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I'll Tiki-Tiki You (For Reals)/Script

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Opening Topic conversation

Contacts, Tiki
A new side story is now available

Tiki: Big brother! There's something I want to ask you to do. Could you come to the Bloom Palace?

(Nervous Tiki emoticon)

(Tiki sends a map of the Bloom Palace)

Speaking to Tiki at the Bloom Palace

Tiki: Ah, you came, big brother! There's someone I want you to check up on... Would you listen to my request?

(Yes/No prompt appears "Accept the rescue-adventure "I'll Tiki-Tiki You (For Reals)"?")

Itsuki: Sure.

Tiki: Thanks. I can't go outside, after all... Um, the person I want you to check on is "TikiIsMyWaifu." Their shortened name is "Tiki=Waifu"...

(Response prompt appears)

If "That's an odd name..." is selected

Itsuki: That's an odd name...

Tiki: It's a username. I guess it's kind of like a... nickname?


If "You got married?" is selected

Itsuki: You got married?

Tiki: N-no! That's just a username! Like a nickname! Th-that's all."


Tiki: This person composes songs with the Uta-loid program "Tiki" and is referred to online as a god.

Itsuki: That's amazing.

Tiki: But you know, it seems like they haven't been making any songs lately. I was looking forward to Tiki=Waifu's songs too, so I'm worried that they suddenly stopped composing...

Itsuki: Got it. So, I need to go look for this Waifu person.

Tiki: Yup! Thanks, big brother! I'm counting on you! I've heard rumors that Tiki=Waifu uses a laptop with a "Tiki" sticker on it, and composes at the same cafe every time.

Itsuki: A cafe, huh? Okay, I'll keep an eye out.

Leaving the Fortuna Studios office

New Urgent Topic!

(SIDE STORY section)

Tiki: The person using a laptop with a "Tiki" sticker is Tiki=Waifu.

Tiki: Tiki=Waifu is usually at the cafe...

(Nervous Tiki emoticon)

Arriving in the cafe in Shibuya

Itsuki: A laptop with a "Tiki" sticker on it... Hmm... I don't see one...

Uta-loid Lover: (off screen) Seriously, dude! I'm totally serious! That had to have been Tiki=Waifu!

(Itsuki turns to the pair at the table on the left)

Itsuki: Hm? Those people over there...

(Itsuki takes a table near the pair to overhear their conversation)

Bored High-Schooler: That's impossible, though. How can someone just disappear into thin air?

Chrom's Voice: Itsuki...

Itsuki: Yeah, I heard...

Uta-loid Lover: I saw it with my own eyes, man! Tiki=Waifu was walking around the 106 all sleepy-eyed. Then all of a sudden... poof without a trace. I bet it's that "spirited away" thing!

Bored High-Schooler: Yeah yeah, all right already. *Sigh* I wonder if Tiki=Waifu retired... I was a big fan too.

Itsuki: What do you think, Chrom?

Chrom's Voice: I can't say for sure yet. However, the 106... being spirited away... Those points concern me.

Itsuki: Let's look into it. There is an Idolasphere there and all...

Itsuki sends Tiki an urgent Topic

(SIDE STORY section)

Itsuki: Tiki, do you have a moment?

Tiki: Did you find Tiki=Waifu?

Itsuki: No, but someone saw Tiki=Waifu disappear near the 106.

Tiki: You don't think...

Itsuki: Yeah. The Idolasphere might be involved. I'm worried, so I'm going to check out the 106.

Itsuki: I'll contact you if anything changes, so wait for me, okay?

Tiki: Oh...

Itsuki: ?

Tiki: No, it's nothing! Be careful!

(Tiki sends "you can do it!" emoticon)

Entering the 106 Idolasphere

(Chrom materializes)

Itsuki: How is it, Chrom? Feel anything?

Chrom: Hrmm... It's faint, but I do sense a human's Performa. ...Hm? What is that...?

Itsuki: What's wrong?

Chrom: I don't know, but I sense another presence, too... a powerful one. What in...?

Itsuki: We'd better be on guard then. Let's go, Chrom.

(Tiki sends a text after this conversation)

Tiki: Big brother! It's weak, but I sense Performa up above!

Tiki: I don't feel the presence of any Mirages nearby, so they might be alone in a large area...

Tiki: Hrgh, if only I could also...

On the fourth floor boss room

(Walk Itsuki towards the girl in the room)

Girl with Headphones: ...Oh, good. A person. Um, excuse me... but where am I?

(the camera focuses on her laptop)

Itsuki: That laptop... Would you happen to be TikiIsMyWaifu?

Tiki=Waifu: Yes. What about it?

Itsuki: I didn't think you were a girl... There was the phrase "my waifu" in the name, so I assumed...

Tiki=Waifu: Tiki is still my waifu. My love transcends gender and dimensions.

Itsuki: G-Gotcha...

Tiki=Waifu: So... I heard a voice. It seemed like it was calling to me... And when I came to, I was in this weird place...

(screen blacks out)

Itsuki told her where the exit is...

(screen returns to normal)

Itsuki: You can get to a safe place from here.

Tiki=Waifu: A safe place? So you're saying where we are now isn't safe?

Itsuki: Y-Yeah.

Tiki=Waifu: Ahh, so this place was dangerous after all.

Itsuki: I can guide you there if you're nervous about going alone.

Tiki=Waifu: That won't be necessary. I made it here, so it's only natural I can make it back.

Itsuki: R-Right.

Tiki=Waifu: Thank you for saving me, Nameless Kind Person. I'll be taking off then.

(TikiIsMyWaifu leaves)

(Chrom materializes)

Itsuki: She seemed like quite an eccentric girl. ...Hm? Chrom?

Chrom: On our way here, I thought I sensed an odd presence. ...Maybe it was just my imagination.

(Itsuki takes out his phone and messages Tiki)

Itsuki: I've safely rescued Tiki=Waifu.

Itsuki: Tiki?

Itsuki: You there, Tiki?

(Back to talking to Chrom)

Itsuki: I wonder what's up with Tiki... I guess we should head back to the Bloom Palace and check on her.

(Chrom vanishes)

Returning to the Bloom Palace

(Itsuki walks up to Tiki, who is posing and listening to music, and does not notice Itsuki)

Tiki: Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm! Hrah! No, that's not it...

(Response prompt appears)

If "What's the matter, Tiki?" is selected

Itsuki: What's the matter, Tiki?

Tiki: Aah!


If "I'll wait and see what happens..." is selected

Itsuki: (I'll wait and see what happens...)

Tiki: Hrrrah! Carnaaage... Form! It's not working...

(Tiki turns around and sees Itsuki)

Tiki: Aah!


Tiki: Um! Big brother! Th-This isn't-- It's not what-- This is-- I-It's not what it looks like! Wehhhhhhh...!

Itsuki: So what in the world were you doing?

Tiki: Um, you promise not to laugh?

(Response prompt appears)

If "I won't" is selected

Itsuki: I won't.

Tiki: You promise promise?


If "Snrk." is selected

Itsuki: Snrk.

Tiki: Geez! Stupid big brother! I hate you!

Itsuki: Sorry... I was just joking.

Tiki: Grrr!

Itsuki: So, what were you up to?


Tiki: ...Um, I was practicing taking on a Carnage Form.

Itsuki: What would you do that for?

Tiki: I thought that if I could take a Carnage Form like everyone else, I could fight by your side... and save Tiki=Waifu too. Listening to her songs cheers me up so much. I wanted to repay her somehow.

Itsuki: Tiki...

Tiki: You know, I want to fight alongside you guys... I want to be a real companion for you and the team.

(Response prompt appears)

If "We already fight that way." is selected

Itsuki: Tiki... we already fight alongside each other.

Tiki: Huh...?


If "We ARE companions already." is selected

Itsuki: Tiki... we're already companions though.

Tiki: Huh?


If "What're you saying?" is selected

Itsuki: What're you saying?

Tiki: Huh...?

Itsuki: Don't we fight alongside each other already? Aren't we already companions?

Tiki: Big brother...


Itsuki: There are things that only I can do, but the same is true with you, Tiki. I think true companions are those who can compliment each other.

Tiki: You mean it? Am I really being useful for you and everyone else?

Itsuki: Of course. You're fighting a battle for us here.

Tiki: Mm-hm.

Itsuki: It's fine that you don't take on a Carnage Form.

Tiki: I see... You're right. Okay, I'll keep doing my best at what only I can do! Thanks, big brother!


(party gains experience)

Tiki has become "Troubled Uta-loid" thanks to Itsuki's influence!

Tiki acquired the Backup Skill Idola_Safety.exe!

(The "What are Backup Skills?" help text appears)

The cast that do not participate in battle support Itsuki and friends in the background with Backup Skills. These abilities affect the game's general mechanics, such as prices at which items are bought or sold.

You can obtain Maiko's, Tiki's, and Barry's Backup Skills by completing their respective side stories.

(The "Effects of "Idola_Safety.exe"" help text appears)

Tiki's mysterious power now lets you explore the Idolasphere more safely.

From now on, the effects of items and skills in with Field effects will last longer.