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In Search of Truth/Script (Eliwood)

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Eliwood enters Santaruz, only to be attacked by a strange group. In a desperate moment, he is rescued by a childhood friend, Marquess Ostia's younger brother, Hector. The assailants' leader reveals that an unknown party seeks Eliwood's head... Eliwood cannot help but think this is related to his father's disappearance. In search of more traces of his father's footsteps, Eliwood sets out for the castle of Lord Helman, the marquess of Santaruz.


(At Santaruz Castle)

Helman: Master Ephidel! What is the meaning of this?
Ephidel: Peace, Lord Helman. Whatever is wrong?
Helman: You said you were just going to frighten Eliwood! Your men almost killed him! My patience is at an end! I've decided I must tell Eliwood everything and apologize.
Ephidel: ...... You would betray us?
Helman: I am tired of you and the Black Fang! Now, remove yourself from my castle! Your presence pains me!
Ephidel: Lord Helman... Is there nothing I can do to change your mind?
Helman: Nothing!
Ephidel:In that're no longer of any use.
Helman: What!? Gaa...urrgh...

(Outside the castle; Hector moves beside Eliwood)

Hector: There's the castle, Eliwood!
Eliwood: We have to speak with Lord Helman...
Boise: That's not gonna happen, laddie!
Eliwood: Who are you?
Boise: Who am I? Ah, boy, you'd do better to worry about yourself. You'll be worm's meat before much longer.
Hector: You think so? I think my axe'll change your mind.
Boise: Ha! The cub thinks he's a wolf! Does your bite match your bark? Tell you what: if you make it to the castle alive, we'll find out, eh?
(Boise moves off screen)
Boise (off-screen): Gehh heh heh hehhh!

(Boise moves to the castle gate; enemies disperse)

(At the fort west of the bridge)

Bandit: Hey, you! Yeah, the new dog! Get this right, or you're gone!
Guy: I know, I know. I just got this job! I don't want to lose it!
(The bandit leaves)
Guy: 'Course, the smart thing to do would have been not to get involved with this ugly bunch. Got to have gold if I want to eat, though. I was too picky before. If I think about the time I passed out in Caelin... Ooooh. Nothing funny about that! That man... What was his name... Matthew? If it hadn't been for him, I would've starved to death...
(The bandit returns)
Bandit: What are you mumbling about? Get over here now!
Guy: Yes, yes, I'm coming! At least I've got work!

(Guy and other enemies leave the fort; Eliwood and Hector move into position)

If Mark is present and Lowen was not defeated

Lowen: Nice to be working with you, Mark! As a journeyman knight of Pherae, I'm here to serve Lord Eliwood and you, Mark! I await your command!


Eliwood: Lord Helman!!
Helman: ... Is that you...Eliwood?
Eliwood: Hold on, my lord!
Helman: I... I must apologize... Your father... He...
Eliwood: Do you know something, sir?
Helman: I... ... If I hadn't told Elbert...about...Darin's plans... This would...never...have... Cough cough...
Eliwood: Lord Helman!
Helman: ...... Go to Laus...Darin...the marquess of Laus...knows all.
Eliwood: Marquess Laus?
Helman: I'm sorry, Eliwood... I...I can't...
Eliwood: Hold on!
Helman: Beware...the Black...Fang.........
Eliwood: Lord Helman!
Hector: He's gone...
Eliwood: It can't be...

Eliwood: Lord Helman... Why... ...Why did this happen?
Hector: Blast! What is going on?!?
Eliwood: ...... We go to Laus. We must speak to the marquess of Laus, Lord Darin.
Hector: You're right. We should leave quickly. I'm not sure how far we can get today, but... I can't sit still.
Steward (off-screen): Pardon me...
Hector: Hm?
(The steward moves on screen)
Steward: If I may?
Eliwood: Who are you?
Steward: I'm the steward of Santaruz. With our lord gone, what are we to do?
Hector: First, you give Lord Helman a proper burial. After that... I'm sure the Lycian Council will have to meet. Stay here and defend the castle until you hear more.
Steward: I understand.
Eliwood: Let's go. We must keep moving.
Hector: Yes...and now we seek answers for Marquess Santaruz, too.
Eliwood: ... Lord Helman... May you find peace.

Villages and houses

Central village

Hannah: Ah, what good timing. Would you try this for me? It's an invention of a great witch! Me! It's a mine. It contains some very explosive magic. Hide it on the ground, and when an enemy steps on it... KA-BOOOOM!!! Hee hee hee... I'm still testing them, so that one's free. Come back and tell me how it works.

Northwest village

Merlinus: This will never do! Look at the time! I must leave for Caelin now, or my business will be ruined. Time is money, after all. Hurry hurry! Rush rush rush!

Eliwood and Lowen: Hey! Hold on there! You've dropped something!
Marcus and Bartre: Huh? What's this? That man must have dropped it...
Rebecca: Ah, wait! You dropped something!
Dorcas: ...... What's this? Did that man drop this?
Hector and Matthew: Hold on there! You've dropped something!
Oswin: What's this? That fellow must have dropped it.
Serra: Wait there! Hold on! You've dropped something! Hmph! Guess it's my lucky day.

Central house

Man: A merchant just went running past here in a panic. He dropped some things. I tried to tell him, but... It looked like he's the sort that drops things a lot...

Northeast house

Man: If you value your lives, stay clear of the castle southwest of here. There's a swordsman named Guy... He's young, but deadly. He carries a killing edge, a fearful sword to be sure. I'm warning you: find another road to the castle.

Southwest house

If Mark is present and the house has not been visited

If the player has 1- or 2-star tactics

Old man: It's good that you know not to race into a fight. But don't waste your opportunities being overcautious.

If the player has 3-star tactics

Old man: One of the main rules of combat is never to rush. It looks like your tactician knows that well.

If the player has 4- and 5-star tactics

Old man: Your group moves like lightning. You must have an expert tactician giving you direction. I'd love to study under someone like that.

If Mark is not present or the house has already been visited

Woman: Ah, a traveler, are you? Well, you should know something... We've had some odd sightings around here lately... A man in an ill-seeming robe has been visiting the castle. His eyes are cruel things, filled with an awful malice! Oh, it's too terrible for words!

Talk conversations

Matthew and Guy

Matthew: Hold on! You! I know you! Isn't your name Guy?
Guy: It's-- Is that you, Matthew?
Matthew: What a pleasant surprise! How's your swordwork coming?
Guy: You are aware this isn't the best place to be catching up, aren't you? You and I... We're on opposite sides here.
Matthew: What? Are you saying you're going to fight me?
Guy: I... Well, yeah. I'm much improved. You can't beat me.
Matthew: You're quite a terror, Guy. Well then... Hold on! I think I'd prefer it if you repaid what you owe me.
Guy: Huh?
Matthew: Last time I saw you, I gave you food. If I remember correctly, you said you owed me your life.
Guy: I only said that 'cause you said you'd feed me if I did! I hadn't eaten in ten days, and you were cooking meat! You... This... This isn't fair!
Matthew: The people of Sacae never lie. Isn't that right, Guy?
Guy: Grrr... Fine! I finally find work, and now I have to throw it away! This is all your fault!

Battle quotes

Fighting Boise

Boise: What's this? You've made it this far? Ah, I paid too much for that worthless pack of sellswords!

With Eliwood

Boise: You've done well to come this far, laddie!
Eliwood: Where is Marquess Santaruz?
Boise: I imagine he's on his way to a better place. Gehah! Geh heh hehhh!
Eliwood: Wretched cur!

With Hector

Hector: Come on out! We're here!
Boise: Well, well, well! You survived, I see. You'll find that I'm a bit tougher than those fools you faced before!
Hector: What have you done with Marquess Santaruz?
Boise: You want to know? You'll have to best me first.

Defeating Boise

Boise: You've beaten me...but you're too late to save him... Too...too bad, eh, laddie? Geha ha....geha!