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Light and Shadow/Conversations

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Minerva: Sir/Dame Kris, I have a little sister named Maria. She was kidnapped by Gharnef, and now... It seems she's by Medeus's side. I want to save her. I want to talk to her...
Kris: However, according to the Dark Pontifex, they have become living offerings and their hearts have been lost...
Minerva: Even so, I must talk to her. Even if I discover nothing I can do can bring her back... Even if I have to put an end to her misery... I will save her.
Kris: Princess Minerva... Very well. If you're willing to go that far, I will not attempt to stop you. I, too, shall support you so that you'll be able to speak to Princess Maria.


Sirius: Sir/Dame Kris, I have a request for you.
Kris: Sir Sirius, what is it?
Sirius: According to Gharnef... Princess Nyna, who had been kidnapped, is now a living offering to Medeus. And now she'll never return to normal... However, I want to talk to her. I wonder if you could arrange things so Prince Marth would allow me to take part in the next battle?
Kris: However, why Princess Nyna? Are you familiar with the princess, Sir Sirius?
Sirius: ...No. I just want to save her. As the princess of a mighty kingdom, she had to endure much sorrow all this time... But, this end would be just too miserable. I cannot make her happy. But, at least, I want to save her...


Merric: Kris, I have a request. Please lend me your strength in the next battle. I want to save Princess Elice.
Kris: Princess Elice... Prince Marth's elder sister, correct?
Merric: Yes. Elice is very precious to me. I heard Elice's heart has been shattered, and she now stands with Medeus... But, I haven't given up. I want to talk to her. If both of us take part in the next battle... I'd like you to help me create a chance to talk to Elice. Please, I beg of you.
Kris: Very well. I have yet to repay you for helping me before, Sir Merric. I shall do everything within my power.


Julian: Prince Marth! Is it true that Lena's been found?
Marth: Yes. According to our scouts, Lena is currently with my sister and the others.
Julian: I have to save Lena. Let me talk to her. I just know I can make her return to normal.
Marth: Julian, I understand your feelings. I, too, would like for you to speak to Lena. I still haven't decided who's going to take part in the final battle, but... Kris, your opinion?
Kris: I don't know exactly how deep the relationship between them runs. However... I feel that Julian's strength will be required if we intend to save Sister Lena.
Marth: Indeed. I will think hard and well about who to bring to this next battle. To find the best solution, not only to win this battle, but also to rescue everyone.

Current status

Jagen: Gharnef said something that makes me concerned... How the clerics are now sacrifices to the Shadow Dragon... and that their souls have been shattered. And just when we came all this way to save the clerics and put a stop to Medeus's revival... But Prince Marth hasn't given up yet. Kris, you've helped us so much, from the first time you protected Prince Marth to now. This will be our last battle. No matter what happens, please support the prince... I'm counting on you.