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Just Cause/Conversations

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Ike: I'm here. What do you want?
Sanaki: Hmph. Don't look so sour.
Ike: I always look like this, Apostle Sanaki.
Sanaki: Ah, yes. That's true. Well, I didn't summon you to talk about your grumpy expressions. I wanted to give you something before we set off for battle.
Ike: What is it?
Sanaki: Do you know what this is?
Ike: Not a clue.
Sanaki: When I fled the cathedral, I took some valuables with me. This is called a master crown. It's said to release a beorc's hidden power.
Ike: I've never heard of it.
Sanaki: Not everyone can use it, so think before you pass it on to someone.
Ike: All right, I'll take it. Thank you.

(You got a Master CrownIs wii master crown.png.)


Sigrun: General Ike. Thank you for helping the apostle. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
Ike: I would have refused, if I'd known that I'd be commanding the entire army.
Sigrun: That's why we didn't tell you beforehand.
Ike: That's a pretty devious move, Sigrun.
Sigrun: Here are some funds, so you can properly prepare for the upcoming battle. Show us how you've grown since the days of the Mad King's War, General.

(Got 20000 gold.)


Kieran: Rahh! Hyahh! Hahh!
Oscar: ...
Kieran: Hiyah! Umph! Hahh!
Oscar: You really push yourself in training, don't you, Kieran?
Kieran: Huh!? Ah, Oscar! You snuck up on me! Only a true rival of mine could accomplish such a feat!
Oscar: I've been watching for half an hour.
Kieran: What!? Then why didn't you say hello? And I would have expected better manners!
Oscar: I did. You didn't notice.
Kieran: Ah, yes! My concentration while training is unbreakable! No one can distract me!
Oscar: Hmm. I wonder if he realizes that he contradicts everything he says.
Kieran: What was that!? If you have something to say, let it out! Speak like a man! Stand tall!
Oscar: Yes, yes. Whatever you say. Here, I got this for you.
Kieran: What is this?
Oscar: This is an Imbue scroll. Imbue is a scroll you should learn, especially since you always train until you're soaked in your own blood.
Kieran: I've never heard of such a skill. Is it special?
Oscar: Oh, yes. It's very special.
Kieran: Why would you give such a precious thing to me?!
Oscar: Well, um... I just told you.
Kieran: I cannot accept it! I accept no charity from rivals!
Oscar: Why do you have to be like this?
Kieran: We are equals. I need no favors from you! Run along, now.
Oscar: Sigh.
Kieran: I don't have the time to talk to you. I'm too busy training! Go on, leave!
Oscar: Ahem... It was meant as a symbol of friendship for my lifelong rival.
Kieran: What?!
Oscar: But I guess if you won't accept it, I'll find someone else who will.
Kieran: Wait! I'll take it.
Oscar: You'd swallow your own words?
Kieran: Ugh! Never! However... I note that your lifelong rival is me, and no one else! If your gift will mark me as your lifelong rival, I must have it!
Oscar: That's what I like about you, Sir Simpleton.
Kieran: You insult me!?
Oscar: No, that was a compliment. You're a very...simple...knight. Living only for battle and whatnot.
Kieran: Great! Thanks!
Oscar: Life is boring without you, Kieran.

(You got an ImbueIs wii imbue scroll.png.)