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Land of Sorrow (Shadow Dragon)/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


Gra had always been a staunch ally to Altea. But as Altea fought Grust, Gra backstabbed Altea. Altea's army was taken by surprise. King Cornelius and Falchion disappeared in the ensuing chaos. Two years have elapsed since that tragedy… Marth has finally arrived at Gra Bastion to confront the treacherous King Jiol, who has barricaded himself in.
— Chapter 14 Opening

Houses and Villages


  • Young man: They say that shops will all give you half off if you have a silver card… Sounds too good to be true if you ask me!
  • Young man: I heard that once you reach LV.10, you can change jobs! Cavaliers can become paladins, mercenaries can become heroes… There's more but I forgot!


????: Are you Prince Marth of Altea? I have a request of you. This tome belongs to one Bishop Boah of Archanea. Heimler of Grust got hold of it. It has come to be in my possession. Please return it to the bishop for me. One more thing… Watch over Princess Nyna. Your attention to this would put my mind at ease. I shall take my leave of you. We will meet again…
(Received a Thoron)

Recruiting Palla

Palla: I am pleased to meet you, Prince Marth. I am Palla of the Whitewings. As soon as we heard that Princess Maria was safe, my sister Catria and I left Macedon. Just as she promised you, Catria and I will join your fight alongside Princess Minerva. However, our youngest sister Est still has not returned from Grust. If she makes it back, the three of us will show you how we can light up the battlefield together!
(Palla joins)

Recruiting Catria

Catria: Hello, Prince Marth. It has been a while. Do you remember me? I am Catria. I was waiting for Princess Minerva's order before joining your army. I look forward to fighting together. I will do all that I can.
(Catria joins)

Jiol initiates a battle

Jiol: You Altean rabble! I should have ground you into the dust when I had the chance!


Malledus: We searched every inch of the castle but could not find the blade of light… As the rumors suggest, Gharnef must have taken it to Khadein.
Marth: I see... Without Falchion, we cannot hope to defeat Medeus. Altea is so close…but we must go to Khadein instead. Disappointing, but I have to tell the troops.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Ss fe12 menu background 01.png

The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


Gra, from the very beginning, was an ally of Altea. However, during the battle with Grust, they suddenly sided with the enemy. Because they were ambushed from behind, the Altean army was decimated. And its king, Cornelius, and the Falchion disappeared at Gra. It has already been 2 years since that tragic day... Marth finally reaches Gra castle, guarded by the one who drove his father to death, Jiol.
— Chapter 11 Intro


(Knight approches Jiol)
Knight: King Jiol. The allied army has finally come.
Jiol: What do you mean allied army? Idiot!! Why don't you just call them rebels!?
Knight: Yes, I'm sorry. It's just that everybody calls them the allied army now, so...
Jiol: Idiot!! Those fools are just a bunch of rebels. You shouldn't have to fear them. I can't believe this. Not only did they make it here alive, but they're led by the Fire Emblem. Have you requested reinforcements from the Dolhr Empire yet?
Knight: Yes, a squadron of Pegasus Knights are expected to arrive soon.
Jiol: Pegasus Knights?! What good can those things do?! I specifically requested either Camus's Sable Order or Michalis's Dragoons. Damn it! So that's how they treat me? They plan on betraying us, just as we betrayed Cornelius? Damn that Gharnef! I don't want to die just yet. Do you understand what to do!?
Knight: Yes, your highness...
(Knight leaves)

Houses and Villages


  • Man: If you have a Silver Card, the goods at any shop can be bought for half their price. It's like a dream come true, isn't it?
  • Young Man: When you reach Level 10 you can change your class. Cavaliers become Paladins, Mercenaries become Heroes. ...The others, I forgot.


????: So you are Altea's Prince Marth...? Then, I have one request. This is a magic tome belongin to Archanea's bishop Boah. Originally it was in the possession of Dolhr's bishop Volzhin, but now it is in my hands. Can you return it to Boah for me? Also... Please take care of Princess Nyna... I hop that you can protecct her personally. Well, I must leave. We will definitely meet again.
Thoron obtained!

Fighting Palla

Palla: Wait, I'm looking for Lord Marth.

Killing Palla

Palla: How ruthless...

Recruiting Palla

Palla: Lord Marth, greetings. I am Palla of the Whitewings. After hearing that you rescued Maria, my sister, Catria, and I escaped from Macedon. Following my promise to Katria, I will also fight together with Minerva. However, our youngest sister, Est, headed to Grust and hasn't been seen since. Once she returns, we three will be able to hep you out even more...
(Palla joins)

Fighting Catria

Catria: Wait, I'm looking for Lord Marth.

Killing Catria

Catria: Why...

Recruiting Catria

Catria: Lord Marth, it's been a while. I'm Catria. After hearing that Minerva has finally joined your side, I have been waiting for you. I will also try my best please watch over me.
(Catria joins)

Fighting Astram

Astram: I'm sorry... This is for my lover... Forgive me...

Killing Astram

Astram: Midia... Forgive me...

Recruiting Astram

Midia: Astram! Why are you here...?
Astram: Midia? Is that you, Midia? Are you alright? It's great... to see you again.
Midia: Ah... Astram. You didn't know. The Altean army has already liberated Millennium Court. We hostages were all freed, and now we're fighting together with Altea. So you don't need to help the enemy anymore.
Astram: Really? That's great. In that case I want to try my hand at challenging Dolhr once again.
Midia: Mmm, from now on we'll be together. I'll definitely not leave your side again.
(Astram joins)

Fighting Jiol

Jiol: Altea's fallen soldiers... I should have killed you all when I had the chance.

Killing Jiol

Jiol: The Kingdom of Gra... is done for... My daughter... Sheena... You must... for me...


Malledus: Prince Marth, we searched the whole castle, but the divine Falchion sword is nowhere to be found. It seems the rumors were true. It has already been taken away by Gharnef.
Marth: Really...? But, without the Falchion we cannot defeat Medeus. ...I'm sorry everyone, but even though Altea is so close now, we must go to Khadein.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


Gra's betrayal of Altea years earlier had come as a shock, of course, until that day they attacked Marth's kingdom in the name of Dolhr, Gra had been a trustworthy neighbor and ally. While the Altean army was out on an expedition, Gra struck from the rearm annihilating the Altean soldiers, killing Marth's father, King Cornelius and stealing Falchion, the blade of light. It was a crushing blow.

Much time had passed since that sad day, and much had changed. Now it was Marth's turn to descend on Gra Bastion, and face King Jiol, the man who had robbed him of his father.

— Chapter 14 intro

During battle

Enemy Soldier: King Jiol, they're ‘ere! The League is outside the Bastion!

Jiol: League? How dare you call them that! I see naught but a prince of ghosts and his pack of rebels.

Enemy Soldier: B-beggin' your pardon, sire, but everybody calls 'em the League now. Altea and Aurelis and Archanea...The League of A's, you might say!

Jiol: Shut up, you idiot! Hmmm...So the princeling has returned. And he leads all the might of Archanea, with the Fire Emblem in hand...Did you send to Dolhr for reinforcements like I asked?

Enemy Soldier: Of course, sire. Macedon's pegasus knights are on their way.

Jiol: Pegasus knights?! How am I supposed to stop the Lea- those REBELS with a handful of...of winged ponies! Send another messenger! Tell them we need Camus's Sable Order, or...or Michalis's Dragoons! Blast...I deserve the same protection as the rest of the Empire! Betraying Altean was Gharnef's idea! Let...let him fight the brat! Don't just stand there, DO something! I don't want to die!

Houses and villages

  • Young Man: At level 10, some units can change class- move up in the world, you might say! Cavaliers become paladins, mercenaries become ‘eroes, and, err- well, I forget the rest.
  • Young Man: With a silver card, you can buy from shops at ‘alf price! Sounds like somethinEout of a dream, eh?
  • Village:

????: You must be Prince Marth of Altea. I have a favor to ask of you. This magic tome belongs to Bishop Boah of Archanea. General Volzhin of Dolhr has been keeping it stashed away, but it...found its way into my hands, you might say. I would appreciate greatly if you could return it to the good bishop in my stead. One other thing... Please take care of Princess Nyna. I am counting on you to keep her safe. ...I must go now. But our paths will cross again; you can be certain of that.
(Obtained Thoron)

When recruting Catria (with Minerva recruited)

Catria: Hail, Prince Marth! ‘Tis me, Catria. We meet again. My elder sister and I heard our mistress, Princess Minerva, had joined your ranks, so we absconded from Macedon to come and look for you here. I will fight my hardest for you, sire. You need only give the command.

When recruting Catria (with Minerva absent)

Catria: Hail, Prince Marth! ‘Tis me, Catria. We meet again. Our mistress, Princess Minerva, wished nothing more than to fight at your side as a member of the League. Though she is not here with you now... I have come instead, in accordance with her wishes. I will fight my hardest for you, sire. You need only give the command.

When recruting Palla (with Minerva recruited)

Palla: Greetings, Prince Marth. I am Palla, of the Whitewinged Order of Macedon. My younger sister and I parted ways with Macedon the moment we heard Princess Maria was free. Until now, we had fought for Dolhr against our will- but no longer. You have freed us to do what our hearts tell us is right. I wish to fight with my mistress, Princess Minerva. My lance is hers, and yours. Still, sire, I fear for my youngest sister, Est. She flew to Grust some time ago and has yet to return. If the three of us- Catria, Est, and I- are reunited, we can serve you all the better. I hope Est is safe.

When recruting Palla (with Minerva absent)

Palla: Greetings, Prince Marth. I am Palla, of the Whitewinged Order of Macedon. My younger sister and I parted ways with Macedon, that we might come here to find you. Though our kingdom has become no better than a pawn of Dolhr, our mistress, the princess Minerva, loved Macedon in her heart of hearts. She wished to restore it to glory. And though she is no longer here to do so...I still am. I will go with you, to grant that wish in my mistress's place. Still, sire, I fear for my youngest sister, Est. She flew to Grust some time ago and has yet to return. If the three of us- Catria, Est, and I- are reunited, we can serve you all the better. I hope Est is safe...

Against Jiol

Jiol: Grr... Altean rabble! I should have killed you stragglers back when I had a chance!

Defeating Jiol

Jiol: Thus falls...the mighty kingdom...of Gra...


Nyna: Well done, Marth. Altea is just a step away. Now you can take back your home.

Marth: Yes, and take it back I shall, but...

Nyna: Something is wrong. What troubles you?

Marth: Falchion isn't here.

Nyna: The divine blade? Was it supposed to be?

Marth: Yes. When one of my knights returned from the battle where my father, Cornelius, fell....he said Gra had stolen Falchion. And if we are to defeat Dolhr and the Shadow Dragon, Medeus...we need that blade.

(enters Malledus)

Malledus: Prince Marth!

Marth: Did you find it, Malledus?

Malledus: seems Gharnef made off with it.

Nyna: Gharnef? Then, to find Falchion-

Marth: That's right. We'll need to go to Khadein, the kingdom of magic, where he resides. It pains me to turn astray when Altea is so close, but it must be done.