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Into the Chasm

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Into the Chasm

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The Hour of Vengeance

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My name is Epimenides, an ordinary man who vowed to kill the beast which set the earth ablaze. Do you not comprehend my purpose? I must save this world and its true people! That is why I chose to pass my consciousness down through the ages. And you... You are the vessel for that consciousness.
— Epimenides

Into the Chasm is the secret sixteenth chapter of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes on all three routes. It can only be played if Byleth and Jeralt were previously recruited.


Main articles: Into the Chasm/Script (Scarlet Blaze), Into the Chasm/Script (Azure Gleam), and Into the Chasm/Script (Golden Wildfire)

Shez, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude find themselves in a dark void. The lords recount how Shez went berserk and attacked Byleth, and Shez explains the full nature of their relationship with Arval. The four agree to temporarily set aside their differences and work together to escape. On the Azure Gleam route, Edelgard returns to her normal personality and reveals that she has no memory of events since the battle for Arianrhod; the others bring her up to speed on events in Fódlan.

As the group searches for a way out, they are accosted by Arval. Arval claims that there is no escape for any of them and reveals his true identity to be Epimenides, an ancient mage affiliated with the people who would become those who slither in the dark. In order to cleanse the surface world of the children of the goddess, he passed his consciousness down through the ages as Arval until it reached its final vessel – Shez. Epimenides engages the four in combat, but is overcome and struck down by Shez. As he dies, Epimenides acknowledges how strong Shez has become. Epimenides' claim that there is no escape proves to be a bluff, and the four find themselves back in their own reality. The group parts ways.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Defeat Epimenides Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: Any ally dies 4 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 3+6
File:Cm fewa2 16.png

Character data

Scarlet Blaze Scarlet Blaze Azure Gleam Azure Gleam Golden Wildfire Golden Wildfire

New units


Required characters
Shez m ​Edelgard ​
Available characters
Undeployable characters
Hubert ​Ferdinand ​Linhardt ​Caspar ​Bernadetta ​Dorothea ​Petra ​Monica ​Manuela ​Jeritza ​Gatekeeper ​Constance ​Hapi ​Ashe ​Lorenz ​Ignatz ​Balthus ​Raphael ​Lysithea ​Marianne ​Mercedes ​Shamir ​Yuri ​Byleth m 02 ​Jeralt ​Leonie ​

Additionally, the player has playable access to the two house leaders not chosen at the beginning of the game in this chapter, but they cannot gain experience, cannot trade their items with other characters, and will leave the player's control at chapter's end. Their stats are as follows:

Edelgard Azure Gleam Edelgard Golden Wildfire Dimitri Scarlet Blaze Dimitri Golden Wildfire Claude Scarlet Blaze Claude Azure Gleam

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is fewa2 tome relic.png Hrotti Dropped by Epimenides
Is fewa2 seal.png Master Seal Automatically upon completing the chapter
Is fewa2 axe relic.png Aymr Automatically upon completing the chapter if an S rank was obtained Scarlet Blaze
Is fewa2 tome relic.png Ichor Scroll Automatically upon completing the chapter if an S rank was obtained Azure Gleam
Is fewa2 sword relic.png Blutgang Automatically upon completing the chapter if an S rank was obtained Golden Wildfire

Enemy data

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Boss data

Main article: Epimenides

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Easy Normal Hard

Small portrait epimenides fewa2.png
Ma fewa2 avesta epimenides enemy.gif Avesta
Level 47
Movement 8
Crest --
Max HP 12076 Luck 24
Strength 27 Defense 29
Magic 83 Resistance 66
Dexterity 36 Charm 29
Speed 34
Inventory Abilities
HrottiThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Seal Strength
Seal Magic
Crestological Wisdom
Tome Buster Lv 6
Unsealable Magic
Skill Levels
Swords Lances Axes
Bows Brawling Tomes


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

This battle has little in the way of tactics and is more of a straight-up slugfest. On the Golden Wildfire route, it is wise to remove Claude's bow weakness through either an Aurora Shield, the Nullify Flying Effect granted by mastering Wyvern Lord, or just moving him to another class such as Sniper or Bow Knight. Having him dismount once the battle starts also works, especially for those playing on the Scarlet Blaze or Azure Gleam routes.

You will initially be attacked by phantoms of the three retainers. Have Claude shoot down "Hilda", Shez deal with "Dedue", and Edelgard and Dimitri tag-team "Hubert". Once they're down, quickly crack open a pot nearby before you're teleported to the second area. Your next foes are phantoms of the lords. The characters suggest you have each lord face themselves in a mirror duel, but for everyone except Claude this is inefficient. Instead, have Shez fight "Edelgard" and Edelgard fight "Dimitri". While Claude can do well against his phantom lookalike, he has the risk of taking bonus damage from "himself" since his doppelganger is wielding a bow like him. If Claude is still weak to bows (because either you're not on Golden Wildfire or you just didn't bother to patch that up), personally take control of Claude or have him dismount to make sure he doesn't get himself killed. Dimitri can just flit about helping whoever needs it. Once the "lords" are down, grab another pot before you are teleported to the final area. Epimenides himself comes out to face you. Once you lower his health a bit, he conjures a shield and summons two more phantoms of Shez and Byleth (defaults to Byleth if the Merc Whistle was not given to any character) to fight you. Have Dimitri take care of these phantoms, and then put Epimenides himself out to pasture.


  • On the Azure Gleam route, despite Edelgard having switched to Aymr as her primary weapon over the course of the story, she returns to using Labraunda during her time as a temporary party member.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Into the Chasm



In den Abgrund

Into the Chasm



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