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Hugh/Quotes (Heroes)

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Hugh: Worldly Mage

At the castle

In need of a mage, friend? I'm a lot stronger than I look, and I daresay you'll find my rate quite reasonable.
— When summoned.
I spent some time traveling with a kid who was studying elder magic. He had a gift for it that I've never had...
— At the castle.
Dark magic, elder magic... No matter what you call it, it just never clicked for me. Anima, on the other hand...
— At the castle.
My nana always said my old man had a knack for elder magic. Oh, but most people know it as dark magic, huh?
— At the castle.
If you ever need some coin, let me know—I do a bit of lending on the side. It's good money too.
— At the castle.
Hmm... How about here? Or maybe over—hey, who's there?! ...Oh, it's only you, <player>. Don't mind me, I'm just looking for a place to lie low for a while.
— At the castle.
Uh... Hi! It may look like I'm sneaking around, but I was actually sent here by your friend. Yes, really!
— Delivering greetings from a friend.

On the character status screen

You need a mage? You got one! The name's Hugh.
— On the character status screen.
Whoa, hey! You after my money?
— On the character status screen.
"Sir"? Did you call me "sir"? That's like a knife in my tender young heart...
— On the character status screen.
I tried to study elder magic. For the life of me, I couldn't figure it out.
— On the character status screen.
, two, three... What? I have to make sure the gold's all here.
— On the character status screen.
My nana always called me a fool. Me, her own grandson! Can you believe that?
— On the character status screen.
I know you have a tough job, but there's no need to look so serious. Lighten up!
— On the character status screen.

Level 40 quote

My nana is a master of elder magic, so she expected me to follow in her footsteps. But...that didn't work out. And then I met an orphan who could wield dark magic so...easily. Like it just came naturally to him. Seeing that made me question my own ancestry. I hail from a family of dark mages, so why couldn't I use it? According to my nana, though, my aptitude for anima magic comes from my mother. Learning that was...nice. Oh, do you have a master of your own? You don't seem like you're from around here either... Hmm... Almost like you've been set adrift, forever wandering... Ah, it's nothing. You just reminded me of myself, that's all. Guess we've all got our own path to follow, eh?
— After reaching level 40 at five-star rarity.

Map quotes

— When selected on the map screen.
— When selected on the map screen.
Sneaky sneaky.
— When selected on the map screen.

Level-up quotes

This can't be happening... My poor, delicate heart has been pierced clean through! Please, remember me...
— When gaining 1–2 stats from a level-up.
Clear a path, or face the wrath of this dashingly handsome and eminently talented mage!
— When gaining 3–4 stats from a level-up.
Hahaha! How do you like that, huh? Don't worry—there's plenty more where that came from!
— When gaining 5–6 stats from a level-up.
Don't you worry—I'm going to put in work that's worth every coin, and then some!
— When learning a new skill or increasing rarity.

Special skill quotes

We won't meet again.
— When using a special skill.
No thank you!
— When using a special skill.
This might smart a bit.
— When using a special skill.
My lucky day.
— When using a special skill.

Defeat quote

You've gotta be kidding me...
— When defeated.