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Hinoka/Quotes (Fates)

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My Castle quotes

Oh, hello, Corrin. You seem happy.
— Hinoka, when spoken to at My Castle.
Today's a pretty slow day... Maybe I'll spend it riding my dear horse.
— Hinoka, when spoken to at My Castle.
I noticed you keeping busy, Corrin. Good work, but don't forget to rest, too.
— Hinoka, when spoken to at My Castle.
I'm in the middle of patrol. let me know if you see anything unusual.
— Hinoka, when spoken to at My Castle.
Thanks, Corrin, for finding a way for us to spend more time together.
— Hinoka, when spoken to at My Castle.
Someone said "pay attention to your accessories." What should I wear, then...?
— Hinoka, asking for an accessory.
No, I'll worry about this later. It's time to train some more.
— Hinoka being denied an accessory.
It's so thoughtful of you to remember your big sister. Thank you, Corrin.
— Hinoka, accessory given liked.
This is for me? Oh, thank you, Corrin! I'll take good care of it!
— Hinoka, accessory given loved.
A birthday gift? It means a lot to be able to celebrate with you, Corrin.
— Hinoka, receiving an accessory she likes on her birthday.
You always manage to find just the right thing for my birthday. Thank you!
— Hinoka, receiving an accessory she likes on her birthday (married).
Corrin...?! This... But...I... Thank you?
— Hinoka, receiving the bath towel accessory.

Event tile and conversation quotes

I'm still riding high off that last battle.
— Hinoka, when gaining a surge in My Castle.
Do you prefer leafy vegetables or root vegetables? Me, I like poached daikon.
— Hinoka, when at the cabbage patch.
Yes, this weapon will do nicely. Onward to the next battle.
— Hinoka, when gaining weapon experience from an event tile or My Castle.
What's this? I'm a bit wary...
— Hinoka, when finding an item at an event tile or My Castle.
Lend me a hand during the next battle. We'll sweep through our foes together!
— Hinoka, asking someone about fighting together.
Sure, sounds like a good plan. Let's work together and give it our all!
— Hinoka, answering a question about fighting together.

Shop quotes

I have no idea where these cards came from, but they certainly help in battle.
— Hinoka, when running the Einherjar shop.
Need anything else? Glad to help you as long as I'm on duty.
— Hinoka, when Corrin decides or declines to do anything else in her shop.

Prison quotes

I never like being here. It's a cold and lonely place...
— Hinoka, when in charge of the prison.
I'll try my best to make them understand that our cause is just!
— Hinoka, when asked to persuade a prisoner.


Looking for the lottery? This is the place. Are you ready to try your luck?
— Hinoka, when running the lottery.
Not bad! I've handed out worse prizes. You should be happy!
— Hinoka, when the player wins a silver prize at the lottery.

Mess hall quotes

This is amazing! I doubt I could ever make something this good...
— Hinoka, after eating a delicious meal.
I can appreciate this cooking.
— Hinoka, after eating an okay meal.
I realize my cooking isn't always the best... But this tastes like demon spawn.
— Hinoka, after eating a terrible meal.

Hot Spring quotes

Hey, Corrin, glad to see you. Guess it'll be just us sisters for a bit.
— Hinoka, entering the Hot Spring as a female Corrin is leaving.
Corrin? Heh...I like that the baths are a place where we can hang out.
— Hinoka, when a female Corrin enters the Hot Spring.
Ahh...this is just the thing for my sore muscles.
— Hinoka, talking with female Corrin in the Hot Spring.
Corrin?! A-Are you lost? I'll get dressed--just stay put!
— Hinoka, when a male Corrin enters the Hot Spring unmarried.
Corrin! I...guess it's fine if you join me in here...
— Hinoka, when a male Corrin enters the Hot Spring married.
You're right. There's nothing I love more than spending time with you.
— Hinoka, talking with male Corrin in the Hot Spring.

Arena quotes

The opponents look fierce... Let me go with you!
— Hinoka, when supporting a fighter in the arena.
I've emerged victorious! What a glorious feeling...
— Hinoka, after winning a fight in the arena.

Class change quote

Is this as tough a look as my last?
— Hinoka, when changing class.

Battle quotes

Do your worst, monsters. I promise I can be meaner than you!
— Hinoka, as an NPC unit in Chapter 4.
I won't rest until Corrin returns home. I've been training for this day!
— Hinoka, as an enemy in Conquest Chapter 6.
Hinoka: What exactly do you think you're doing, Corrin?! Betraying us for Nohr... It just can't be true! They must have somehow tricked you, right?
Corrin: I'm sorry, Hinoka. I just... I can't abandon the ones I loved all these years. It's as simple as that.
Hinoka: Corrin... Say it isn't so...

— Hinoka, fighting Corrin in Conquest Chapter 6.
I applaud you for making it this far, but your journey ends here. I will not allow you to take this territory OR the Rainbow Sage!
— Hinoka, as the boss in Conquest Chapter 11.
Hinoka: Corrin! We meet at last!
Corrin: you're the one who took the Rainbow Sage.
Hinoka: You really are fighting for Nohr eh? I had to see it with my own eyes. You know, I spent so many years wishing that I could be near you. Now you're right in front of me, but we couldn't be further apart.
Corrin: I'm sorry it had to be this way. I know you wanted me to return to Hoshido and for us to be a family. It kills me to have caused you so much pain. It is a burden I shall always bear. However I... I...
Hinoka: I know. You needn't say another word. I also know you won't hold back. I can read your sad eyes like an open book. After all, though we hardly know each other, you're still my little brother/sister.
Corrin: Hinoka....
Hinoka: If you're that determined to fight, then so be it. Let's see if all that resolve is enough to take down your own sister!

— Hinoka, fighting Corrin in Conquest Chapter 11.
Hinoka: Azura?! Is that really you?
Azura: Hello, Hinoka.
Hinoka: Thank goodness you're safe! I was so upset when I heard you were missing. I'm sorry we couldn't stop those rogue soldiers from taking you away. You must have gone through a lot of pain and suffering, but it's over now. Come on back to Hoshido with me, I'll keep you safe from the Nohrians.
Azura: I'm sorry, Hinoka. I cannot return to Hoshido with you.
Hinoka: What?! Why would you say that? Y-you're not really siding with the Nohrians, are you? Say it isn't so…
Azura: I am. I will never forget the kindness your family showed me… I bear you no ill will, but even so, I have chosen to fight alongside Corrin.
Hinoka: So you're to betray us too? …So be it.

— Hinoka, fighting Azura in Conquest Chapter 11.
Camilla: Heh heh, I finally found you...
Hinoka: You! Aren't you Princess Camilla of Nohr?
Camilla: I am. And you are Princess Hinoka of Hoshido. Corrin's "real" sister.
Hinoka: Yes, I am. All I've wanted for as long as I can remember is to bring him/her home. I still feel the same way. The last thing I want is to fight him/her. Corrin belongs with us! Can't you see that?!
Camilla: Oh my, how wrong you are. My sweet brother/sister will never return to you. He/She knows who his/her true family is, and it's not the one he/she left in Hoshido. He/She chose Nohr. More specifically, he/she chose me over you. Deal with it..
Hinoka: You! Y-you'll pay for that!
Camilla: Now prepare to beg, Princess. My dear Avatar only needs one big sister! That's why you're the one person I simply can't lose to!

— Hinoka, fighting Camilla in Conquest Chapter 11.
I don't care who you are or who you're with. I will not let you pass!
— Hinoka, as the boss in Conquest Chapter 24.
Hinoka: Hello, Corrin. Here you are, back in your true home. How does it feel?
Corrin: I'm sorry Hinoka, but I must seize the Hoshidan throne. Let me pass, or I will strike you down.
Hinoka: You can't mean that! Do you really feel nothing for this place? For us?! I always imagined welcoming you home, seeing you running up those steps. I longed to watch you grow up…to call you brother/sister and hold you tight. That was my dream. But now… That dream is dead. Isn't it, Corrin?
Corrin: Hinoka…
Hinoka: Psh, what am I wasting my time for? Dreaming of things that will never be… The enemy commander is right in front of me. There's only one thing to do. When I'm through with you, you will never threaten this kingdom again!

— Hinoka, fighting Corrin in Conquest Chapter 24
Corrin will return to Hoshido. Otherwise, why have I been fighting?!
— Hinoka, as an enemy in Revelation Chapter 6.
Hinoka: This can't be true! Are you sure you won't return with us? This is all a ruse, right? We're family. You can't turn your back on your family!
Corrin: I know... But that's exactly why I can't side with you either, sister.
Hinoka: Corrin!

— Hinoka, fighting Corrin in Revelation Chapter 6.

Paired battle quotes

Stay focused.
— Hinoka
Everything will be alright.
— Hinoka
I see the enemy.
— Hinoka
No need to worry!
— Hinoka
Let's have at it!
— Hinoka
I can protect you.
— Hinoka
Help is coming.
— Hinoka
I'll back you up.
— Hinoka
Too slow!
— Hinoka, performing a Dual Strike.
I'll show you!
— Hinoka, performing a Dual Strike.
Are you alright?
— Hinoka, performing a Dual Guard.
Back off!
— Hinoka, performing a Dual Guard.

Critical quotes

This is it for you.
— Hinoka
Clear the way!
— Hinoka
I won't lose!
— Hinoka
You're not ready for this!
— Hinoka

Victory quotes

— Hinoka, after defeating an enemy.
A good effort.
— Hinoka, after defeating an enemy.
Victory is mine!
— Hinoka, after defeating an enemy.
Not strong enough!
— Hinoka, after defeating an enemy.
Thank you!
— Hinoka, if her partner defeated an enemy.
I need to get stronger.
— Hinoka, if her partner defeated an enemy.

Level up quotes

Hrm, that was less than I was hoping.
— Hinoka, when one or fewer stats grow in a Level Up.
I'll train even more for next time.
— Hinoka, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
Well done! Now to try even harder!
— Hinoka, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
Nothing scares me now.
— Hinoka, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.
This is the power of a true princess.
— Hinoka, when her stats are mostly capped and one or fewer stats grow in a Level Up.

Defeat quotes

I refuse to...accept this.
— Hinoka's defeat voice clip.
This can't be. I have no choice but to retreat!
— Hinoka's retreat quote in Casual Mode.
I hate myself for this...but I have to retreat. For Corrin's sake.
— Hinoka's retreat quote in Classic Mode.
Hinoka: Ugh! I lost to that... THING.
Sakura: Hinoka! You've taken too much damage. Please, you must retreat!
Hinoka: Never! Urk... Well, maybe just this once...

— Hinoka, when defeated as an NPC unit in Chapter 4.
How could this happen?! What have I been fighting for all this time...?
— Hinoka's defeat quote in Conquest Chapter 6.
Forgive me, Hoshido... I just wasn't ... strong enough...
— Hinoka's defeat quote in Conquest Chapter 11.
It's up to you now… Ryoma… Please… protect our home…
— Hinoka's defeat quote in Conquest Chapter 24.
This can't be. Not after everything I've fought for!
— Hinoka's defeat quote in Revelation Chapter 6.

Endgame quote

I won't give up, so you can't either!
— Hinoka in Endgame: Dawn Breaks.

DLC battle quotes

I see the enemy--- and the enemy is YOU. I don't like all the fuss over this vacation. But my retainers are fighting for me. So I'm fighting for them. Now, get ready for defeat. I hope you don't hold a grudge.
— Hinoka, in Beach Brawl
I considered myself courageous, but this place is still so oppressive. But I can't let my little brother/sister down. I need to put on a brave face.
— Hinoka, in Boo Camp
I am NOT sleepy, I repeat, I am NOT sl— Zzz...zzz Wha—?! Where are the ghosts! Let me at 'em!
— Hinoka, in Ghostly Gold
A contest, huh? I've never been in one like this, but it sounds fun. You there! I'm coming for you! Mama needs a new naginata!
— Hinoka, in Museum Melee
I used to dislike snow, and winter in general. Not anymore, though. After all, it was snowing when I was reunited with Corrin. I still remember every last detail of the scene on the day he/she came back to us.
— Hinoka, in Anna on the Run