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Leicester Alliance

FETH world map highlighted.png
Map of Fódlan from Three Houses c. 1180. Leicester is marked in yellow.







The Leicester Alliance (pronounced /⁠ˈlɛstɚ⁠/[key]; Japanese: レスター諸侯同盟 Leicester Noble Alliance), alternately referred to simply as Leicester (Japanese: レスター Leicester), is an alliance spanning the eastern portion of Fódlan in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


The Leicester Alliance currently spans the eastern portion of Fódlan. To the northwest, its border with the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus lies on the Oghma Mountains. To the south, its border with the Adrestian Empire lies along the Airmid River. To the east, its border with Almyra lies along Fódlan's Throat, and is protected by House Goneril and a fortress known as Fódlan's Locket.



The Leicester Alliance was originally a territory of the Adrestian Empire. In Imperial Year 801, Leicester revolted against the Empire, and the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus occupied and annexed the region. Leicester revolted against Faerghus in 881, and the Leicester Alliance was formally founded in 901. The Alliance was governed by five noble families: House Riegan, House Gloucester, House Goneril, House Ordelia, and House Daphnel. In 961, the eastern nation of Almyra launched an invasion of Fódlan, but the Alliance repelled them with military assistance from Adrestia. In 1101, all three of Fódlan's nations cooperated to build Fódlan's Locket, a fortress on Leicester's eastern border created to protect the continent from further invasions from Almyra.

Modern history and reunification of Fódlan

In 1171, House Hrym of the Empire attempted to defect to the Alliance with the aid of House Ordelia in response to Adrestian emperor Ionius IX's attempts to centralize power, in what would come to be known as the Hrym Rebellion. The Empire suppressed the rebellion and occupied House Ordelia for some time. In the 1170s, House Daphnel gave up its place as one of the Alliance's ruling families, and was replaced with House Edmund. Duke Riegan was killed by monsters during an art deal with Count Gloucester, leaving the house's future in jeopardy. In 1179, Claude von Riegan, son of a minor Riegan noble and the king of Almyra, was legitimized as House Riegan's heir. Late in 1180, Emperor Edelgard von Hresvelg of Adrestia, blaming the Church of Seiros for the societal problems she believed were plaguing Fódlan, declared war on the Church and won the opening conflict in the Battle of Garreg Mach. After the battle, Claude returned to Leicester and took charge of the Alliance. The country was fractured between the faction who supported the Church, led by Houses Riegan and Goneril, and the faction who supported the Empire, led by Houses Gloucester and Ordelia. Claude spent the next five years deliberately stirring up conflict between the factions in an effort to maintain a pretense of neutrality. The ultimate outcome of the war would be determined by the actions of a mercenary turned professor named Byleth.

On the Silver Snow route, where Byleth chose to teach the Black Eagles and sided with the Church upon learning of Edelgard's desire to overthrow it, Claude aided Resistance forces by attacking Gloucester's army so that the Resistance could conquer the Great Bridge of Myrddin. He later led an invasion of the Empire, but vanished after the Battle at Gronder. The Alliance effectively ceased to exist after Claude's defeat, and its territories were absorbed by the nascent United Kingdom of Fódlan.

On the Azure Moon route, where Byleth chose to teach the Blue Lions, Claude aided Kingdom forces by attacking Gloucester's army so that the Resistance could conquer the Great Bridge of Myrddin. He later led an invasion of the Empire, but was defeated and forced to retreat at the Battle at Gronder. Imperial forces led by Volkhard von Arundel took advantage of the damage done to Leicester and the Kingdom army being occupied with the liberation of Fhirdiad to launch an invasion of the Alliance. Claude lured the Imperial forces to the Alliance capital of Derdriu, where Dimitri arrived in time to rescue him and crush the Empire in a pincer attack. In the aftermath, Claude disbanded the Alliance and ceded its territories back to the Kingdom.

On the Verdant Wind route, where Byleth chose to teach the Golden Deer, they awoke from a coma late in 1185 and reunited with Claude at Garreg Mach Monastery, and the two led the Alliance in battle against the Empire. After retaking the monastery to use as a base of operations, Claude and his allies launched a campaign against Adrestia by taking the Great Bridge of Myrddin on the Imperial-Alliance border to use as a foothold. After a brutal three-way battle between Adrestia, Faerghus, and Leicester known as the Battle at Gronder, resulting in the death of exiled Prince Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd and the effective end of the Kingdom, Claude conquered Fort Merceus. He then invaded Enbarr and slew Edelgard, bringing an end to the war and the Empire. Afterwards, Claude learned of a secret cult called "those who slither in the dark" who were planning to conquer Fódlan for themselves and had a key role in triggering the war between the Empire and the Church. Claude led the invasion of the cult's stronghold, Shambhala, and defeated both their leader Thales and the Liberation King Nemesis, resurrected in a last-ditch effort to wipe out the people of Fódlan. With the conflicts plaguing Fódlan finally over, Claude disbanded the Alliance and helped found the United Kingdom of Fódlan to govern the continent under Byleth's rule.

On the Crimson Flower route, where Byleth chose to teach the Black Eagles and sided with Edelgard, their reawakening decisively tipped the war in the Empire's favor. Adrestia invaded Leicester as a precursor to their conflict with the Kingdom and Church. Claude drew Adrestian forces to Derdriu with the intent of ending the conflict as quickly and with as few casualties as possible; he was defeated and either killed or forced into exile, and the Alliance was annexed back into the Empire.

Characters from Leicester

Character Description Appears in
Small portrait claude fe16.png
Claude von Riegan
Scion of House Riegan and leader of the Alliance as of 1180. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Small portrait lorenz fe16.png
Lorenz Hellman Gloucester
Scion of House Gloucester. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Small portrait raphael fe16.png
Raphael Kirsten
Son of a merchant family within the Alliance. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Small portrait ignatz fe16.png
Ignatz Victor
Son of a merchant family within the Alliance. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Small portrait lysithea fe16.png
Lysithea von Ordelia
Scion of House Ordelia. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Small portrait marianne fe16.png
Marianne von Edmund
Adopted scion of House Edmund. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Small portrait hilda fe16.png
Hilda Valentine Goneril
Daughter of House Goneril. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Small portrait leonie fe16.png
Leonie Pinelli
Commoner from Sauin, an Alliance village. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Small portrait balthus fe16.png
Balthus von Albrecht
A fugitive and former scion of House Albrecht. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Small portrait judith fe16.png
Judith von Daphnel
Lord of House Daphnel. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Small portrait tomas fe16.png
A librarian currently residing in Garreg Mach Monastery. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Generic small portrait brigand 05 fe16.png
The sentry guarding Abyss, who grew up in Derdriu. Three Houses
Small portrait berling fewa2.png
Captain Berling
Leader of the Berling's Mercenaries, who fell against Byleth in 1179. Warriors: Three Hopes
Small portrait holst fewa2.png
Holst Sigiswald Goneril
General of the Alliance stationed at Fódlan's Locket, and Hilda's brother. Three Houses,
Three Hopes
Small portrait count gloucester fewa2.png
Erwin Fritz Gloucester
Head of House Gloucester, and Lorenz's father. Three Houses,
Three Hopes

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
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Leicester is a city in England the lies on the River Soar. It was founded prior to Roman excursions into Britain, and the earliest record of its name is in its latinized form Legorensis civitatis.






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Used in Heroes as an option for the player's location in their profile card.




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