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Kaze/Quotes (Fates)

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My Castle quotes

Hello Lord/Lady Corrin. It pleases me to see you in such good spirits today.
— Kaze, when spoken to at My Castle.
What would you do if strange women kept staring at you? I'm asking for...a friend.
— Kaze, when spoken to at My Castle.
Make sure to take a break when you're at a good stopping point. Good work, though!
— Kaze, when spoken to at My Castle.
I'll defend you with my life, Lord/Lady Corrin, no matter the risk.
— Kaze, when spoken to at My Castle.
As always, I am happy to be of service to you, Lord/Lady Corrin.
— Kaze, when spoken to at My Castle.
Lord/Lady Corrin, if you're not busy, would you like to train a bit with me?
— Kaze, when spoken to at My Castle.
Corrin, I've got some free time—would you like to take a walk in the forest?
— Kaze, when spoken to at My Castle if married
Hello, Corrin. You seem happy today. Your smile is truly something to behold...
— Kaze, when spoken to at My Castle if married.
I'll protect your life with my own, Corrin, no matter what we face.
— Kaze, when spoken to at My Castle if married.
Thank you so much... It makes me happy to be at your side.
— Kaze, when spoken to at My Castle if married.
Just let me know if you get lost while you're looking around.
— Kaze, when visiting another castle.
There are so many accessories to choose from...Which one has your eye?
— Kaze, asking for an accessory.
Thank you, Corrin. I promise to take excellent care of it, on my honor.
— Kaze, accessory given liked.
I am honored by your thoughtful gift. Thank you, Lord/Lady Corrin.
— Kaze, accessory given loved.
This is unusual, to be sure... In any case, thanks for the thought, Lord/Lady Corrin.
— Kaze, when given the bath towel as an accessory.
I'll have to worry about it later. Today I need to focus on my training.
— Kaze being denied an accessory.
Thank you, Lord/Lady Corrin. I'm honored that you remembered today is my birthday.
— Kaze, receiving an accessory on his birthday.

Event tile and conversation quotes

Diving for ore is perfectly simple. I'm very used to underwater missions.
— Kaze, when mining for ore.
I feel like I can be of greater service to someone during our next battle.
— Kaze, when gaining a surge at My Castle.
Anything can happen in battle. Always keep a secret weapon handy.
— Kaze, when gaining weapon experience at an event tile or My Castle.
Did someone drop this? I'll hold on to it for now.
— Kaze, when finding an item at an event tile or My Castle.
I'm unoccupied... What do you do when you're in a similar predicament?
— Kaze, asking someone about their free time.
Hmm... I rarely indulge in recreation, but I do enjoy organizing my weapons.
— Kaze, answering a question about her free time.
Perhaps we could team up in the next battle. I wish to fight at your side.
— Kaze, asking a question about fighting together.
As you wish. My strength is yours.
— Kaze, answering a question about fighting together.

Mess hall quotes

I'll do my best to cook well. Was there something specific that you wanted to eat?
— Kaze, when on chef duty.
Wait here. I'll return shortly!
— Kaze, when given ingredients to make a meal.
I fear I have gone overboard with the spices. What do you think?
— Kaze, after cooking an okay meal.
I'm sure you are accustomed to fancier fare, but I'd be honored if you sampled this.
— Kaze, after cooking a good meal.
Whoever whipped this up has some serious skills in the kitchen.
— Kaze, after eating a delicious meal.
This dish might not be for everyone, but I think it's just fine.
— Kaze, after eating an okay meal.
M-medic! Please, I need help!
— Kaze, after eating a bad meal.

Shop quotes

— Kaze, when Corrin arrives at his shop.
Is that everything you need?
— Kaze, when Corrin decides or declines to do anything else in his shop.
Honestly, I don't mind using old equipment...
— Kaze, when buying items at a shop.
Do what you will with my belongings...
— Kaze, when selling items at a shop.
I'm on duty, but I'm flattered.
— Kaze, when buying items at a shop he runs.
I hope our surplus nets us a healthy profit.
— Kaze, when selling items at a shop he runs.
Thank you for stopping by.
— Kaze, when Corrin leaves his shop.

Smithy quotes

Greetings. I'll get to forging, if you brought the right ore.
— Kaze, when Corrin arrives at the smithy
I need a stronger weapon to better serve you.
— Kaze, when forging his weapon at a smithy
Forging something for myself? I'll do my best.
— Kaze, when forging a weapon while he is on duty


Welcome to the armory. Were you looking for something specific?
— Kaze, when running the armory.

Hot Spring quotes

A good soak can be very soothing. Take all the time you need here.
— Kaze, when a male Corrin enters the Hot Spring.
The water's warm embrace does much to ease the pains of the day.
— Kaze, talking with male Corrin in the Hot Spring.
I'm so sorry! Is it the women's time to bathe? I'll take my leave immediately!
— Kaze, when a female Corrin enters the Hot Spring unmarried.
If you wish to be alone, I can wrap up this bath quickly.
— Kaze, when a female Corrin enters the Hot Spring married.
ou're right about that. I'm a lucky man to get to share this with my love.
— Kaze, talking with female Corrin in the Hot Spring.

Private quarters quotes

You are so talented on the piano, milord. Will you play me something?
— Kaze being invited to the private quarters.
Would you mind if I hide out here awhile, milord/milady? I am being followed.
— Kaze being invited to the private quarters.
It would be my privilege to assist you, milord/milady.
— Kaze being invited to the private quarters.
Please. Don't mind me. I'll just cozy up in this chair over here...
— Kaze being invited to the private quarters if Corrin is married.
As King Garon's prisoner, I was prepared to die for my cause. But thanks to you, I am still alive. Thank you, my friend.
— Kaze bonding in the private quarters.
Please, let me know if there's anything I can do to help on your quest to peace.
— Kaze bonding in the private quarters.
My life is yours now. I shall dedicate every waking moment to securing your health and happiness.
— Kaze bonding in the private quarters.
My life finally has meaning now that I have devoted myself to you. no matter what, I will always be by your side
— Kaze bonding in the private quarters.
Your love disarms me, leaves me without any walls to hide behind. Let us stay here a bit longer, if it pleases you.
— Kaze, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.
Being with you makes me feel...happy. A dangerous emotion for a ninja...
— Kaze, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.
Allow me to show you the depth of my affection...I hope that was sufficient.
— Kaze, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.
Now that you're my wife, my nights are not longer cold and lonely. You're all I want or need in this world... Please stay in my arms and my heart forever...
— Kaze, bonding with a female Corrin, if he is married to her.

Class Change quote

This is new... Time to push my limits.
— Kaze, when changing class.

Battle quotes

A ninja's shuriken may not cut deep, but it can sap you of your strength. Your death need not come all at once.
— Kaze, as an enemy in Chapter 2.
I am Kaze, a ninja in the service of the Hoshidan royal family. But enough pleasantries... to battle!
— Kaze, as an enemy in Conquest Chapter 11.
Kaze: So we meet again, Lord/Lady Corrin. After our last encounter, I did not think we would battle again. But as an enemy of Hoshido, it is my duty to take you down. I respect you too much to hold back. I shall do all I can to vanquish you.
Corrin: I understand, and I shall do the same. Let's do this!

— Kaze fighting Corrin in Conquest Chapter 11.
Saizo: Kaze... I never thought I'd live to see my own brother betray us. As your twin, and a proud ninja serving the great kingdom of Hoshido... I want you to know that I am truly ashamed of you and your actions.
Kaze: Saizo, we have been close since the moment we were born. I never wished to disappoint you, but I stand by my decision. Say what you will—I have no regrets. I proudly side with Corrin..
Saizo: You are a fool, Brother. I will show you the error of your ways!

— Kaze fighting Saizo in Conquest Chapter 12.

Paired battle quotes

Leave it to me.
— Kaze
Let's go.
— Kaze
Show me what you've got.
— Kaze
I'm with you.
— Kaze
Remain calm.
— Kaze
No hesitation.
— Kaze
Quickly, now!
— Kaze
I am at your service.
— Kaze
I won't allow it!
— Kaze, performing a Dual Strike
Watch out!
— Kaze, performing a Dual Strike.
If I may.
— Kaze, performing a Dual Strike.
I'm here for you.
— Kaze, performing a Dual Strike.
Don't scare me like that!
— Kaze, performing a Dual Guard.
— Kaze, performing a Dual Guard.
I'm glad you're safe.
— Kaze, performing a Dual Guard.

Critical quotes

The pain will pass!
— Kaze
You leave me no choice!
— Kaze
It ends here!
— Kaze
I'll make this quick.
— Kaze

Victory quotes

Your battle has ended!
— Kaze, after defeating an enemy
That was a good fight.
— Kaze, after defeating an enemy
Fare thee well.
— Kaze, after defeating an enemy.
— Kaze, after defeating an enemy.
— Kaze, after defeating an enemy.
We have won.
— Kaze, after defeating an enemy.
It had to be done.
— Kaze, after defeating an enemy.
Thank you.
— Kaze, if his partner defeated an enemy.
You're quite skilled.
— Kaze, if his partner defeated an enemy.
I'm impressed.
— Kaze, if his partner defeated an enemy.

Level up quotes

It's still not enough. I must train harder...
— Kaze, when one or fewer stats grow in a level up
Good. I need all the strength I can get.
— Kaze, when two or three stats grow in a level up
I must use this power to protect everyone...
— Kaze, when four or five stats grow in a level up
I'm so close. I must work even harder!
— Kaze, when six or more stats grow in a level up
My training has finally paid off.
— Kaze, when all stats are capped in a level up

Defeat quotes

I have...failed you...
— Kaze's defeat voice clip.
I regret...nothing...
— Kaze's defeat quote in Chapter 2.
Ach! I wasn't fast enough. I need to retreat for now...
— Kaze's retreat quote in Casual Mode.
How could I make such a mistake… I’ll never be able to fight again after this injury. At least...I still have my life.
— Kaze's retreat quote in Classic Mode.
Such power... and determination... you are truly a worthy opponent. Perhaps the royal family was wrong about Nohrians...
— Kaze's defeat quote in Conquest Chapter 11.

Endgame quotes

I believe in you, Lord/Lady Corrin. You can't die here.
— Kaze in the Birthright Endgame
I believe in you, Lord/Lady Corrin. I believe you will return to us.
— Kaze in the Conquest Endgame

DLC battle quotes

You know, I was haunted once, by a woman's unquiet spirit. And so I didn't think I'd have the stomach for this, isn't so bad.
— Kaze, in Boo Camp
Some of my comrades dozed off last night, but not I. I find it difficult to fall asleep without my favorite pillow.
— Kaze, in Ghostly Gold
Forgive me... I have no grudge against you, but I cannot allow you to win. If you wish to surrender, give me your weapon now... No? Very well.
— Kaze, in Museum Melee
There's a lot I could learn from a girl so elusive and nimble. Though her slipperiness isn't making our job any easier... Better to focus on what I can control, though. Such as routing the enemy!
— Kaze, in Anna on the Run.