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Joy and Sorrow/Script

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem


Unable to reunite with Princess Minerva, Marth, in order to find Ogma and the Grustian royal children, headed to visit bishop Wendell, who once protected the children. However, the bishop resides at Holm Beach, ruled by the dreaded Macedonian Vikings. In front of Marth's path countless pirates await him. Can they really safely rescue the children...?
— Chapter 4 Intro


Ogma: Yuliya, Jubelo. This place is the territory of the dreaded Macedonian Vikings. Originally, I didn't want to come here, but we must cross through here to reach the bishop.
Jubelo: Ogma, I'm scared... I want to... go back...
Yuliya: Jubelo! Be strong, you're a man!! Remember, you can use fire magic to attack with!
Jubelo: But Mister Wendell told me not to use it to fight with... Not that I like to fight anyway...
Yuliya: Honestly, you're still making excuses? Right now it's just the two of us. If you don't become strong, I... I don't know what to do...
Jubelo: Oh... Yuliya... I will try my best... So please don't cry.
Ogma: Crap... This is bad... We've been discovered. No choice, we'll have to break through them. You two, stay close to me!
(Ogma, Yuliya, and Jubelo join)


  • Woman: Recently the influence of bandits and pirates has become overwhelming. Honestly, this is all because the politics of this country are so poor.
  • Young woman: Have you heard about Rescue magic? It can bring faraway allies to your side. If it does exist, it would be impressive stuff.
  • Young woman: Aren't the star shards pretty? If you carry them good things may happen.

Southern Village

Villager: Oh, aren't you the prince of Altea? I have heard a lot about you.
Marth: I heard bishop Wendell lived in this village.
Villager: Yes, that's right... However, yesterday, some uninvited visitors from Archanea came and took him away. Your highness, the bishop left behind a magic tome. It seems to be the type that controls wind... Please take it with you.
Cutting Gale obtained!

Northern Village

Marth: Oh, Castor, is that you? What are you doing here?
Castor: Ah, Marth! Sniff... Well, my mother fell ill and I needed gold to pay for her medicine. However I couldn't find gold at Talys, so I came here.
Marth: Really...? That's terrible... I hope your mother gets better soon. Well, goodbye...
Castor: ..... Please wait!! My mother's illness... Er... Gold...
Marth: Huh? Oh, that's right, I'm sorry. Will this be enough?
Castor: Sniff... Marth. Thank you so much. You are so kind, even to a guy like me.
Marth: Castor... What...? Aren't you being just a little over the top? Helping people in need is the natural thing to do.
Castor: No, Marth! You are my savior. I also wish to help you, Marth. Please take me with you. I will lend my life to you!!
(Castor joins)

Fighting Sirius

Sirius: Stained flames must be extinguished...

Killing Sirius

Sirius: To think, there could be such a strong foe...

Recruiting Sirius

Ogma: Who's there? Are you one of the pirates!?
Sirius: I am Sirius, a traveler...
Ogma: Is that so? I'm sorry. I overreacted a little, please accept my apologies.
Sirius: Those children...
Ogma: Something happened, so I'm taking care of them now. You know them?
Sirius: No... But if you're carrying the children, you won't be able to escape. I heard, from a village to the south, that the Altean army has come. Leave this place to me, and make your escape.
Ogma: What!? The Altean army...? So, Prince Marth... I understand. Thanks. But, why are you helping me?
Sirius: I want to help those children. That's all....
Ogma: Really...? So you are Sirius... If we escape safely, I hope we can meet again. I plan on killing the ruler of Grust, Commander Lang. So I can avenge a man named Lorenz... You... If you could lend me your strength... With you, I believe I will be able to succeed.
Sirius: Hmm... Perhaps it might be interesting... However, to do that you must live. Well, get going!
(Sirius joins)

Fighting Gail

Gail: Please spare me! Wait, that's useless... No choice... I'm going to chop your head off!!

Killing Gail

Gail: I will remember this!


(Caeda flies in)
Caeda: Marth!!
Marth: Caeda!? What, even you've come here...? Could it be that something's happened to Altea?
Caeda: Marth... Altea... Altea was ambushed by the imperial army... After being ambushed by the Archanea, Gra and Aurelis united army, the Altean knights were decimated... Even the castle has fallen...
Marth: Wh-what!? How could... Altea... Jagen, what's going on?
Jagen: It is regrettable... What I feared the most has happened. Emperor Hardin has listened to Lang's words and declared us traitors. Your highness, please forgive me. It is because of me that this has happened.
Marth: No, I still cannot believe it. That Hardin would attack our country. Did Hardin really believe Lang, and thought that we wished to rebel against him?
Jagen: No, even if that was the case, everything happened too fast. If they hadn't prepared in advance, they wouldn't have been able to attack us that quickly. I fear... The Grustian expedition was a trap they planned for us all along, as well as the rebellion in Macedon... They wanted us to leave Altea, to divide our army's strength. Hardin had already decided upon this action from the beginning. What happened with Lang was just an excuse to attack our country.
Marth: No, that can't be right! So you're saying Hardin attacked our country for no reason? And everything was a trap that he set up for us? I don't believe it. I don't believe that Hardin would do that...
Jagen: Your highness, regardless, our country has been attacked by Archanea. Not only that, but we were ambushed without prior warning. That, to us knights, is the most dishonorable action one could take. In that case, we have no choice but to fight back with our full strength.
Marth: Damn, Hardin... Why... Why did you...
Jagen: Your highness... Caeda, what about the others? Is Elice safe?
Caeda: Elice... She agreed to be their hostage, to allow me to escape... The others... I don't know... Abel and Est were still fighting the last time I saw them... Marth... I'm sorry. Only I escaped, but I had to so I could warn you... So...
Marth: Caeda... Don't cry. I understand. It's great that you're safe at least. I should be apologizing. It was because of me that you experienced such terrible events... I will reclaim Altea. Even if I must fight Hardin to take it back!!
(Caeda joins)

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem

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