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Liberation of Grust/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem


Following Caeda's disturbing news, Marth suffered a terrible blow. Hardin was once a companion in battle, and an irreplaceable friend. But why...? Why has he attacked Altea? What have I done wrong? Filled with lament Marth, before hurrying back to his homeland, was faced with his first challenge. Led by the Corrupt General Lang, Grust's occupation army was based at Olbern Castle. It's nickname was the "Nest of Evil".
— Chapter 5 Intro


Torus: Commander Lang. A... Altea's army has come...
Lang: Fool, get a grip. Their army doesn't ammount to anything. They can't possibly defeat us.
Torus: But Lord Jeorge's archers left to quell the rebellion. Can we win just by ourselves?
Lang: What did you say!? Call Jeorge back this instant. While you're there, call that mercenary, Navarre, here. Anyway, I'll leave this to you, General Torus. I must leave to prepare the defenses inside. You will stay here and guard to the death. You mustn't let them get close. Understood?


  • Old woman: Oh, Altean soldiers. I beg of you, please defeat General Lang. As long as that man is here, we will never live in peace.
  • Young man: Now that I think about it. I haven't seen that mercenary, Samuel, recently. I thought that maybe he had joined your army... Samuel can seem like a very casual type of guy, but his skill is impressive.


Old man: Oh, Prince Marth. It's been a while. How is my granddaughter, Lena? What, she's not here? Really...? Then, does that mean this Hammerne staff is useless? At least, Lena's pupil, Marisha, should be able to use it... Well, please take it.
Hammerne obtained!

On Turn 2

Soldier: Captain George. The commander ordered us to return to the castle immediately.
Jeorge: Lang...? I hate that guy. He treats the civilians like slaves. I'm not seriously going to work for a guy like him. Just ignore his order.
Soldier: But, Captain Jeorge. If we do that, you will become a criminal. Captain!? Are you thinking of siding with Altea...?
Jeorge: No, I couldn't do that... If I did that right now, my men would get into trouble. That's something that I must avoid at all costs.
Soldier: Captain Jeorge...
Jeorge: Alright, just tell everyone this. Tell them to stay where they are. However if the enemy gets close, begin to attack.

Fighting Rickard

Rickard: Has anyone seen my big bro, Julian?

Killing Rickard

Rickard: Crap, I blundered.

Recruiting Rickard

Julian: Hey, Rickard! What are you doing here?
Rickard: Oh, big bro. It's been so long. Originally I planned to earn money with you. But you had already stopped your ways. But, even if you found yourself a pretty cleric, it wasn't nice to just abandon me like that. Our love is just like that, huh?
Julian: Hey! Shut up!! Don't spout nonsense like that, or other people will get the wrong impression. Anyway, you should quit your ways as well, and come with me.
Rickard: Ha... I understand. Wherever you go, I'll follow you. Big bro Julian♥

Fighting Jeorge

Jeorge: If you hadn't gotten so close you wouldn't have needed to die. Pitiful fool...

Killing Jeorge

Jeorge: To think, there exists such a strong foe...

Fighting Torus

Torus: Position 445... Fire!!!

Killing Torus

Torus: General Lang... Altea is too strong...


Jagen: Your highness, we've finally subdued Grust. However, many enemies are hiding inside the castle. So we must be careful.
Marth: Hmm, I understand. Still... If we don't defeat Lang, the citizens of this country cannot be saved.
Jagen: That's right. He must be defeated at all costs... Yet we don't know what dastardly plans he has prepared for us. So, if we're fighting inside, we must be extremely careful!

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

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