifex, respected by everyone. I've always wanted to be like him...
Kris: I see. He sounds like someone I'd like to meet. Is he in Archanea right now?
Linde: ...He passed away. Killed by the Dark Pontifex, Gharnef.
Kris: I see... My condolences.
Linde: It's fine. Don't worry. What about your family?
Kris: I don't have one anymore. I used to have my grandfather, but... he's gone, too.
Linde: Oh. I'm sorry...
Kris: No, it's fine. How should I put it...? It's a draw? We're square?
Linde: We're even?
Kris: Yes, that works.
Linde: Tee hee... You're funny. Very well, Kris. It was nice meeting you.
Kris: The pleasure is mine..)

Second conversation

Kris: Hey, Linde. You're just in time.
Linde: For what?
Kris: I found some strawberries on the mountain, so I picked them. They look good, don't they? Have some.
Linde: Pardon? These are strawberries?
Kris: Don't tell me you've never eaten one?
Linde: O-of course I have. But, the strawberries I ate back in the palace with Princess Nyna... They were bright red and beautiful. These are misshapen and the color is off.
Kris: Really? The ones you find in the wild usually look like this, you know.
Linde: They do? I was raised in the palace, so I'm not familiar with nature...
Kris: ...Sorry for being a bumpkin. Oh well. Here, try one.
Linde: Ah, thank you. ...Hm...
Kris: How is it?
Linde: It's good...! It tastes much better than the ones I had in the palace.
(If Kris is male)
Kris: I know, right? That's because it's fresh.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: I know, right? Living in the countryside has its perks, I'll have you know.

Linde: You're amazing. Say, can I go with you to the mountain next time?
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Kris: I don't mind, but... It's dangerous to climb a mountain dressed like you are.
Linde: How so?
Kris: ...Well, your robe looks rather thin. If it got stuck in the tree branches, it might get torn. And if that happened...
Linde: Oh...
Kris: ...
Linde: Hey, why are you looking away like that!? Y-you're... making me feel undignified! Father gave me this sacred robe. I'm not ashamed of it!
Kris: I-I see. I'm sorry.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Why, of course. I'd love to go together.

Third conversation

Linde: Here, Kris. I want to give you this.
Kris: This is, um...?
Linde: It's a good-luck charm. This kind is very popular in the palace town. It's supposed to protect its wearer from tragedy.
Kris: Huh? Are you sure you want to give me something so expensive? ...If you want more strawberries, I can just go get some for you.
Linde: Hey... Do you really think I'm giving you this in exchange for strawberries? I'm giving it to you because you always protect me in the battlefield.
Kris: Right, but... We're in this together, aren't we? I wouldn't have been able to get this far without your help, either.
Linde: ...Kris. Why do you protect me?
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Neither of us has a family anymore... That's why. So when I saw you fighting... I not sure how to say it, but I knew I had to protect you.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Neither of us has a family anymore... So when I saw you fighting... I not sure how to say it, but I knew I had to protect you.

Linde: I see. I feel the same way... And that's why I wanted to protect you. It's funny the way things turn out. I had no idea it would happen... And yet, we both came to feel this way after fighting together...
Kris: Linde...
Linde: S-so, that's why I'm giving you this. You face the most danger in battle. So stop being shy and take it!
Kris: I see. In that case, I'll gladly accept it.
Linde: You had better cherish it too!
Kris: Yes, of course I will.

Merric and Linde

First conversation

Linde: Huh? Where's my magic tome...? I was sure I left it here.
Merric: Sorry, Linde. I borrowed it for a bit.
Linde: Aha, that makes sense. But, you do know that magic tome can only be used by women, right?
Merric: That's why I borrowed it. As I thought, I couldn't use it... How strange. I wonder why? Your father... Pontifex Miloah was able to wield Aura, right?
Linde: ...Father once told me. Advanced tomes have restrictions on who can use them, based on who created and inherited them.
Merric: ...I see. So you mean to say the condition to use a magic tome isn't necessarily just gender. I wonder how these user restrictions are set into place...
Linde: There are many things about magic that remain unexplained. It seems the more you learn about magic, the less you understand it.
Merric: Indeed. I've been studying magic for a long as I remember, but all the answers I find lead to more questions. Oh right. If you're interested, there's something I'd like you to read. Well, it's an unfinished thesis, but...
Linde: Wow... You're writing a thesis? You really study hard, Merric. Of course I'd like to read it!
Merric: Great. Don't forget to tell me what you think about it, later.

Second conversation

Linde: Say, why did you decide to become a mage, Merric?
Merric: Huh...? Why do you ask?
Linde: Isn't Altea well-known for its court knights? Even in the palace, mages from Altea were quite rare. Besides, I hear you're an Altean noble. Didn't you consider becoming a knight?
Merric: Well, I've always preferred reading books over exercising my body. Many around me expected me to become a knight, so I heard all sorts of things when I decided to study in Khadein... But, Prince Marth and Princess Elice were different. They supported my dream of becoming a mage. I might have given up if not for them...
Linde: ...So that's why you and Prince Marth are so close.
Merric: Yes, Prince Marth really saved me. If what I've learned so far might be of use to him, then I'll follow him anywhere, anytime.

Third conversation

Linde: Hello, Merric... Oh, what's that?
Merric: Hmm... This is a charm that Princess Elice gave me when I went to study in Khadein. She said it'd bring me good luck.
Linde: Princess Elice... I'm sorry that had to happen. I just hope that she's safe.
Merric: Princess Elice is very kind. In the previous war, she sacrificed her own safety to save Prince Marth. And in this war, she...
Linde: I'm sure she's alright, Merric. Don't look so depressed...
Merric: Sorry, I made you worry. Princess Elice is special to me, so I can't control myself sometimes.
Linde: Special... I see...
Merric: What's wrong, Linde?
Linde: No, it's nothing. Come on, cheer up. You're only going to drag your performance down in this state.
Merric: Thank you, Linde. You're right... Worrying will get me nowhere. All I can do now is to walk forward.