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In Occupation's Shadow/Script

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After defeating the bandits, Lyn continues westward. She and her colleagues stop for the night at a ruined fortress. The Ganelon bandits are in a rage after their brethren fell to Lyn's swords. They race in pursuit of the companions. Their angry footsteps sound closer and closer...


(Wil and Sain approach a fortress)

Wil: Ah, this should suffice! Tonight's bed!
Sain: This mildewy old fortress? Is this the best we can do? Come, Wil! Surely you jest!
Wil: The bandits keep everything in turmoil around here. No one has time to worry about travelers. And there are rather a lot of us.
Lyn: This will be fine. Who wants to be stuck inside, anyway? I prefer a place where I can feel the wind blow.
Florina: As long as I'm at Lyn's side, I'll be fine.
Sain: And for your protection, your man-at-arms Sain will be right here by your side, ladies.
Kent: Sain, both you and I are to remain awake. We will alternate the watch.
Sain: Ah, alas...

(Lyn and company enter the fortress; Natalie approaches)

Natalie (off-screen): Your pardon, milady...
Lyn: Who's there?
(Natalie moves on screen)
Natalie: I... Forgive my intrusion... My name's Natalie. I'm from a village not far from here... Ah! Ow...
Lyn: Are you all right? Hm? Your leg...
Natalie: It's fine. Don't worry. It's from a childhood sickness... I can't travel far on it, but it doesn't trouble me much.
Lyn: What are you doing here all by yourself?
Natalie: I'm looking for my husband... I heard he was in this area. He said he was going to raise money to have my leg mended. He left the village and hasn't returned. He's a kindhearted man, but I think he might be involved in something dangerous. I got so worried... Here's a sketch of him. It's a poor likeness at best, but... His name is Dorcas. Do you know of him?
Lyn: I'm sorry. I don't believe I've seen or heard of him.
Natalie: I see... If you do meet him, please give him a message. Tell him that Natalie is looking for him.
Lyn: I will tell him. I promise.

(Two Brigands approach the fortress)

Carjiga: Here they are. We've finally tracked down the band that defeated Migal.
Bandit: So they've decided to hole up in this ruined fortress. Perfect.[A] We'll wait 'til it gets dark, and then...
Carjiga: You're an idiot! There are only a few of them, and some are women! If we attacked them at night, I'd be a laughingstock! Besides, we might hurt the women by mistake! I will not be so wasteful!
Bandit: You're right, Carjiga! You're so smart!
Carjiga: We'll avenge Migal and get some pretty souvenirs to boot. Who knows, maybe I'll be a leader after all. Ha ha ha! Let's go! Spread out and encircle the place, you rogues! Let's finish this before it gets too dark to see!

(Bandits surround the fortress; Dorcas approaches the fortress)

Carjiga: Hey, you! Your name's...Dorcas, right?
Dorcas: ...
Carjiga: You haven't done much since you joined us. If those weapons of yours aren't just for show, today's the day to let us see what you can do.
Dorcas: ...
Carjiga: I want you to attack from the back entrance to the east. There's supposed to be a woman inside. I want you to capture her. Do that, and I'll increase your share of the take. If you want gold, you'll get the job done.
(Carjiga leaves)

Dorcas: A bunch of women, huh? It would break Natalie's sweet heart to see me sink so low.

(Kent moves to Lyn)

Kent: Lady Lyndis! Outside the fortress! Bandits!
Lyn: What did you say?
Sain: Persistent bunch, aren't they? What do you think? Shall we go out and face them?
Lyn: No... Natalie cannot move well, and that would put her in danger. Let them come to us. We'll fight here, within these walls. Mark, take over. The command is yours. All we have to do is hold out until they tire and leave.
Natalie: Oh...
Lyn: Rest easy, Natalie. No one will harm you! Listen, everyone! Fight with caution!

Normal Mode

In this chapter, your goal is to protect a special character for a set period of time. Keep Natalie safe for 7 turns. Mark, Natalie, and other green units are called NPCs. NPCs are not enemies, but they cannot be moved or given orders. Sometimes, green units will be attacked because they are on the field of combat. Be careful not to let enemies close in on Natalie.

Lyn: Mark! This fortress has two entrances. That's where we must meet the enemy! I'll take the eastern door. Mark, you and the others guard the main entrance.

When the enemy far outnumbers your group, it's safer to restrict the battle to smaller areas. No matter how strong an enemy is, if he's attacked on all sides, he's sure to take massive damage. So, the east door is Lyn's, and the south door is everyone else's. Be on guard. Select Lyn, move her to the space indicated by the cursor, and have her wait.

Hard Mode

Lyn: Mark! This fortress has two entrances. I'll take the eastern door... Wait... Mark! That man over there... Doesn't he resemble the picture of Natalie's husband?

In battle

Player phase of turn 1, Normal Mode

Lyn: You must move me first. I need to get to the east door!

(The player selects Lyn)

Lyn: The entrance to the east... I need to guard it and protect our rear!

(The player moves Lyn to the east entrance)

Lyn: Mark! Center our defenses around the door!

Player phase of turn 2, Normal Mode

Lyn: Mark! The fighter who just attacked me... Doesn't he look somewhat like that picture of Natalie's husband?

Sometimes, you can speak with enemy characters. If you think you can converse with someone, move one of your units to an adjacent space. By and large, you'll know whom to send from hints you receive in other conversations. When you're not sure, just try using Lyn. Select Lyn now.

Lyn: I need to talk to that man. Bring me to him.

(The player selects Lyn)

Lyn: Please, Mark. I need to speak to that man!

(The player uses Lyn to talk to Dorcas)

Dorcas: So you're their tactician... I'll use my axes and fight alongside you. Direct me as you will.

(The player selects Dorcas)

The weapon Dorcas is wielding is called a handaxe. Use it to attack an adjacent opponent, or throw it in indirect combat in the manner of a bow. This versatility makes it a valuable weapon. It's difficult to hit with, though, so don't rely on it too much. Now let's use the handaxe and try some indirect combat.

(The player attacks a nearby Brigand with Dorcas)

Right now, after all of your units have moved, it automatically becomes the enemy's turn, right? Sometimes, there are moments when you might not want or be able to move all your units. When it's bothersome to tell your units to wait one by one, select end from the map menu to speed things up. To display the map menu, place the cursor on an unoccupied space and press the A Button.

Other phase of turn 2, if Carjiga was defeated

Bandit: I can't believe Carjiga's elder brother[sic] was beaten! Bring more men!! We can't go home in shame!

Player phase of turn 3, if Carjiga was not defeated

Carjiga: What are you waiting for? She's just a child! A girl! Grrr! Get more men up here now!!


If Carjiga was not defeated

Carjiga: Curses! They're not human! Listen up, rogues! Retreat! Pull back!

If Carjiga was defeated

Bandit: Curses! They're not human! Listen up, rogues! Retreat! Pull back!

Regardless of Carjiga's status

Lyn: The enemy's fled... Mark! We've won!!!

If Dorcas was not recruited

Lyn: ...
Dorcas: Why don't you strike?
Lyn: You're Dorcas, aren't you?
Dorcas: Huh? Why do you know my name?
Lyn: Come with me. Natalie's waiting inside.
Dorcas: What did you say?

Dorcas: Natalie!
Natalie: Is it you?
Dorcas: Natalie! Are you all right? What were you thinking, coming all this way?
Natalie: I was worried about you. Please, don't worry any more about my leg. You mustn't put yourself in such danger. Please!
Dorcas: I'm sorry. I must have lost my head.

If Dorcas was recruited

Natalie: Dorcas!
Dorcas: I'm so sorry, Natalie.
Lyn: All's well that ends well. Right, Natalie?

If Dorcas was not recruited or fell in battle

Dorcas: Our village is near. I'm going to take Natalie and return home. After that... I'll think on it while my injuries heal.
Lyn: I see... Take care. Dorcas, Natalie... I wish you both happiness.

If Dorcas was recruited and did not fall in battle

Dorcas: Our village is close. I'll take Natalie home and return tomorrow.
Lyn: Hm? Why can't we just say our farewells today?
Dorcas: Well, I... I spoke with Mark. I... I've been invited to join your group.
Lyn: But we're going to Lycia...
Dorcas: I have to go somewhere to earn money. If you think I'll be of use, I'd like to fight for you. You helped my wife... I owe you.
Lyn: Dorcas...
Natalie: Please, Lyn. We are both in agreement on this. Watch over my husband.

If Mark is male

Lyn: Things have finally calmed down.
Kent: We'll continue taking turns keeping watch. Please rest easily.
Lyn: Is that all right? Are you sure? Sain?
Sain: Oh! Er, yes! Of course!
Lyn: Let me warn you... If bandits sneak up on you, they'll cut you down without mercy. Do you understand that?
Sain: What, do you doubt my bravery? Am I not a knight? There's no need to worry! Right, Kent?
Kent: If there's anything suspicious, We'll take care of it. Rest assured.
Lyn: Really? Well, good night then. See you tomorrow, Mark.
Kent: Let's go.
Sain: Ha! No one ever trusts me...

If Mark is female

Lyn: Things have finally calmed down.
Kent: We shall take turns keeping watch. Please rest easily.
Lyn: Is that all right? Are you sure? Sain!
Sain: Ye-Yes! Of course!
Lyn: Let me warn you... If bandits sneak up on you, they will cut you down without mercy. Do you understand that?
Sain: What are you saying? Am I not a knight? There's no need to worry so! Right, Kent?
Kent: If there's anything suspicious, I will take care of it. Please be assured.
Lyn: Really? Well, goodnight then. See you tomorrow, Mark.
Kent: Let's go.
Sain: Ha ha... No one trusts me...

Talk conversations

Lyn and Dorcas

Lyn: You! Tell me, are you Dorcas?
Dorcas: ...... How do you know my name?
Lyn: Natalie told me. What are you doing with these rogues?
Dorcas: I need money...
Lyn: That may be, but...joining up with mercenaries?
Dorcas: It's the only way to earn gold in these parts. I'll do anything...even this.
Lyn: For gold? Anything? Would you hurt your wife? Natalie is here! We're protecting her within this fortress!!
Dorcas: What!? Natalie's... She's here?
Lyn: She was so worried that she came looking for you. Think, Dorcas! Would your actions please your wife?
Dorcas: ...... ...You're right.
Lyn: Well?
Dorcas: I understand. I can't do this. I'm done with these bandits. Here and now.
Lyn: Really?
Dorcas: Yes... And I would repay you for your kindness toward Natalie. Allow me to fight for you.

In this way, you can sometimes turn enemies into allies. Never underestimate the power of persuasive speech. Your new companion, Dorcas, is an axe-wielding fighter. Do you remember the weapon triangle? Axes are strong against lances and weak against swords. Axes have more power than other weapons, but they are also more difficult to hit with. Try using Dorcas to attack. Select Dorcas now.
— Normal Mode only

Dorcas and Natalie

Can also activate on other phase if Dorcas has been recruited and ends his turn next to Natalie.

Dorcas: Natalie!
Natalie: Is it you?
Dorcas: Natalie! Are you all right? What were you thinking, coming out all this way?
Natalie: I was worried about you. Please, don't let my leg trouble you anymore. You mustn't put yourself in such danger. Please!
Dorcas: I'm sorry. I must have been out of my head. I didn't realize... That girl Lyn made me open my eyes.
Natalie: Lyndis brought you here?
Dorcas: I'll explain later. We've got to drive back these bandits first. Listen, stay put. Don't move from here.
Natalie: All right. As long as you're here, I know I'm safe.

Battle quotes

Fighting Carjiga

Carjiga: Urgh! How? Why are they so tough? You! Bring more men here right away!

Defeating Carjiga

Carjiga: Arrgh.. This isn't... Not me...

Defeating Dorcas as an enemy

Dorcas: Aaah... I'm sorry, Natalie.

Natalie is defeated

Natalie: Ah...
Lyn: Natalie!

Lyn: I wasn't strong enough... ...I couldn't protect Natalie. I'm sorry, Mark... I need to be alone. ...I... I failed her when she needed help most.