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Liberation of Grust/Conversations

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Julian: Hey, Kris. There's something botherin' me. If I'm not mistaken, my pal lives around here.
Kris: Your pal?
Jagen: Yeah, a thief called Rickard. I've washed my hands of thievery, but I hear Rickard continues his thievin' ways. If you see him, leave him to me. I'll persuade him to quit that shady business.


Ogma: ...
Kris: Sir Ogma, is something troubling you?
Ogma: Yes, I am indeed troubled. About a former subordinate of mine... A man named Barst.
Kris: Sir Barst... was it? When you say subordinate, you mean from Talys?
Ogma: Yes, he used to be a mercenary fighting for King Talys and Princess Caeda, just like me. After the previous war was over, it seems he had an idea and left for Archanea.
Kris: Then he's with the enemy?
Ogma: No, it seems he did join the Archanean army, but left it because he tired of fighting. If you happen to meet Barst... I'll talk to him. Leave it to me.

Current status

Jagen: My greatest fear has been realized... Emperor Hardin of Archanea planned to invade our kingdom from the very start. If we consider the speed of this invasion, the Grustian expedition and the rebellion in Macedon were no doubt traps. Make no mistake of it The Archanean army is now our enemy. We will be returning to Altea. After going through the stronghold of Lang's occupation army, that is... We cannot let Lang be, especially after he ensnared our kingdom and tormented the people of Grust.