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Kuen Tarachino

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Kuen Tarachino

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Kenta Miyake


Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Kuen Tarachino (Japanese: 鱈知乃 九炎 Kuen Tarachino) is a side story character appearing in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. He is a drama director who carries a harsh demeanor.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE


Kuen is first encountered when Tsubasa Oribe is assigned the lead role in "Sneeze Detective Maho", a detective show directed by Kuen.

Tsubasa attends an audition for the show, but her lack of experience frustrates Kuen, who takes her aside to help her understand the character she is to play. Kuen is shown to be very strict but passionate about his directorial visions, and has very high standards for his work, demanding hat the show earn at least a 50% viewer rating. According to Eleonora Yumizuru, Kuen's training is tough and nightmare-inducing, but a great learning experience. Kuen's perfectionism doesn't make him very approachable, but his work is always phenomenal. Eleonora and Itsuki Aoi then leave the studio to rehearse some lines in private.

Some time later, Eleonora's training session is interrupted by a call from Tsubasa that the studio has been attacked by Mirages. Itsuki and Eleonora return to find Kuen possessed by a mirage, shouting "cut!" at his employees and moving into Illusory Daiba Studio to resume filming of "Sneeze Detective Maho". Inside the Idolasphere, Itsuki and the Mirage Masters comply with Kuen's demands to act out scenes of the show, through both actual acting and combat. Tsubasa takes the opportunity to learn techniques from Touma and Eleonora in the process, but the team is forced to leave and regroup when Kuen kidnaps Tsubasa's older sister Ayaha Oribe for a hostage scene.

Itsuki's group help Tsubasa to understand the hostage-taker's character, and she returns with a performance that satisfies Kuen. However, he reveals that "Ayaha" was merely a disguised Mirage meant to help motivate Tsubasa.

Eventually, Kuen demands that Tsubasa and Itsuki act out a climactic romance scene as a finale for the show. They are successful, giving Kuen newfound hope in the future of Japanese entertainment. At this, the Mirage controlling Kuen, Excellus, attempts to take Tsubasa's Performa, but Kuen rejects the Mirage and Itsuki's group quickly defeat it. After the incident, Kuen's memories are scrambled, and he has a vague sense that the show's filming has already been completed - he is unable to recall the existence of Mirages. "Sneeze Detective Maho" is later filmed for real, and the show achieves massive success.

Later on at Enter-Kingdom, Kuen is in charge of the Musical Fes stage show event, where a play's actors and scripts are slightly changed with each of its performances throughout the day - meant to symbolize having only one chance in life. Kuen is shown to enjoy tinkering with the script to improve the audience's experience.

During the side story "Princess of Horror", Eleonora's high-school romance TV drama "Dandelion in Love" undergoes a major genre shift at the suggestion of higher-ups. The show is to be changed to a horror drama called "Bloody Amaryllis", with Kuen as director. Eleonora objects to the shift, but after some training against ghost-like foes, manages to find bravery in fighting against monsters. She suggests to Kuen that her character hunt down monsters instead of running from them, and he takes the suggestion to heart. The show is then changed to "Horror Hunter Angel", an action-horror show where Eleonora stars as a demihuman, evil-slaying heroine. The show's ratings improve considerably, and Kuen requests to work with Eleonora on his next project, a movie called "Arrow of Destiny", to be shot in Hollywood.

In a post-credits description, it is revealed that Arrow of Destiny became a box office hit worldwide, with Eleonora winning Best Actress for her role.


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Choose Your Legends placement history

Round Placement Character Votes
667 Portrait kuen & excellus tmsfee cyl.png
Kuen & Excellus
Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore
Portrait kuen & excellus tmsfee cyl.png
Kuen & Excellus
Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore
Portrait kuen & excellus tmsfee cyl.png
Kuen & Excellus
Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore
Portrait kuen & excellus tmsfee cyl.png
Kuen & Excellus
Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore
Portrait kuen & excellus tmsfee cyl.png
Kuen & Excellus
Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore
Total results This character has 5 entries across all Choose Your Legends polls. 160


  • Kuen Tarachino's name is a pun based on American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.

Etymology and other languages

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Kuen Tarachino

Romanization of his Japanese name.


鱈知乃 九炎

Kuen Tarachino. His surname is composed of the elements tara "codfish", chi "wisdom", and no "from"; his given name is composed of ku "nine" and en "flame".



Used in the Choose Your Legends polls for Fire Emblem Heroes.



Used in Choose Your Legends.



Used in Choose Your Legends.



Used in Choose Your Legends.



Used in Choose Your Legends.

Traditional Chinese

鱈知乃 九炎

Kuen Tarachino; used in Choose Your Legends.



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