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Lifis/Quotes (Heroes)

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Lifis: Terror of Iz

At the castle

Name's Lifis, friend to the sea and leader of the Lifis Pirates. Don't think I'll hold back because it's a festival!
— When summoned.
A pirate's heart beats in my chest. Wearing the outfit does not make someone the genuine article... I'll show you what it means to live a pirate's life!
— At the castle.
Where I'm from, there isn't a soul who hasn't heard the name Lifis Pirates, even in Munster! ...H-huh?! Did I hear someone mouth off? What was that about "small-time crooks"?! Come say it to my face!
— At the castle.
Perne isn't here, is he? No? ...Truly? Incredible! ...Hah! That jackass.
— At the castle.
Wait... If I help out at the festival here, Safy might rethink her opinion of me. ...All right! I hope you're ready!
— At the castle.
Why FAKE being a pirate when I can just as easil— Prince Leif! You'! Great! ...As you can see, I pirate solely for the entertainment of others now!
— At the castle.
You look like you have time to kill... Here's an invitation to the pirate festival at <friend>'s.
— Delivering greetings from a friend.

On the character status screen

Uh... No.
— On the character status screen.
We're the Lifis Pirates. Treasure is ours. All of it, everywhere—every last coin!
— On the character status screen.
No! I won't go quietly!
— On the character status screen.
Give me your gold and I'll give you your life.
— On the character status screen.
Festival?! Ugh! Pirates are not your playthings!
— On the character status screen.
Askr's castle is very pretty. I bet it's bursting with treasure...
— On the character status screen.
I'll show her how dashing I can be, and Safy will fall for me just like that... *chuckle*
— On the character status screen.
I could share some of my treasure with you. I- I suppose.
— On the character status screen.

Level 40 quote

Hey, hear me out... Could you do me a favor, <player>? I promise I'll change my ways and turn away from a life of crime. I'll even entertain at festivals... All I ask is that you, please, don't summon a thief from Dacia named Perne—whatever you do! Please, I'm begging you! Huh? There's a chance you might if Askr needs his aid one day? ...No! Not him! Anyone but him! Not that I'm scared of him, or that he bullied me all through my entire childhood... Nothing like that! Got it? Now, listen! If you summon him... My time helping out at these festivals is over, you understand! I swear it!
— After reaching level 40 at five-star rarity.

Map quotes

Because you're asking.
— When selected on the map screen.
That so?
— When selected on the map screen.
— When selected on the map screen.

Level-up quotes

H-huh? Have I lost my land legs after too much time at sea? Whooh...
— When gaining 1–2 stats from a level-up.
Heh. Not bad, eh?
— When gaining 3–4 stats from a level-up.
Defy me, and it's to the briny depths with you!
— When gaining 5–6 stats from a level-up.
Heh... They'll never manage to catch me while I have this!
— When learning a new skill or increasing rarity.

Special skill quotes

The Lifis Pirates are here!
— When using a special skill.
I'll be taking that.
— When using a special skill.
Don't bother running.
— When using a special skill.
Over the edge with you!
— When using a special skill.

Defeat quote

It's up to you now...
— When defeated.