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Knorda Market/Script

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light


With a string of hard-fought battles behind them, Marth and his army finally arrive in Archanea, Nyna's home. Beyond the mountains lies the bastion of Archanea that has stood for 1,000 years: the Ageless Palace. Its golden walls have seen so many treasures stolen and so many of its people lost… Marth and his allies have journeyed far, and now one of their primary goals is in sight!
— Chapter 11 Opening

Houses and Villages


  • Man: This here is Knorda. You're in Archanea now! Don't forget to drop by the armories and the shops. You should find some good stuff if you look around!
  • Young man: At the edge of town, there's a slave market. If you look, you'll see that it's full of kids pulled from who-knows-where…
  • Woman: I apologize… Since Archanea fell, this town has become desolate. It's not safe to walk outside with all the ruffians about!
  • Woman: I hate war… It's always the women and children who suffer. You should stop fighting. Get back to those you love as soon as you can.
  • Old man: Three weapons have been passed down by the royal family of Archanea. Parthia, the bow of flame, Gradivus, the lance that pierces stone… And the magic blade that can only be wielded by the chosen, Mercurius. Those that obtain them are said to be blessed by the gods.
  • Anna: Grust's army has good people in it too. Take my boyfriend, Jake. He's a kind man. If you run into him, will you tell him that Anna is worried about him? Just… There's one more thing. He probably won't want to talk to a man. Send a woman to talk to him. OK?


Ruffian: You lookin' to buy a slave? All's I have left are some scrawny brats, but I'll cut you a deal.
Marth: Look at these poor children! What a vile man you are. If you value your life, you'll unchain them immediately and get out of my sight!
Ruffian: It's the Altean army! I'm done for!
Marth: What a horrible ordeal you all must have suffered… But it's all right now. You can return to your homes. You there, why haven't you left?
Linde: I…I don't have anywhere to go.
Marth: You're a girl, aren't you? Yet you're disguised as a young boy.
Linde: I am the daughter of Archbishop Miloah. I disguised myself to escape from Gharnef. But I was caught by a slave merchant when I ran away.
Marth: So you're the archbishop's daughter! It's good that we found you. Princess Nyna has been worried sick! From today, we will stand beside you. I will not let anything like this happen to you again.
Linde: Prince Marth, let me fight at your side. I have the Aura tome my father entrusted to me… If Princess Nyna allows me to help, I will use it. I want to take revenge for what Gharnef did to my father. I must defeat him.
(Linde joins)

Jake initiates a battle

Jake: Why did I become a soldier? This is awful. And there are no cute girls here either…

Recruiting Jake

Caeda: Hello, soldier of Grust. You're Jake, aren't you?
Jake: Who are you? Don't you know it's not safe here?
Caeda: As a girl from this town told me, it seems there are good men among Grust's forces. You know a girl called Anna, don't you?
Jake: Oh, you heard about me from Anna? That's good! What did she have to say?
Caeda: She said that if you fought for the people of this land, she would follow you anywhere.
Jake: Really?! Well, honestly… I don't like seeing the people of this land suffer like this. All right. I've made up my mind! I'm ready to fight for you, and for Anna! I'll show you what I can do!
(Jake joins)


Marth: Look, Princess Nyna. It's the Ageless Palace.
Nyna: I am overjoyed to see it! Finally, I have made it home. Many of our warriors are still imprisoned within. We must hurry and save them!
Marth: Of course. We will storm the palace before enemy reinforcements arrive!

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.


After many long battles, the allied army, led by Marth, finally catch sight of Nyna's homeland of Archanea. Called the thousand year palace, the golden capital of Millennium Court is situated just across the mountains. Many of its treasures have been taken, and there are many imprisoned soldiers. Marth's long journey has finally reached one of its fateful destinations.
— Chapter 9 Intro


Marth: Nyna. We'll be able to see Millennium Court very soon. It must hold such painful memories for you.
Nyna: Ah... The fall of Millennium Court, I can still see it in my mind's eyes. So many people were killed. The royals were all taken to the castle gate and executed in public, as a warning to everyone. After managing to escape, I turned back to see father and mother, but they were no longer what they used to be. It brought such a terrible shock to me... I wanted to cry, but nothing came out. All I felt was sorrow and regret... But that was already in the past. Now is not the time to be reminiscing. Go, Marth, to the streets where I was born, to Archanea's royal capital of Millennium Court.

Houses and Villages


  • Old man: Since ancient times, the Archanea royal family passed on three special weapons. The fire bow Parthia. The rock-crushing lance Gradivus. And the mythical blade Mercurius. Those that carry them will receive the blessing of the deities.
  • Woman: Right now, evildoers have populated this region, and even walking outside is dangerous.
  • Woman: I hate war. It always makes women and children weep. You mustn't continue like this. Head back to your lover's side immediately.
  • Young man: Just outside this town is the slave market. But it's just full of stray kids.
  • Man: This place is Archanea's Knorda town. The armor and vendor have lots of nice goods.
  • Old woman: This is terrible. Since Archanea fell, this town has become so desolate.
  • Old man: No person can defend themselves against the breath of a dragon. Any armor is useless, so fighting front on is very dangerous.

Northern Village

Jeorge: Prince Marth, I am Jeorge, a sniper of Archanea. After the battle of Millennium Court, I was captured by the Dolhr Empire, but I managed to escape. When you agreed to protect Nyna, I was already waiting here for you. From now on, I will use my Silver Bow to aid the liberation of my homeland.
(Jeorge joins)

Southern Village

Ruffian: Do you need a slave? Right now we only have weakling kids for sale, but we can sell them to you for a cheap price.
Marth: You are selling children... How dare you!! If you want to live, release the children, and leave this place at once!!
Ruffina: Ah, the Altean army!!? Help!
Marth: You must have suffered, but it's alright now. Please return safely to your homes. .....Why aren't you leaving?
Boy: I... I no longer have a home to go back to.
Marth: Ah... Huh? You are a girl, but why are you wearing boys' clothes?
Linde: I am bishop Miloah's daughter, Linde. I dressed up as a boy to escape Gharnef. But... Then I was caught by the slave merchants...
Marth: Really? So you are Miloah's daughter... But you can relax now. Nyna has also been worried about you. From now on, we will protect you... So you won't be in danger any longer.
Linde: No!! Lord Marth, I want to fight as well. I have my father's Aura tome, which he gave me. As long as Nyna permits, I can use it. I want to personally defeat Gharnef, to avenge my father.
(Linde joins)

Fighting Khozen

Khozen: Burn... Blodd, flesh... Burn everything...

Killing Khozen

Khozen: King Medeus... Forgive me...


Marth: Nyna, this is Millennium Court.
Nyna: Ah! Millennium Court... At last, Millennium Court. It's so great... I have finally returend. But there should still be many captive knights in the castle. I really want to help them.
Marth: I understand. The enemy's reinforcements haven't come yet. We'll charge into the castle.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon


Tired from so many long battles, Marth and the League arrive at last in Archanea, Princess Nyna's mother kingdom. Past the mountains lay the royal palace, known to some as Millennium Court; and within its walls awaited many treasures and captives the enemy had taken.

With each step, Marth draw nearer to one of the great waypoints on his journey.

— Chapter 11 intro

During battle

Marth: Nyna, soon the palace will be in sight. I...know this can't be easy for you.

Nyna: ...When the palace fell, many, many good Archaneans were killed. The royal family...My family were...Their bodies were hung before the gates as an example. I cannot unpaint that vivid picture, of my parents grotesquely changed...I feel as though I should cry, Marth; or scream. But no tears come, and I cannot chase away the sadness and rage... ...I cannot change the past. I can only shape the future. Lead the way, Marth. I am ready. Take me home.

Houses and villages

  • Young Man: This here is Knorda, Archanea's closest market town. Drop by the armories and vendors if you've an interest in rare goods.
  • Young Man: A gang of ruffians have rounded up some Archanean folk and are holdin' em over at the edge of town. What a world it's become, that we've gotta be prisoners in our own land!
  • Middle-Aged Man: Three ancient weapons known as the Regalia have been passed down through the generations of House Archanea: Parthia, the bow of flame; Gradivus, the lance that pierces stone; and Mercurius, the spectral sword. Only those blessed by the gods may lay hands on them- or so it goes.
  • Old Woman: I'm sick of war. If it ain't the screams of battle you're hearin' it's the bawlin' of the widows! You all should go home to your loved ones if you ask me.
  • Young Man: Watch out for the ballisticians. They can fire their missiles quite a long ways. If you see they're usin' a weapon called an arrowspate, move your fliers out of there, before their wings get clipped! Also, ballisticians have a weapon called the thunderbolt, which is particularly effective against other ballisticians.
  • House 6(Anna's house):

(Before recruiting Jake - First visit)

Anna: Not everybody fighting for Grust is a bad apple, you know. Take my sweetheart, Jake. He's got a heart of gold, that one. If you see him, tell him Anna's worried sick about him. 'Course, my Jake won't talk to no-one but the most beautiful of women! That's just the way he is.

(Before recruiting Jake - Subsequent visits)

Anna: I hope this warring is over and done with soon. And I hope my Jake is well.

(Jake visit - First time)

Anna: Jake! What are you doing back?...Oh, so you've decided to fight for the Archanean League now?...No, no, I won't stop you. Sure, I wish you'd just stay put for a change, but I know you wouldn't fight unless it were for a fine cause indeed. Go get 'em, honeycomb!

(Jake visit - Subsequent times)

Anna: Go get 'em, Jake!

  • Village:

Ruffian: Heh. Whadda you want? A broken nose?

Marth: I hear you are holding some Archaneans here against their will. Release them at once!

Ruffian: How 'bout I release my fist into yer- Munchin' Manaketes! The Altean army?! Aieee! Get me outta here!!!

(Ruffian leaves)

Marth: Is everyone all right? I know you've been through a lot. Go home to your families.

(Boy enters)

Marth: Em? What's wrong, lad? Why don't you go home?

Boy: Because I have no home to go to.

(Boy takes off cloak, and is revealed to be Linde)

Marth: You! You're a girl! Why were you dressed as a boy?

Linde: To hide, sir. My name is Linde. My father is – was – Miloah, a pontifex. I donned men's garb to escape Gharnef, but no sooner was I away when those ruffians grabbed me.

Marth: So you're Linde! I'm glad you're safe. Princess Nyna was worried about you, you know! Well, we're all together now. I promise to keep you out of danger.

Linde: No! Let me fight. With Princess Nyna's blessing, and the tome my father left me, I can wield Aura magic. Let me use it to avenge him. I want to destroy Gharnef myself!

(Linde joins)

When recruting Jake(must have visited House 6 first)

Caeda: Hail, ballistician of Grust! Are you the one they call Jake?

Jake: Hail yourself, sugar! What's a fetching lass like you doing out here on the battlefield? And how do you know my name?

Caeda: I am Caeda of Talys. An Archanean woman by the name of Anna told me about you.

Jake: Really? Anna mentioned me? ...In a good way, right?

Caeda: She's very worried about you. She wants to know why such a good man is fighting for the wrong side.

Jake: Wrong side? Hmm... Well, I have to admit, I'm not too keen on kicking Archanea while they're down...

Caeda: They why not fight for Archanea instead? Help us defeat Grust and Dolhr, and set the world right.

Jake: Well...I don't know. I don't think it's that simple... Hmm...

Caeda: Anna would love you for it, I'm sure.

Jake: She would? Hmmm... All right, you win. But I'm doin' it for Anna- just to be clear!

Conversation: Marth and Jake

Jake: Are you the Altean prince? The name's Jake. I just joined up.

Marth: Many thanks, Jake.

Jake: You know, I've been to Altea once. Have you uh... Ever paid a visit to the ecret-say op-shay there?

Marth: The what?

Jake: The secret shop! Didn't you know there are secret shops hidden all over the continent? Well, there's one in Altea, too.

'Marth: Oh, really? Where exactly?

Jake: If I told you, it wouldn't be much of a secret, now would it? The entrance is disguised so you can't find it.

Marth: Disguised?!

Jake: And they don't let anybody in without a VIP card. So don't expect to waltz through the door by accident.

Marth: But how do they stay in business?

Jake: Who knows! Last I heard, they were desperate for customers.

Marth: Then maybe they should reopen as a “tell your friends” shop.

Jake: Ha! Very clever. Anyway, you should drop by when you're in the neighborhood.

Marth: But I don't know- Ugh. Never mind.

If Jake is engaged in battle before recruitement

Jake: I knew I wasn't cut out for the military. Well, too late now. I just hope Anna's OK.

Against Khozen

Khozen: Burn...! Burn, till your blood boils and your flesh cooks!

Defeating Khozen

Khozen: Emperor Medeus...I have failed you...


Marth: Good news, Nyna! We've wrested control of the gates from the enemy.

Nyna: Then...we've won!

Marth: Not quite yet. We can enter the palace, but Dolhr still holds strong inside her walls. Also, a number of knights are being held captive inside.

Nyna: Loyal soldiers who fought for their kingdom and their people...Marth, I wish to free them as soon as possible.

Marth: I understand. We should strike now, then, before enemy reinforcements can arrive. I believe we have a good chance.

Nyna: Thank you, Marth. As always, I am counting on you. Worry no more.