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Laguz and Beorc/Conversations

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Rolf: No, no, no! On the battlefield, nothing is more important than precision and skill!
Boyd: Nah. Sorry, kiddo. Power is the most important element.
Rolf: You don't know what you're talking about. It's skill!
Boyd: It's power! Did you practice being this stupid?
Rolf: Idiot meathead!
Boyd: What?! Take that back, you little brat!
(Mist appears)
Mist: Stars above, don't you two ever stop fighting? You're siblings. Be nice to each other. So, what is it this time?
Rolf: You be the judge, Mist. What's the most important quality a soldier can have in battle?
Boyd: It's power, but little Rolfie here insists that it's skill.
Rolf: If you don't have skill, you can't hit your enemies!
Boyd: If you're weak, you can't hurt 'em, even if you do hit 'em!
Mist: Oh, you two are ridiculous.
Rolf: Ridiculous?
Boyd: Yeah, whaddya mean by that?!
Mist: Skill and power are both important. Only a bad soldier would focus on one over the other.
Rolf: That's true, but...
Boyd: You could at least play along a little.
Mist: Play along? I'm sick and tired of having to listen to your silly arguments! Anyhow, I'm here to give you something. Here you go, Boyd.
Boyd: Hey, thanks!
Rolf: What's that? A shirt?
Mist: Yup. Boyd's just like Ike. He keeps growing like a beanstalk! If we didn't constantly make his clothes bigger, he'd run out of things to wear.
Boyd: I'm too broke to buy new ones. Thanks for fixing it up, Mist. I really appreciate it.
Mist: Well, I can't sew very well, but it gets the job done.
Boyd: That it does!
Rolf: I thought Oscar fixed our clothes...
Mist: He's been busy, so I offered to take over some of his chores. Rolf, I can alter your clothes, too. If you want, I mean.
Rolf: No thanks. I can do it myself.
Mist: Really? Well, all right, then.
Boyd: Like he needs alterations! I don't think he's grown in years. Right, short stuff?
Rolf: Shut up, meathead!
Boyd: Why you little--!
Mist: Hey, cut it out!
(Rolf leaves)
Mist: Rolf, wait!
Boyd: Yeah, you'd better run, you moss-headed twerp!
Mist: C'mon, you guys...

Kitten Smitten

Gatrie: ...Oh, and this girl! You're going to think you're dreaming! She's as lovely as the dawn, I'm telling you!
Shinon: All right, just show me already. Where is this sunrise with legs, anyway?
Gatrie: Wait, are you saying you're actually curious? I never thought I'd see the day.
Shinon: Well, we're gonna have to hang around these sub-humans for quite a while. A pretty face will help keep me sane.

(Lyre arrives)

Lyre: Hey! You! You want to say that again?!
Gatrie: Ahh...!
Shinon: Hey, pussycat. You should've dropped by after dinner. I'm a generous man. I would've given you some table scraps.
Lyre: T-table scraps?! How dare you! You're scum! Who do you think you are? I'm not going to forget that!
Shinon: Aww, kitty wants to play? Sure, I've got some time to kill. Let's dance, hairball!

(Kyza arrives)

Kyza: Stop! Don't make another move.
Lyre: Kyza! You should hear the garbage he's saying! He's the worst man I've ever met!
Kyza: He's a beorc, Lyre. Please accept my apology on behalf of my associate. Please, forgive her. Now you, Lyre. Apologize to him.
Lyre: What?! Why do I have to be the one to apologize?! That guy was the one who started it!
Kyza: Do you want me to report to Captain Ranulf that you couldn't control your temper and started a fight with a beorc?
Lyre: N-no...
Shinon: I'm waiting... I'd forgive you if you apologized. I am a nice guy, you know.
Lyre: What?! Never! You're lucky I don't claw that smile off your face!

(Lyre leaves)

Kyza: Lyre! I'm sorry... Maybe some other time. Excuse me.

(Kyza leaves)

Shinon: Hmmph, I hate it when sub-humans like him act all high-and-mighty, pretending to be just like us beorc. He's even worse than the other hairball.
Gatrie: ...Sigh.
Shinon: What, did all that stun you into silence? You look like you've been hit in the head.
Gatrie: So, her name is Lyre. What a pretty name! Lyyyyyre...
Shinon: What? Oh, come on! Don't tell me the girl you were talking about is that pussycat!
Gatrie: Don't mock me, Shinon! This is serious. I feel it. It's destiny! That girl and I are fated to be together!
Shinon: You're chasing after a laguz now? Gatrie, I swear you'd hit on a tree if I dressed it in a skirt. Tell me I'm wrong!


Mia: There you are, Commander! I found ya!
Ike: What can I do for you, Mia?
Mia: What do you think? I only come to you for one thing... Commander! I challenge you!
Ike: Again? Haven't you had enough?
Mia: Not at all. I was pretty close to beating you, last time. So c'mon! The longer we wait, the less I'm gonna remember about how I got that close!
Ike: You know I'm not going to go easy on you, right? Or on anyone else who comes at me with a sword, for that matter.
Mia: Good! I like it that way! That's why I love training with you.
Ike: At least you're getting something out of it. Titania and Mist just complain afterward.
Mia: Don't you worry about that! I've got the perfect solution.
Ike: What's that?
Mia: Yoo-hoo! Rhys, over here!

(Rhys arrives)

Ike: Oh, I see. Interesting idea.
Mia: He'll fix me right up if I get hurt. What do you think of that, huh?
Ike: You all right with that, Rhys? I know you don't like watching allies cut each other up in training.
Rhys: That's true, but... I think it's better that I know how the injury happened, rather than having someone just show up and bleed on the floor. It will reduce the shock of seeing all that blood, you know? That's something I learned the hard way.
Ike: Well, as long as you're all right with it, I guess it's fine with me, too.
Mia: That settles it! The scene is set, the arena ready... Prepare yourself, Commander!
Ike: Oh, I already have. Get ready!
Rhys: Just... Please go easy on each other. All right? Did you hear me? Hello?