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Lefcandith Gauntlet/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Minerva: I do not agree with your strategy, General Harmein. As a knight of Macedon, I have my pride. I wish to fight them head-on. A fair battle.
Harmein: Many of the soldiers of Macedon were lost in Aurelis. Surely you understand this? We must regroup in the castle and stall for time. The king has put his faith in me. I would ask that you do the same. After all, if you do not trust the empire…your little sister, Maria, is the one who will suffer the consequences.
Minerva: … I understand. I will leave this matter in your hands. I doubt you can defeat Altea's knights with your schemes, however… I expect that you will end up regretting this.

Houses and Villages


Old man: The warrior Minerva is actually a princess from Macedon! It is said that she fights for the Dolhr Empire because they are holding her sister hostage. Though she is feared by all, I have heard that she is very beautiful and kind. I wonder if anyone can help her.


Bantu: Excuse me… Have you met a young girl by the name of Tiki? She is the last of the Naga, the Divine Dragon clan. There is no one but she who can defeat the manaketes serving Medeus. I'm so old that I don't have much fight left in me, but without my stone, I can't become a dragon at all. I'll come along with you, so please help me find Tiki.
(Bantu joins)

On Turn 2

Minerva: This fighting is more than I can stomach. Palla, Catria, Est… Let's get out of here.
(The Whitewings retreat)

Harmein initiates a battle

Harmein: Curse you, Minerva, for this betrayal! I will drag you down to the pit of hell with me!


Malledus: Prince Marth. It is time I tell you the legend of the manaketes. A long, long time ago… the manaketes arrived in Archanea. They were of three clans. The Divine Dragons of Naga, the Mage Dragons of Basilisk, and the Fire Dragons of Salamander. The Divine Dragons were the most powerful. They stopped the others from conquering mankind. They carried stones that allowed them to conceal their true selves by taking human form. The dragonkin lived in peace with humans until the arrival of Medeus, an earth dragon. Medeus used his great power to destroy the Divine Dragons and found the Dolhr Empire. He launched attacks on the human lands and conquered them. Though the humans fought bravely, there was nothing they could do against Medeus. But the young warrior Anri faced Medeus! He gripped a sword that shone brightly: the blade of light, Falchion! After a fierce battle, he at last defeated Medeus. Yes, my prince. You do recognize this young man's name. He is indeed Anri, the first king of Altea. It has been 100 years since those dark days. And now Medeus has appeared once again. Prince Marth! You are the chosen one. The last of Anri's line… Your father, King Cornelius, was defeated before he could accomplish his task. It is up to you now!

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After liberating Aurelis, the allied army marched south along the central road, towards Archanea's royal capital, Millennium Court. Their most difficult challenge is the countless forts situated at Lefcandith Valley. As well as the guarding "Dragoons"; Macedonian Whitewings commanded by General Minerva. At Lefcandith, the only passageway to the Kingdom of Archanea, an intense battle is about to start.
— Chapter 6 Intro


(Minerva approaches Harmein and dismounts)
Minerva: General Harmein. I cannot go ahead with this battle. As an honorable knight of Macedon, I wish to fight an open front battle.
Harmein: But, Princess Minerva. Your Macedonian Army, at Aurelis, has already lost over half of its soldiers. To restore the army, we must bide for time at this castle. I came here following his highness's orders. And here, I would expect you to follow mine. You cannot have forgotten what will happen if you disobey the Empire. Your sister, Maria's life would have no guarantee.
Minerva: ...I understand. I will leave everything to you... But I don't believe this method will defeat the Altean knights... You will regret it in the end.
(Minerva mounts and returns to her previous position)

Houses and Villages


  • Woman: The port of Warren seems to have lots of rarities for sale. If you're going there, don't go overboard with your shopping.
  • Young man: If you equip heavy weapons you will be slowed down by them. So equipping light, but weak, weapons is also a good way of fighting.
  • Man: Minerva is actually a princess of Macedon. She is only fighting because her younger sister was captured by Dolhr. Although many fear her, she is actually a beautiful and kind person. Is there any way to help her?


Bantu: Have you seen a young girl by the name of Tiki? Tiki is the Naga tribe's sole survivor. Without this child, there will be nobody to defeat the Manaketes that serve Medeus. I am a Fire Dragon, but I lost something in Pyrathi so I cannot fight anymore. Regardless, I will come along with you. Please help me find Tiki.
(Bantu joins)

On Turn 2

Minerva: I still cannot bring myself to fight like this. Palla, Catria, Est, let us return.
(Minerva and the Whitewings retreat)

Fighting Harmein

Harmein: Damn you Minerva, daring to betray us. In that case, you guys shall accompany her in Hell.*

Killing Harmein

Harmain: ...Urgh... Minerva... You traitor...


Malledus: Prince Marth, we can finally talk about Manaketes. The Manaketes already existed on this continent long before humans, and were referred to as the dragon tribe. However, they were punished by the deities, and were forced to seal their true form in stones and, afterwards, lived anonymously in the frontier lands... They coexisted with humans, living a life of peace and without conflict. However, 100 years ago, at the Dolhr Region the Dark Earth Dragon Medeus appeared. He gathered all the Manaketes that hated humans, and formed the Dolhr Empire. He then led an attack on the human world, and soon they had conquered the whole continent. Of course, humans fought back to the death. But in front of Medeus' might, it was no use. Then, at that time, a youth from Altea, wielding the Falchion, a sword that radiated light, appeared in front of Medeus. After an intense battle, he defeated Medeus. That's right. Your highness should know what happened afterwards. That youth, who founded the Kingdom of Altea, was Anri the First. But, 100 years after that dark age... At Dolhr, Medeus awakened once again. Prince Marth! You are the only one with Anri's blood, the chosen one. You are the only one that can succeed the will of your deceased father, King Cornelius.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


Aurelis was free, but Marth and his army- now known as the Archanean League still had much work ahead of them. They followed the Middleroad south, bound for Archanea Palace- a perilous route, for it took them right into Lefcandith Valley and the jaws of trouble.

The countless fortresses lining the valley made it a veritable gauntlet and compounding the danger was the presence of the Whitewings, a knightly order led by Princess Minerva of Macedon. It would be a fierce battle.

— Chapter 7 intro

During battle

Minerva: General Harmein, I cannot abide by these tactics of yours. Let me attack the rebels head-on, and keep my pride as a knight of Macedon.

Harmein: Ah, you mean the same pride that cost us all those soldiers back in Aurelis? I think not, Princess. If we're to regroup, we need to buy time. My tactics are necessary. The emperor himself has named me commander of this post. Either obey, or accept the consequences. Your little sister Maria is still under our word, is she not? What a shame it would be, if we decided we could no longer care for her...

Minerva: Enough! ...I will obey. But the Altean knights are smarter than you give them credit for. They will prevail here, and you will regret having acting so rashly, General.

After about 2 or 3 turns

Minerva: Fie, enough! I've no stomach for these cat-and-mouse tactics. Come, Whitewings, we fly! Hyah! (Minerva, Palla, Catria and Est withdraw)

When defeating Minerva

Minerva: Rrgh... I can't keep up the fight with these wounds... I must withdraw.
Note: Minerva does not die here.

If Palla is present

Palla: I serve Princess Minerva, not Grust. This battle is over. (The Whitewings withdraw)

If Palla is absent and Catria is present

Catria: The commander left? Then I've no reason to stay. (The Whitewings withdraw)

If only Est is present

Est: Sorry, General. My place is with the commander. (Est withdraws)

Houses and villages

  • House:

Villager: Say, did you happen to get a look at the axe wrapped in Minerva's princessly fingers? No, I suppose not, otherwise you'd not be standing here. That axe is Hauteclere, the strongest axe of ‘em all. Nobody knows who made it or where, but it's said to rival even the Three Regalia, Archanea's mightiest weapons. Why, if she got her hands on Iote's Shield (that'un being Macedon's treasure, see) she'd be nigh unstoppable!

  • Village:

Bantu: You there. Have you come across a young girl, one by the name of Tiki? She must be found, boy! Tiki is the last of the Naga, the divine-dragon clan. Without her powers, we cannot challenge the Manaketes who serve Medeus... Me? I haven't the power. I am a fire dragon, yes... But in the name alone, in name alone. I lost my firestone in Pyrathi. Without it, I cannot do battle. ...You will be traveling much, yes? I wish to go with you. Perhaps together we can find Tiki.
(Bantu joins)

Against Harmein

Harmein: Curse Minerva and her pride! Grr, no matter. If I am to die here, then I won't be dying alone!

Defeating Harmein

Harmein: Aaargh... Traitors...every...where...


Malledus: Prince Marth, I was wondering if we might talk about the Manaketes.

Marth: Manaketes? You mean the dragonkin?

Malledus: Yes, sire. I was not sure how much knowledge you had of the Manaketes. The Manaketes inhabited our continent long before the dawn of humanity. However, ordinarily their draconic disposition stayed suppressed; their power sealed within special stones. Thus rather than terrorizing humankind, they chose to live simple, peaceful lives in the quieter reaches of the world. However, a century ago, something changed. Medeus, the Shadow Dragon, surfaced in the Dolhr region and created what would be a great empire there. His forces invaded the human realm, and in the blink of an eye, he had subjected all of the land.

Malledus: It was then, in that darkest hour, that a young man named Anri appeared, and rose against the Shadow Dragon. In his head was a shining blade of light- Falchion- which he plunged into Medeus- and the tyrant was no more. Anri went on to found Altea- and the rest, I believe, you know.

Marth: Yes, Malledus... Is that what this was about? I do know my own kingdom's history. And I know what I must do, now that Medeus has revived and restored Dolhr to its former might.

Malledus: You are Anri's last male descendant, the only one who can wield Falchion. You must find the blade that was taken, and put an end to Dolhr and its misguided Manakete rulers.

Marth: I will finish what my father started. I will avenge him, and bring light back into our world.