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Lady of Deceit/Script

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Note: Some story events may be slighly modified depending on what characters have previously fallen in battle (Classic Mode only).

Crimson Flower
Lone Moon

Lady of Deceit

Opening Narration FETH Adrestia banner.png

Cg fe16 lone moon mural part 2.png
After a narrow victory over the Knights of Seiros at Garreg Mach, the Black Eagle Strike Force hopes to secure a route to Fhirdiad, the Kingdom Capital.
— Chapter 16 opening narration

Event - The Fortress City

Date: 3/1
Knights' Hall*

(In the Knights' Hall, Edelgard, Hubert and Byleth discuss their upcoming plans...)
Edelgard: The time has come to invade the Kingdom capital.
Edelgard: Or so I declared. In truth, we'll be advancing to a different location. Only you and the rest of the Black Eagle Strike Force can know. Please bear that in mind.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Of course. What's the plan?
Hubert: Seems you've already anticipated our intentions, Professor. Well done.
Hubert: Before Fhirdiad, we must take Arianrhod, which lies near the border between the Empire and the Kingdom. As a city on the boundary of the two territories, it must be taken at once.
Hubert: There is another location we must take before moving on to Fhirdiad.
Hubert: South of the capital, there is a fortress city on the border of the Empire and the Kingdom. It is called Arianrhod, and we must take control of it at once.

Edelgard: There are many mages within Arianrhod. We will also face Cornelia, a general of the Kingdom. We must also contend with Rodrigue, the head of House Fraldarius, as well as his troops. Once we defeat them, Arianrhod will be ours.
Hubert: I hear Cornelia has a suspicious magic weapon at her disposal. We must attack before the enemy can respond with defensive measures. That is why we are preparing an assault before even our allies are aware.
Hubert: Even within our ranks, there is no way to know with certainty that there is not a rat among us who would leak such information.
Edelgard: When Arianrhod falls, we'll focus on striking Fhirdiad from both the south and the east. The deeper we carve our way into Kingdom and church territory, the more favorable our position.
Edelgard: As ever, I'm counting on you, my teacher.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Exploration: Lady of Deceit

Potential Dates: 3/8, 3/15, 3/22 and 3/29

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Event - Raid

Date: 3/30
Administrative Office (Arianrhod, the Fortress City)

(Rodrigue reports to Cornelia, who's looking into the distance.)
Rodrigue: Cornelia! I have a report from our scouts.
Rodrigue: The Imperial army that departed from Garreg Mach en route to the capital now appears to be marching here.
(Cornelia is in shock)
Cornelia: What did you just say?!
Rodrigue: The speed of the army's movement quickens... They will be here to invade within days.
Rodrigue: I just sent some of my troops to support the capital. It is likely to be a fierce fight...
Cornelia: How could this be? I have not heard a thing about...
(Something sparks on Cornelia's mind...)
Cornelia: Ah... I understand now. I am the target.
(Rodrigue's confused by her statement.)
Rodrigue: You? Are you sure they do not mean to take Arianrhod for strategic reasons?
Cornelia: It would appear so from the outside. However, the circumstances are not that simple.
Cornelia: And will you calm yourself? It will not be a fierce fight whatsoever. The sweet children I have prepared will protect Arianrhod well...
Rodrigue: Cornelia...

Magdred Way

(Meanwhile, as the Black Eagle Strike Force is on the way to Arianrhod...)
Hubert: Arianhrod is a fortress city that was built about 400 years ago. Originally a base on the front lines of the battle against the Kingdom, it was built using Imperial money and technology.
Edelgard: However, the head of House Rowe secretly planned to betray the Empire.
Edelgard: As the fortress neared completion, it was rebuilt as a base to defend against the Empire. When the fortress was completed, House Rowe declared its vassalage to the Kingdom.
Hubert: Since then, Arianrhod has never fallen. Not once.
Hubert: The beautiful white wall that protect it against its enemies have earned it the nickname the Silver Maiden. In the end, that is all it is to the Empire... the Silver Maiden stands as a bitter memory.
Petra: We will now be destroying that memory. The past is the past. Now is now.
Caspar: A fortress that has never fallen?! Ooh, I can't wait to make it fall!
Ferdinand: How savage of you. And yet, I must say I agree with the sentiment.
Ferdinand: Let us take the sturdy Arianrhod and continue our march against the Kingdom!
Bernadetta: An invincible fortress? Sounds perfect!
Linhardt: Unfortunately, it will soon no longer be invincible. The Silver Maiden's iron skin is about to be damaged. It's sad, really.
(Petra looks at Linhardt.)
Petra: Is it silver or iron? Use your language with clarity, please.
(Dorothea briefly looks at Linhardt as well.)
Dorothea: Really, Lin. There must be a better way to say that.
Dorothea: Since we are attacking a heavily guarded place, we must take extra care to prevent allies from getting injured.
Edelgard: Thank you, everyone. I'm counting on all of you. Now, let's resume our advance.
Hubert: This battle is for the future of Fódlan...

Narration - The Siege of Arianrhod

In order to secure a successful invasion of Fhirdiad, Edelgard launches a raid on the Fortress City of Arianrhod, which occupies a key position on the border. At Arianrhod, a mage serving House Blaiddyd named Cornelia and the head of House Fraldarius, Rodrigue, strengthen their defenses.
— Introduction to The Siege of Arianrhod

Battle: Lady of Deceit

Date: 3/31

Before Battle

Cornelia: How could they deceive me and close in on Arianrhod?! But it's not like I'm just going to just stand by and watch... I will slaughter them all.

Edelgard: So this is the Silver Maiden... Seeing it with my own eyes, I finally understand its strength. Especially the fact that its strength is distributed across its frontal defenses. We'll attack the front and keep our enemy occupied while the others enter by the east gate.

Player Phase 1

Cornelia: Titanus, my lovely dolls... Seek out the enemy and destroy them! And if the chance presents itself, I wouldn't mind being rid of those unsightly Kingdom forces too!

Hubert: Are those Cornelia's magical weapons? Impressive.

Enemy Phase 1

If Felix wasn't recruited

Felix: Want to die? Step forward. I'll take you all.

If Ingrid wasn't recruited

Ingrid: We all choose our paths and I've chosen mine. I fight for my lord, to the death!

Player Phase 3

Edelgard: Traps awaiting us inside the castle... What a nuisance. But with such large-scale traps, there must be some sort of mechanism to control them.

After Pulling the First Lever

Hubert: The traps are still functional. There must be more of these devices.

After Pulling the Second Lever

Edelgard: The traps have been disabled. It should be safe to advance now.

If Cornelia hasn't fallen...

Edelgard: Our goal is Cornelia. Let's make this an all-out assault!

Gwendal's Lance? (unused)

Gwendal: You little ones fight decently. But can you deflect my lance?

Boss - Felix

Felix does not appear if he was recruited and is replaced by a Kingdom General Swordmaster instead.

Vs Anyone:

There you are, standing before me, ready for death. I will administer the finishing blow.
— Felix Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Part of me has been waiting for this since I met you. No need for chitchat. Come at me!
— Felix Vs Byleth

Vs Ingrid:

Felix: All that talk about chivalry and loyalty, only to turn against your homeland.
Ingrid: Maybe I'm not a knight after all. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. I've betrayed lord and family alike. And I've done so because I believe in the professor. I fight for that which I believe in!
Felix: So, you won't step aside. Then I'll have to kill you.

— Felix Vs Ingrid

Vs Sylvain:

Sylvain: Hey, Felix? Remember when we were kids and we made a promise about dying together?
Felix: I remember.
Sylvain: Well, seems we're about to kill each other.
Felix: Sorry, Sylvain. You'll die first.

— Felix Vs Sylvain

Death Quote:

Felix: I failed...
Rodrigue: Felix, I'm so sorry... I swear to avenge you!

— Felix's Death Quote

Boss - Rodrigue

Vs Anyone:

I am the king's shield, devoted to protecting the Kingdom, as well as the king's lance, who kills his foes! In the name of House Fraldarius...I will defeat you all!
— Rodrigue Vs Anyone

Vs Felix:

Rodrigue: So, my foolish son... You took it upon yourself to leave your family behind.
Felix: I'm not coming back. I won't serve the boar.
Rodrigue: It's a father's duty to settle his child's failures. Felix... You must die here and now!

— Rodrigue Vs Felix

Death Quote:

Rodrigue: So this is it... Your Majesty... Please bring us victory!
Felix: Father... I will fight in your stead.

— Rodrigue's Death Quote

Boss - Gwendal

Vs. Anyone:

Does a whelp like you really expect to kill me? I am Gwendal, the Gray Lion, a knight by the hand of Count Rowe! Do your worst!
— Gwendal Vs Anyone

Vs. Yuri:

Gwendal: So. You've chosen to turn your blade against the count. Heh. Never thought I'd see the day, mongrel.
Yuri: And yet you are seeing it, aren't you? Say what you will. I know your true feelings for me. Sure, you watched my back by order of the count. But you cared too. You were the only one who treated me as an equal.
Gwendal: That is all in the past. This is no time for misplaced sentimentality. I must do what I came here to do.

— Gwendal Vs Yuri

Death Quote:

So this is where I meet my end...
— Gwendal's Death Quote

Boss - Ingrid

Ingrid does not appear if she was recruited and is replaced by a Kingdom General Falcon Knight instead.

Vs Anyone:

I will protect Arianrhod to the bitter end. This I have promised to my ancestors, to His Majesty, and to myself!
— Ingrid Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

You have chosen to assist the Empire, even while knowing of their deeds. I am truly disappointed in you, Professor. Prepare yourself, heel of the Empire! A wretch like you will never be qualified to rule over Fódlan!
— Ingrid Vs Byleth

Vs Felix:

Ingrid: Felix, why?
Felix: Urrgh...
Ingrid: You've betrayed His Majesty, Glenn, and Lord Rodrigue. You've betrayed just about everyone!
Felix: You couldn't possibly understand. If you're going to stand in my way, I'll have to kill you.

— Ingrid Vs Felix

Vs Sylvain:

Ingrid: Sylvain. This isn't funny. What are you doing?
Sylvain: I'm sorry, Ingrid. I believe in what the professor is trying to do more than I do in my own country.
Ingrid: Perhaps my blade will cut away the scales from your eyes!

— Ingrid Vs Sylvain

Death Quote:

Maybe...I've become like him...
— Ingrid's Death Quote

Boss - Cornelia

Vs Anyone:

Oh my, what a charming guest. Let me take care of you...
— Cornelia Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Ah, such a shame... I always thought we'd end up being good friends. But here you are as my enemy... The only thing left to do is to kill you, right?
— Cornelia Vs Byleth

Vs Hapi:

Hapi: So it is you. When I heard you were a court mage or whatever, I could hardly believe it. Well, no point in standing around and chatting about old times. Let's get this over with.
— Cornelia Vs Hapi

Defeat Quote:

Gah! So this is as far as I could get...
— Cornelia's Defeat Quote

Last Words:

Ah... All is in accordance with this carefully crafted script of ours... What a masterpiece! What a delightful dance...
— Cornelia's Last Words

Every Enemy General has Fallen

Edelgard: Victory is ours! Arianrhod has fallen! Another army will take control of Arianrhod. As for us, we will take all of the military force we can muster and advance to the Kingdom capital of Fhirdiad. It won't be long before all of Fódlan is unified. Everyone, this is our last push. Our goal is within reach!

Event - Agarthan Technology

Outer City Wall

(As Edelgard and Byleth have arrived into Garreg Mach, someone pays them a visit...)
Edelgard: What turn of events has brought you so suddenly to Garreg Mach, Uncle?
Lord Arundel: Well, my business in the old Alliance territory had roughly finished. I wanted to see the face of my niece, who so bravely took Arianrhod.
Lord Arundel: I have heard that it was done with truly magnificent tact. And that you even deceived some of your allies.
Edelgard: I'm happy to have earned your praise. However, to say that I deceived my allies is a bit misleading.
Edelgard: I despise leaks of information, and there may have been a church rat hiding amongst our ranks.
Lord Arundel: Ah, I see. However, there are some unfortunate consequences.
Lord Arundel: Cornelia surely planned to betray them, but...she has been struck down.
(Arundel's expression becomes grim...)
Lord Arundel: Truly wasteful meddling. Unless... Was it your intention to kill her?
(Arundel then looks at Byleth.)

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
It was. It was not. I didn't care either way.
(Support points with Edelgard go up.)
Edelgard: Professor, don't joke about that. The only ones we came to kill were our enemies.
Edelgard: Indeed. We came only to kill our enemies. Edelgard: Indeed. We came only to kill our enemies.

Edelgard: She used a terrible magic weapon... Dolls that she could move and fight with. Did you know about them?
Lord Arundel: Well now... If that were the case, would it not have been better to keep her an an ally?
Lord Arundel: If you are only capable of such imprudence, this dark cloud might hang over the Empire's future as well.
(The Emperor replies back with confidence.)
Edelgard: Thank you for your concern. However, I will sweep aside any darkness that comes our way.
(Lord Arundel seems happy with her response...?)
Lord Arundel: I will be praying. Praying that the Empire will not become another Arianrhod.
Edelgard: Another Arianrhod? Just what do you mean...
Lord Arundel: Hmph. I must take my leave now. Farewell.
(Arundel leaves.)

(Some time later...)
(Hubert rushes into Edelgard. He looks very distraught.)
Hubert: Lady Edelgard, there you are. We just received some truly shocking news.
Hubert: It is said that pillars of light have rained from the heavens and disintegrated Arianrhod.
Edelgard: Disintegrated? (Edelgard is shocked.)

Choice 1 Choice 2
How is that possible... Was it Lord Arundel...
Hubert: It was likely some type of magic... Perhaps a forbidden art. Hubert: Why would he do that?
(Byleth nods.)
Hubert: Was Lord Arundel just here? So that would mean...

Edelgard: Hubert! Give me the full report!
Hubert: Ah, my apologies. I, of all people, should be able to control my discomposure.
Hubert: The pillars of light descended and exploded, resulting in the complete destruction of the main building and the north wall. It is believed that all key people within House Rowe, including its leader, were killed. Of the Imperial officers and men we kept at Arianrhod, about a third are unaccounted for...
Edelgard: It can't be true...
Edelgard: So...this is my uncle's trump card. In exchange for striking down Cornelia, he has destroyed Arianrhod!
Hubert: Perhaps we acted too soon in our disposal of Cornelia...
Edelgard: No. If we'll be fighting them soon, there's no disadvantage to weakening their forces. It's also extremely valuable that we forced them to show their hand.
Edelgard: Hubert, the investigation you made into the legend of Ailell, the Valley of Torment... This is likely what took place back then as well.
Hubert: Yes... The probability is high.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Valley of Torment? The same thing happened in the past?
(Support points with Hubert go up.)
Hubert: Yes, it is quite likely.

Hubert:' North of Garreg Mach there is a valley where the earth is always aflame. Once, javelins of light fell from the sky there... They pierced the earth and set the forest ablaze, creating a land of torment.
Hubert:' We believed it may have been the work of the goddess, but... It was actually an attack by those who slither in the dark. That sums up all that we know.
Edelgard: By giving us that knowledge, those who died at Arianrhod will not have died in vain.
Hubert: Indeed. It would be good to control the flow of this information.
Edelgard: True. We'll conceal this from everyone as best as we can. I trust you, my teacher.
(Byleth nods in agreement.)

Event - War Council: Lone Moon

Meeting Room*

(Edelgard, Hubert & Byleth discuss the recent events with the rest of the army.)
Edelgard: I'm sure everyone has heard about what transpired at Arianrhod. The church has displayed their cowardice by indiscriminantly using forbidden practices to kill the residents there.
Edelgard: Their victims also include members of House Rowe, the Imperial army, and many, many more.
Hubert: According to our investigation, the forbidden attack that destroyed Arianrhod cannot be used again so quickly. Even so, we cannot delay our efforts. We must put a stop to all of this by the end of next month.
Hubert: The leader of one of the Imperial factions has already initiated an attack on the Fraldarius territory lost by Rodrigue... Soon, all obstacles blocking our path to Fhirdiad will have vanished.
Edelgard: A cornered animal is at its most deadly. We must move quickly.
Edelgard: Next, we march through the Tailtean Plains. After that, we destroy Fhirdiad. At that time, complete Imperial control over Fódlan will finally be a reality.
(The Black Eagle Strike Force is pumped.)
Caspar: Ah, I'm shaking with excitement! Bring on the battle!
Dorothea: I understand that a confrontation is inevitable. Still... I wonder if there's some path we could take that would cause less suffering...
Petra: This is the only path for the goal we are reaching for, and so we must keep walking on it. We are walking down the path to a better tomorrow.
Linhardt: A cornered church... Hmm, well, count me out from any forbidden sorcery that can destroy whole cities.
Linhardt: If only there was an easier way to get more information on Crests and Relics...
(Ferdinand looks at Linhardt.)
Ferdinand: You are as negative as usual, Linhardt. We have but one order. To emerge victorious!
Bernadetta: We're going to win this! We really are! After all, if we lose, everything will be terrible forever! Oh, no way! We can't let that happen!
Caspar: There's a lot to worry about, but...I'm sure it will all work out! We'll win no matter what!