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Horn of Opening

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Horn of Opening

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Horn of Opening (Japanese: 開く者の角 opener's horn) is a weapon skill in the beast category which debuted in Fire Emblem Heroes; it is a personal weapon of Ash. Horn of Opening accelerates the cooldown count for its user's special skills; and boosts its user's Attack stat and reduces the foe's if the user is within three spaces of an ally, guarantees the user a follow-up attack if they are near two allies, and denies the target a follow-up attack if the user near three allies. Horn of Opening also has a weaker boost to special skill damage than other beast weapons, but neutralizes increases to the foe's special skill cooldown charge and decreases to the user's charge.


Game Icon Type Might Range SP cost Refine cost Prerequisites Usable by Inheritable Other effects and notes
Is feh skill weapon.png Beast weapons 14 1 400 -- Adult (Infantry) Infantry Grants −1 special cooldown count.
If user is within 3 spaces of an ally, grants +6 attack to user during combat and inflicts −6 attack to foe during combat.
Grants following effects based on number of allies within 3 spaces:
  • ≥2, user makes guaranteed follow-up attack.
  • ≥3, foe cannot make a follow-up attack.
If user is not adjacent to human allies (i.e. allies with non-beast or -⁠breath weapons) at start of turn, user transforms; otherwise, user reverts.
If user transforms, grants +2 attack to user, user deals +7 damage when special triggers, and neutralizes effects that increase user's special cooldown charge or reduce user's special cooldown charge.



Method Data
Unit (★★★★★) Ash: Retainer to Askr

Flavor text

Game Text
Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1).

If unit is within 3 spaces of an ally, grants
Atk+6 to unit during combat and inflicts Atk-6
on foe during combat. Grants the following
effects based on the number of allies within
3 spaces: ≥ 2 allies, unit makes a guaranteed
follow-up attack; ≥ 3 allies, foe cannot make
a follow-up attack.

At start of turn, if unit is adjacent to only beast
or dragon allies or if unit is not adjacent to any
ally, unit transforms (otherwise, unit reverts).
If unit transforms, grants Atk+2, deals +7
damage when Special triggers, and neutralizes
effects that grant "Special cooldown charge
+X" to foe or inflict "Special cooldown charge
-X" on unit.



Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Horn of Opening




Opener's horn


Cuerno cordial

Cordial horn


Cor ouverture

Opening horn


Horn des Öffnens

Horn of Opening


Corno unificatore

Unifying horn


Chifre unificador

Unifying horn

Traditional Chinese


Opener's horn

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