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Initiate Seal Defense

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Initiate Seal Defense

Is feh defense +1.png
Icon of the Initiate Seal Def 1 skill in Heroes.

Grants Def+1.


Sacred Seal (Type S)



Initiate Seal Defense (Japanese: 鍛錬の証・守備 Forging badge · defense) is a Sacred Seal skill, which debuted in Fire Emblem Heroes; it exists in three tiers: Initiate Seal Def 1, Initiate Seal Def 2, and Initiate Seal Def 3. Initiate Seal Def is functionally identical to the Defense + skill, simply increasing the unit's Defense while equipped; however, it is not counted by the game as a duplicate of the Defense + seal or the functionally identical Squad Ace B seal, and so a unit may possess all of these seals at the same time.


Game Icon Effect Activation Capacity Notes
(Initiate Seal Def 1)
Is feh defense +1.png Boosts user's maximum Defense by 1. -- -- --
(Initiate Seal Def 2)
Is feh defense +2.png Boosts user's maximum Defense by 2. -- -- --
(Initiate Seal Def 3)
Is feh defense +3.png Boosts user's maximum Defense by 3. -- -- --



Initiate Seal Def 1

Tutorial Quests Clear part 5 of chapter 8 of Book I between 7:00 AM UTC February 2, 2018 and 6:59 AM UTC February 2, 2019

Initate Seal Def 2

Sacred Seal Forge (Enhancement) Requires 200 Verdant Badge, 60 Great Verdant Badge, 50 Is feh sacred coin.png, and the Initiate Seal Def 1 seal

Initiate Seal Def 3

Sacred Seal Forge (Enhancement) Requires 400 Verdant Badge, 1,000 Great Verdant Badge, 100 Is feh sacred coin.png, and the Initiate Seal Def 2 seal

Flavor text

Game Text
(Initiate Seal Def 1)
Grants Def+1. 守備+1
(Initiate Seal Def 2)
Grants Def+2. 守備+2
(Initiate Seal Def 3)
Grants Def+3. 守備+3

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Initiate Seal Defense

Abbreviated as Initiate Seal Def.



Forging badge · defense


Aptitud Defensa

Defense aptitude; abbreviated as Aptitud Def.

(Latin America)

Sellar iniciado Defensa

Initiate seal Defense; abbreviated as S. iniciado Def.


Sceau initié Défense

Initiated seal Defense; abbreviated as Sceau initié Déf.



Defense Seal; abbreviated as Ver.-Siegel.


Sigillo base Difesa

Base seal Defense; abbreviated as Sigillo base Dif.


Selo inicial Defesa

Initial seal Defense; abbreviated as Selo inicial Def.

Traditional Chinese


Tempered proof · defense

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