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Legend and Lies/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After defeating Bern's remaining troops, Roy enters the Dragon Sanctuary. He searches for the Dark Priestes to prevent a repeat of the Scouring. Here in the sanctuary, Roy will learn the truth of the legendary dragons. All he knows is about to be proven wrong...


(Inside the Dragon Sanctuary)

Roy: This is the Dragon Sanctuary... The air feels strange. Did the Eight Legends fight under these conditions, too?

(Jahn appears)

Jahn: You humans stand against us once more.
Roy: What...? Who are you?! When did you...?
Jahn: I am Jahn. I am the last true dragon of the Dragon Sanctuary.
Roy: The last true dragon? You do seem different from the other dragons... Are you the demon dragon?
Jahn: The "dragons" you have fought thus far are war dragons. They know nothing but battle. The demon dragon too is quite a different being than I. I am a pure-blooded dragon who fought you humans in the distant past.
Roy: The demon dragon is a different being? I thought the demon dragon was the leader of your kind.
Jahn: The demon dragon is nothing more than a tool to rally us dragons. It is hardly what I would call a leader.
Roy: What? What exactly is the demon dragon, then?
Jahn: There is much you don't know, it appears.
Roy: What is the demon dragon? I want to at least know what it is we are fighting against!
Jahn: Hrmm... I have no reason to tell you. But then, I have no reason not to tell you, either. What to do?
Roy: ......
Jahn: ...Very well. A test. Are you worthy of hearing the truth? I await you deep within. Fight through the hordes of war dragons and come to me. Do that, and everything will be made clear.
Roy: You're deep within? But you're right here!
Jahn: What you see is an illusion. A projection. Come if you wish to know the truth. Prove yourself worthy of my time and I shall tell you all...

In battle

Seizing the first throne

Roy: Is this really you this time? Or...
Jahn: This is but the beginning. You have quite a way ahead of you yet. But you didn't perish immediately. That alone speaks to your ability.
Roy: We have been through many trials. We will not die here and let it be for naught.
Jahn: So you say. Allow me to tell you a little bit about the demon dragon. The demon dragon is not the leader of the dragons as you thought. The demon dragon was created to bring us victory.
Roy: It was created...? So it wasn't the demon dragon who was making dragons...?
Jahn: The "dragons" you speak of are in fact soulless war dragons. As I said before, they are different from pure dragons such as myself. The war dragons are indeed created by the demon dragon. The demon dragon was formed from a divine dragon, the most powerful of our kind.
Roy: It was formed from a divine dragon? Did a divine dragon agree to become the demon dragon?
Jahn: Agree? Ha. No. We destroyed its very soul to extinguish its will. It is a mindless drone intended to heed our every word.
Roy: You what...?!
Jahn: We desperately needed the power of a divine dragon. The survival of our entire species was at stake.
Roy: You needed the power of a divine dragon... So... you destroyed one's soul?!
Jahn: Do you wish to know more? Come further. Show me your strength.

Seizing the second throne

Jahn: Not bad. Not bad at all. I'm curious how far you will make it.
Roy: I want to hear more.
Jahn: ...No matter how many of your kind we defeated in combat, you humans continued to multiply endlessly. We were eventually overwhelmed by the sheer number of you humans. It was then we decided to form a demon dragon capable of creating war dragons.
Roy: War dragons... Soulless beings who know nothing but battle.
Jahn: Correct. The divine dragons, however, were opposed to the idea. They said it was an affront to the laws of nature. As we tried to persuade the divine dragons, they suddenly disappeared without a trace.
Roy: Why?
Jahn: They probably chose to leave before we could take advantage of them. We never located the majority of the divine dragon tribe, but we were able to capture a single member of their kind.
Roy: And that became the demon dragon?
Jahn: Precisely. The divine dragon Idunn was to become the demon dragon. It hesitated, however, as the rift between its tribe and the rest of us widened. Hesitation... Such folly is reserved for you humans. It serves no end.
Roy: Her hesitation impeded your plans...
Jahn: Idunn was immature, but of enough strength to fulfill our purpose. Its heart, however, wasn't with us. It would not follow our commands.
Roy: So... that's why you destroyed her soul...?
Jahn: Yes. We destroyed its soul so that it would unquestioningly obey our every command.
Roy: That's... vile...
Jahn: That's enough for now. Show me more of your power if you want to hear the rest!

Seizing the third throne

Jahn: You proceed at a good pace. But you have not won yet.
Roy: Rest assured, we will reach you.
Jahn: Your soul is strong. What do you wish to hear next?
Roy: You created the demon dragon. The demon dragon had the ability to create endless war dragons. Why, then, did you lose to the humans?
Jahn: The demon dragon created many war dragons for use in the battlefield. The tables were turned. Our victory was in sight.
Roy: ......
Jahn: However, the humans soon found out about the demon dragon. They concluded that their numbers were not enough to defeat us. They focused their efforts into forging weapons that would pierce our scales. They are what you humans call the legendary weapons.
Roy: That much I know...
Jahn: The strongest human warriors were chosen to wield their newly crafted weapons. They came and attacked this sanctuary. However, the immense power of the weapons clashing with our own power... It caused something none of us had anticipated.
Roy: What happened?
Jahn: The laws of nature started to collapse. Snow began to fall in summer. Stars shone in the middle of the day...
Roy: You mean it caused the Ending Winter? I thought it occurred because the dragons released vast amounts of energy...
Jahn: Is that how your legends go?
Roy: Then the legendary weapons were sealed away to prevent another disaster... The traps that were protecting them were meant to keep us out...
Jahn: You humans sealed them away? An uncharacteristically good decision. But you seem to be wielding them now.
Roy: ......
Jahn: I wouldn't worry. The weapons' potency seems to have decreased since their initial forging. I doubt they can bring about another such disaster as they are now.
Roy: ......
Jahn: Anyway, the warping of nature's laws dealt a great blow to us dragons.
Roy: How?
Jahn: That disaster was the reason we lost to the humans... I shall continue my story when you advance a bit further...

Seizing the fourth throne

Jahn: You have come far. Perhaps I underestimated you.
Roy: ...Please continue the story.
Jahn: When the order of nature collapsed, we dragons suffered the most. With nature weakened, we could not maintain our dragon forms. And so, we sealed our power into gemstones and took human form.
Roy: The dragonstones...
Jahn: Yes. We were utterly powerless against the humans. In human form, we were even more feeble than the humans themselves. The humans took the opportunity to slaughter us.
Roy: Why did you choose the form of humans? Why not some other shape?
Jahn: In the new order of nature, the human form required the least energy to transform into. The Eight Legends mercilessly crushed us as we were helpless in our human form. I too suffered deep wounds.
Roy: Do you hate the humans because of that attack?
Jahn: Hate? Only humans feel such preposterous emotions. We battled for survival and we lost. There was nothing more to our fight.
Roy: ......
Jahn: However, we may yet be victorious. A human named Zephiel resurrected the demon dragon.
Roy: Then Zephiel really did undo the demon dragon's seal!
Jahn: That is correct. Show me if you're worthy to hear more.

Seizing the fifth throne

Roy: Jahn! Where are you?
Jahn: Hm... I should have expected this of the man who defeated Zephiel... You may even have the chance to fight me personally.
Roy: How did Zephiel know about the demon dragon?
Jahn: Surely you know that Hartmut of the Eight Legends founded Bern.
Roy: I do.
Jahn: Do you also know that Hartmut chose to spare the demon dragon? Rather than killing it, he sealed it away.
Roy: Yes, but I don't know why.
Jahn: Hm... Let me explain. The Eight Legends defeated our leader, and made their way into the sanctuary to find the demon dragon. However, arriving at its chamber, all they found was a blank-eyed human girl. That was Idunn.
Roy: She didn't fight?
Jahn: The demon dragon had its soul destroyed to follow our leader's commands. With our leader dead, there were no commands to follow.
Roy: Then what happened?
Jahn: The Eight Legends naturally hesitated. They had expected to find the most terrible of all dragons, but instead they found a mute girl.
Roy: ......
Jahn: Knowing the demon dragon still had to be defeated, they readied their weapons. Idunn must have reacted to their attack out of instinct. It changed into dragon form and fought as the soulless war dragons do. Hartmut, however, brandished a blade even more powerful than the legendary weapons.
Roy: The Binding Blade!
Jahn: I don't know what you humans call it, but that must be it. When the blade cut the demon dragon's flesh, it fell unconscious rather than dying.

Seizing the sixth throne

Jahn: You have come far. I am in the next chamber. It has been ages since I've shown a human my true form. I've not left this sanctuary since the end of the Scouring.
Roy: Y... you've been here that long?
Jahn: For one thousand years... Having survived the Scouring, I waited, healing my wounds. I waited for the resurrection of the demon dragon. For our chance of victory. At long last, that time came. The demon dragon's seal was broken, and I felt power flowing through my veins again.
Roy: What does the demon dragon's seal have to do with your strength?
Jahn: The Dragon Sanctuary's power is intertwined with the demon dragon's. With the demon dragon sealed, the sanctuary, and myself, were crippled.
Roy: I see...
Jahn: After I recovered, I sought the person who had broken the seal. I used my illusions to seek him out and ask his intentions. With you humans ruling the world, I couldn't go in my true form.
Roy: Wait... I thought that dragons lose most of their power in human form. How do you have the power to create illusions like this?
Jahn: This sanctuary is the only place that dragons maintain some power in human form. I am also a relatively powerful dragon. Even in human form, as long as I am in this sanctuary, illusions are a simple task. I lack the power to create war dragons like the demon dragon can, however.

Battle quotes

Jahn enters battle

Jahn: I have waited a millennium... My strength has recovered, and it is greater than ever. I can feel it...

Jahn dies

Jahn: I fall... Humans are truly unpredictable...


If Fae is alive

Roy: The demon dragon lies ahead...
Fae: ...Roy...
Roy: What's wrong, Fae? You look like you're about to cry.
Fae: Am... am I evil, too...?
Roy: Huh?
Fae: When... When I get older, will I be a bad dragon, too?
Roy: Slow down, Fae. Where did you get that idea?
Fae: That man said that... dragons and humans can't live in peace...
Roy: That wasn't true. You've lived in Nabata with humans, haven't you?
Fae: But the demon dragon is a divine dragon like me! You're going to fight the demon dragon, but what about me?
Fae: What if... when I grow up... I'm like the demon dragon...? Then... you'd have to...
Roy: Don't worry, Fae. I know you'll never be like the demon dragon. You'll always live with humans. With people like me.
Fae: ...Do you really think so?
Roy: Of course! I want to help the demon dragon, too.
Fae: Help her?
Roy: The demon dragon isn't acting of her own free will. She had her soul destroyed. She is a slave. I... I don't want to kill her if I can avoid it...
Fae: ...Your words are too big. I don't understand.
Roy: I'm sure you'll learn what I mean once you get a little older.
Roy: Hartmut posed a question when he bound the demon dragon. And I intend to answer it!

Regardless of Fae's survival

Roy: The demon dragon is here... Exercise caution, everyone. This is our last battle!