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FESK Iuchar 02.png
Artwork of Iuchar from Treasure.






Grannvale (Dozel)


Nobleman of Dozel

Starting class

Axe Knight


Your words are as the sweetest birdsong! Your eyes are as the most brilliant stars! Oh, without you at my side, what purpose is there in life? What joy could possibly be?
— Iuchar, on Larcei/Creidne

Iuchar (Japanese: ヨハン Johan) is the middle son of Duke Danann of Dozel. Along with his younger brother Iucharba, he served his father in the Grannvale occupation of Isaach, presiding over Isaach Castle. He came into conflict with his family over the rise of Seliph's liberation army in Isaach, or rather over Larcei/Creidne, one of its warriors.

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War


When Seliph commenced his fight to liberate Isaach, at first Iuchar and his axe cavalry unit remained stationed as a defensive perimeter surrounding Isaach Castle; once Ganeishire fell to Seliph, the order came through from Danann for both him and Iucharba to attack, to which Iuchar agreed despite his misgivings about fighting Larcei/Creidne. Upon encountering Larcei/Creidne, he was swayed to side with Seliph's army, provoking Iucharba; otherwise, when Iucharba was recruited to Seliph's side, Iuchar was provoked by him getting to Larcei/Creidne first, and died in battle with Seliph's army.

Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait iuchar fe04.png
Ma snes02 axe knight playable.gif Axe Knight
Level 12
Holy Blood SNESHolyBloodNál.png
Movement 8
Recruitment: Chapter 6, enemy, talk to with Larcei/Creidne

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Steel Axe
Speed RingThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.*
5,000 Gold
Weapon Levels
FE4RankSword.png -- FE4RankLance.png -- FE4RankAxe.png A FE4RankBow.png -- FE4RankStaff.png --
FE4RankFire.png -- FE4RankThunder.png -- FE4RankWind.png -- FE4RankLight.png -- FE4RankDark.png --

Before recruitment, Iuchar is the boss of Isaach Castle. He starts the chapter as a neutral unit who does not move, and becomes an enemy and launches an attack once Ganeishire Castle has been seized. The player has a choice of recruiting either him or Iucharba; the brother not recruited remains a boss and must still be fought. If recruited, Isaach Castle becomes a partner castle, and any surviving members of the Isaach Castle army become partner units.

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Mov Weapon level
Great Knight +0 +6 +0 +1 +1 +0 +4 +3 +1 FE4RankAxe.png A


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Unfortunately, both Iuchar and Iucharba have the same trait that makes substitute characters looked down upon by hardcore players of Genealogy of the Holy War: they cannot inherit items or skills, and their bases (outside of special events) are set in stone. Fortunately, a defining trait of Genealogy is that every unit contributes one way or another in a playthrough, so the real question is which descendant of Nál to choose.

Some consider Iuchar to be superior due to the large size of maps and consequently, the value of having a mount and Canto, neither of which Iucharba has. Such would allow Iuchar to fight on the front lines along with the other mounted units, while Iucharba would typically arrive at battle late with the rest of the infantry. However, Iuchar also joins in the same chapter as do Lester and Diarmuid, who, if planned well, can easily outshine Iuchar (unless one opts instead for Deimne or Tristan, respectively). So while mounted units are well-acclaimed, there does exist competition that Iuchar must inevitably face in this aspect.

Perhaps Iucharba's true niche lies in the facility that many experienced players use prior to heading out: the arena. In terms of ranked runs, it matters not how a unit gains experience, but rather, whether or not a unit gains experience. Iucharba's base stats are marginally higher than those of Iuchar, and upon promotion, Iucharba gains access to bows, which serve as a subtle quality-of-life improvement when facing a difficult opponent. But, as mentioned before in Iuchar's case, the lack of direct inheritance means that Iucharba will have difficulty comparing to other well-planned infantry units.

Other small details to note include that while Iuchar's growths favor speed, Iucharba's growths favor skill. Also, some players wish to recruit Iucharba before seizing Isaach, so as to lower turn counts, obtain Nosferatu to make a Julia viable for combat, and prevent Schmidt from attacking Isaach first. At the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference.

Personality and character

Iuchar presented himself as something of a romantic, constantly speaking in floral prose, especially when talking to or about Larcei/Creidne, an ongoing object of affection for him.[1] He believed that constantly hovering her them was a way to express his love and to protect them, even though it actually greatly frustrated her.[2] A decent person unlike his father, he refused to follow through on performing the more heinous activities of the Grannvale occupation such as the child hunts.[3] For much of his life, Iuchar held a rivalry with Iucharba and the two constantly quarreled, fuelled partially by their mutual interest in Larcei/Creidne;[4] their rivalry ultimately resulted in the two going head to head as enemies.[5]

Love growths and events

Portrait iuchar fe04.png
Axe Knight
Ma snes02 priest female playable.gif Ma snes02 priest female playable.gif
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Ma snes02 myrmidon female playable.gif Ma snes02 myrmidon female playable.gif
Initial: 200
Per turn:2
Ma snes02 light priestess playable.gif
Initial: 0
Per turn:0
Ma snes02 pegasus knight playable.gif Ma snes02 pegasus knight playable.gif
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Ma snes02 thief female playable.gif Ma snes02 thief female playable.gif
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Ma snes02 thief female playable.gif Ma snes02 thief female playable.gif
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Ma snes02 troubadour playable.gif Ma snes02 troubadour playable.gif
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Ma snes02 dancer playable.gif Ma snes02 dancer playable.gif
Initial: 0
Per turn:2
Ma snes02 mage female playable.gif Ma snes02 thunder mage female playable.gif
Initial: 0
Per turn:3
Initial: {{{initialpoints9}}}
Per turn:+
Initial: {{{initialpoints10}}}
Per turn:+
Ma snes02 mage female playable.gif Ma snes02 thunder mage female playable.gif
Initial: 0
Per turn:3
Initial: {{{initialpoints9}}}
Per turn:+
Initial: {{{initialpoints10}}}
Per turn:+
Initial: {{{initialpoints11}}}
Per turn:+
Initial: {{{initialpoints12}}}
Per turn:+
Initial: {{{initialpoints13}}}
Per turn:+
Initial: {{{initialpoints14}}}
Per turn:+
Click here for more details on the love system.


Battle quotes

Heheheh... Nobody can defeat me. To die by my hand, you should feel flattered.
— Iuchar, as an enemy in Chapter 6 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
W-wait, Larcei/Creidne. Please! It's not possible for me to fight you!
— Iuchar, when fighting Larcei/Creidne as an enemy in Chapter 6 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Sigh... Iucharba... It makes me sad to have a little brother as foolish as you. [...] As you wish!
— Iuchar, when fighting Iucharba in Chapter 6 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Sigh... I pledged my life for her love. Forgive me, father...
— Iuchar, when fighting Danann in Chapter 6 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Don't worry, big brother. I'm doing a wonderful job restoring Dozel's good name. Time for you to step aside.
— Iuchar, when fighting Brian in the Endgame of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Death quote

Ahh... You may rob Iuchar of life... But never shall love... Nngh...
— Iuchar, in Genealogy of the Holy War.
Ahh... The virtuous rebel army has defeated me... Larcei/Creidne, our love is eternal...
— Iuchar, as an enemy in Chapter 6 of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Trading Card Game

Iuchar was featured on three TCG cards.

Fire Emblem Trading Card Game data for Iuchar
TCG 1-050.jpg Class: Axe Knight Level 1 Cavalry Direct Attack
Energy: 5 Atk.: 2 / Counter: 1 WLv.: FE4RankAxe.png A
Equip: Iron Axe Skills: CantoVantage
Card #050Rarity: ★ • Artist: Mayumi Hirota
TCG 2-027.jpg Class: Axe Knight Level 10 Cavalry Direct Attack
Energy: 7 Atk.: 3 / Counter: 1 WLv.: FE4RankAxe.png A
Equip: Steel Axe Skills: CantoVantage
Card #2-027Rarity: ★ • Artist: Koya Katsuyoshi
TCG 3-021.jpg Class: Great Knight Level 20 Cavalry Direct Attack
Energy: 8 Atk.: 3 / Counter: 2 WLv.: FE4RankAxe.png A
Equip: Steel Axe Skills: Class Change • Canto • Training • Vantage
Card #3-021Rarity: -- • Artist: Koya Katsuyoshi
Card scans and information translation provided by Aquantis.

Fire Emblem Cipher

Iuchar is currently featured on one card in Fire Emblem Cipher.

The below card's quote is still in raw, untranslated Japanese; it needs translation.
Fire Emblem Cipher data for Iuchar
TCGCipher B08-072N.png Axe Knight who Lives for Love, Iuchar



Attack: 50 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 2
Class: Axe Knight Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Love Rival Brothers: [Special] This unit cannot be deployed in the same area as "Iucharba".
"Oh my love!": [Activate] [Tap this unit] Until the end of this turn, allied "Larcei" gains +10 attack.
Card #B08-072N • Artist: Nekohayashi
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Iuchar .


  • Iuchar was initially listed as Luchar on the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends poll. This was corrected to Iuchar a few days in.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


Used in the Choose Your Legends polls for Fire Emblem Heroes; has yet to be corroborated by other sources. Named in reference to Iuchar, a figure in Irish mythology of the Tuatha Dé Danann the whose siblings were Iucharba and Brian.



Used in the Genealogy of the Holy War fan translation.



Officially romanized as Johan. In addition to Johan itself being a given name of Hebrew origin, he is likely named in reference to Iuchar, as above. Romanized instead as Yohan in the Super Tactics Book.


Sprite Gallery
Portrait iuchar fe04.png Ma snes02 axe knight other.gif Ma snes02 axe knight enemy.gif Axe Knight Ma snes02 axe knight playable.gif Great Knight Ma snes02 great knight playable.gif
Bs fe04 lex iuchar axe knight axe.png
Bs fe04 lex iuchar great knight axe.png


  1. "Iuchar: Larcei/Creidne... My beloved, how I've yearned for this day to come.
    Larcei/Creidne: Iuchar, what in the world are you talking about? Did you whack your head or something?
    Iuchar: Your words soothe like a bird's song... You eyes sparkle like stars in the sky... The thought of being without you I cannot bear.
    " — Iuchar and Larcei/Creidne, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  2. "Don't say such heartless things! This is an expression of my love! I'll always watch over you! Please don't forget that!" — Iuchar, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  3. "Isaach is better off than most places. It sounds like Danann's two sons didn't go through with any of the child hunts." — Lewyn, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  4. "Iuchar is the lord at Isaach Castle, and Iucharba is the lord at Sophara. They both have a thing for Larcei/Creidne of your army. Always quarreling those two...But they're both basically good boys. I bet they'd even join up with you all." — An Isaach villager, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  5. "You're the foolish one, but that's irrelevant. I knew that this day would come sometime! Now let's finish this!" — Iucharba, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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