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Ivy/Quotes (Heroes)

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Ivy: Tidal Breeze

At the castle

I am Ivy, crown princess of Elusia. Might you direct me to the chilliest portion of this castle?
— When summoned
Even in the shade, this place is sweltering. I'm contemplating a dive into the ocean, if only to cool off.
— At the castle
The academy in Elusia would give us time off in the summer, but our vacations were nothing like this.
— At the castle
I wonder what my father would say if he could see this beach. Probably nothing—his face would say it all.
— At the castle
Elusian summers are short and cold. Forget about the ocean—the air alone will freeze you if you fail to cover up.
— At the castle
I've heard that snowfall at sea is a uniquely pretty sight. I hope to show it to the Divine Dragon one day.
— At the castle
I am Ivy. Before I go to find a colder place to be than here...summer tidings from <friend>.
— Delivering greetings from a friend

On the character status screen

I want nothing to do with swimwear or sandy beaches. But for the Divine Dragon's sake, I will endure.
— On the character status screen
Hands to yourself, please. I have a sunburn.
— On the character status screen
The swimsuit I wore on the Somniel was rather more plain than this one.
— On the character status screen
First order of business upon returning to Elusia: research the means to export snow.
— On the character status screen
Yes, I do know how to swim—despite appearances to the contrary.
— On the character status screen
In case you haven't noticed, I don't enjoy the beach. I'd rather be in the snow. Or encased in a block of ice...
— On the character status screen
I've read many fond stories of the summer. Perhaps I might tell my own someday.
— On the character status screen

Level 40 quote

Despite the atrocious heat, and the indignity of swimsuits, I've...begun to become accustomed to being here. In Elyos, where I come from, we sort of merge with our Emblems when we engage with them. So when I began to think of this as rather like...engaging with the essence of summer, it became more palatable. But do not take that as permission to dress me up in more silly outfits! I assure you this is my absolute limit. Consider directing your attention in that regard to someone fun-loving and inspiring—like the Divine Dragon.
— After reaching level 40 at five-star rarity

Map quotes

— When selected on the map screen
It's so hot...
— When selected on the map screen
I fear I may melt.
— When selected on the map screen

Level up quotes

I have any number of outfits that would be better suited to—ugh, no. Too hot.
— When gaining 1–2 stats from a level up
I did not expect I'd be honing my battle prowess while dressed for the beach. A pleasant surprise.
— When gaining 3–4 stats from a level up
I will admit, I've begun to experience something
— When gaining 5–6 stats from a level up
Thank you for the gift. Could I trouble you for an ice-cold drink as well?
— When learning a new skill or increasing rarity

Special skill quotes

I loathe summer.
— When using a special skill
Sweltering, is it not?
— When using a special skill
Cool off.
— When using a special skill
Summer engage!
— When using a special skill

Defeat quote

I'm sunk...
— When defeated