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This page contains all possible base stats and growth rates for Ignatius as a playable unit in Fates, excluding his stats as a playable unit in the Heirs of Fate DLC.

Given the class sets of his father and his potential mothers, Ignatius can:

  • inherit one skill from each parent, excluding any skills obtained from DLC-exclusive classes such as those obtained from the Dark Flier, Lodestar, Ballistician, etc.
  • inherit his mother's hair color. Due to a lack of clean image rips, the only portrait used is that used in the Heirs of Fate DLC
  • not inherit the following classes: Kitsune, Nine-Tails, Wolfskin, Wolfseggner, Songstress. While it is possible for Ignatius to inherit at least one of the Songstress' skills by having Azura as his mother, it is impossible for him to inherit any skills of the former four mentioned as he cannot have Kaden or Keaton as one of his parents.
  • inherit skills from Hoshidan classes or a Hoshidan class set by marrying a mother with access to a Hoshidan class as their secondary class, even on the Conquest route. The mothers that can pass on Hoshidan classes are Azura, Mozu, and Selena in addition to Ignatius's two potential Hoshidan mothers in the Revelations route
  • Can inherit Nohr Noble, in addition to the Hoshido Noble if playing Revelations, from Corrin but will not inherit the talent class set chosen during avatar customization.

The formula for calculating Ignatius's inherited growth rates is as follows:

Child's full growth Rates = (Variable Parent's growth Rates + Child's base growth rates)/2 + Class growth rates

The Formula for calculating Ignatius's initial stats upon recruitment is as follows:

Class base + [Child's absolute bases + (Number of levels above unpromoted level 10 * full growths);define as "C"] + [(Father's personal stats - C;0 if negative) + (Mother's personal stats - C;0 if negative)]/4;if higher than (C/10 + 2) rounded down, value is reduced to match (C/10 + 2) rounded down.

Due to the large amount of potential for variation in his base stats, two minimum and maximum values shall be assumed for each stat of both parents. The minimum value used for calculation will be the parent's base in the respective stat as, while unlikely, it is entirely possible to enter Ignatius's recruitment paralogue having obtained no stats increases in a particular stat. The maximum for each stat is obtained from the highest stat cap in each parent's respective base classes, meaning that higher stat caps obtained from classes a parent can reclass into using a Friendship Seal, Partner Seal, or DLC-exclusive seal will be excluded for the sake of more simplistic calculations. Additionally, items in My Castle that can raise stat caps for the army will not be factored in. Note that any temporary stat bonuses granted to Ignatius's parents do not factor into the calculations for his base stats.

Due to technical limitations, this information has been spread out over multiple pages. Selecting a parent and clicking the link under that parent's heading will take you to the relevant information.


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