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Incandescent Glow/Conversations

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Skrimir: How are the injured holding up?
Ranulf: They're exhausted. So many are so bad off they can't even get up the energy to transform. The unwounded soldiers have been taking turns carrying the injured.
Skrimir: That's a good idea. Maybe I'll carry one or two on my back once we enter the caves.
Ranulf: Hey, you're hurt, too. Be careful you don't strain yourself and cause permanent injury, all right?
Skrimir: Hurt? Do I look like I've been wounded?
Ranulf: Skrimir, you're standing in a pool of your own blood. Tell me the truth. It hurts to even stand, right?
Skrimir: ...A little. Do the others know?
Ranulf: No. None of our soldiers know. But I'm sure King Tibarn and Ike both know.
Skrimir: Good. Our soldiers shouldn't know. I have to be their role model! They'll see that I've been wounded yet continue to fight. Maybe that will help them carry on.
Ranulf: Skrimir...


Lethe: Lyre, come on. You have to stop sulking.
Lyre: Don't talk to me! I hate you, Lethe!
Lethe: That's too bad, because I like you.
Lyre: Liar.
Lethe: I'm only hard on you because I worry about you, and I want you to be safe. Why did you even become a soldier? You used to hate fighting.
Lyre: Hmph.
Lethe: Was it because of Ranulf?
Lyre: That was one reason, I guess.
Lethe: There were other reasons?
Lyre: Yeah. I wanted to stay with you.
Lethe: ...Does that mean you'll start talking to me again?
Lyre: Yeah. Even though you drive me crazy, you're still my sister!
Lethe: I'm glad.
Lyre: Here. Take this as a token of apology.
Lethe: What is it?
Lyre: It's a Daunt scroll. I thought it'd be perfect for someone as scary as you!
Lethe: What!? Say that again, I dare you!
Lyre: Aaahh! Lethe's mad at me again! Stop being mean to me!
Lethe: I'm the mean one!?

(You got a DauntIs wii daunt scroll.png.)